How to Narrow Down a Research Topic Succesfully

Narrowing a research topic can be hectic, but it is important to do it upfront to ensure your research workflows well. However, this depends on the number of words, the research should have. Do you know how to narrow a research topic? We will provide an overview on narrowing down a topic.

How to Formulate a Research Problem: A Detailed Guide

Formulating a research problem is the first step of the research process. That’s because this is the issue that will guide your entire research work. You can’t solve an unknown problem. And solving a problem is the core aim of every research. Thus, a problem forms the basis of every study. If you formulate your study problem correctly, you will achieve better results and the ultimate aim of your research. This article explains the process of preparing a study problem.

Discussion Section of Research Paper: Everything You Need to Know

Did you just get to the part where you have to write the discussion section of research paper? Most students don’t really know what this is, let alone write it. You shouldn’t be afraid to get some help with the discussion section of research paper. Our experienced writers have some of the best advice for you right here. In addition, we will show you where to get some good examples from and even give you a quick guide to writing the discussion section.

Experiment vs Observational Study: A Deeper Look

When we read about research studies and reports, many are times that we fail to pay attention to the design of the study. For you to know the quality of the research findings, it is paramount to start by understanding some basics of research/study design.

Least Known Ways on How To Choose a Thesis Topic

Developing a topic for any given subject is no easy task for anyone. Whether you are in high school, undergraduate or postgraduate level, this is no mean feat. That is why you need to learn how to come up with a thesis topic painstakingly. The key to unlocking all this lies in the next few lines. Journey with me as we master the art of choosing a thesis topic together.

How to Restate A Thesis: Your Detailed Guide

A thesis acts as your research paper’s main pillar, guiding the readers to the key points on the paper and the direction that you took. A thesis statement comes at the introduction, but you will need to restate it in the conclusion. Notably, a lot of students find this challenging and keep asking, “How do you rephrase a thesis statement?” and “Are you supposed to reword your thesis in the conclusion paragraph?”

How Do I Write My Literature Review Like A Professional?

You probably typed ‘help me write my literature review’ on your Google search bar, and that is why you are here. Well, we endeavor to furnish you with everything we’ve got for a top-notch literature review. So hold on tight as you learn from the experts!

Dissertation Defense: Steps To Follow To Succeed

A dissertation defense is arguably one of the most important milestones in every student’s career. While it signals that your tenure as a student is soon about to close, it validates all your efforts towards your thesis.

Dissertation vs Thesis: Similarities and Differences

The dissertation vs thesis debate has been going on for years. In most cases, students use the words thesis and dissertation interchangeably. But are theses and dissertations really the same thing? Are they written the same? Do they even look the same? Let’s delve deeper into the thesis vs dissertation conflict and find out!

There is definitely a difference between a thesis and a dissertation. However, there are also some similarities. After reading this article, you should know exactly what you are required to write, thesis or dissertation.

Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation

Let’s start our dissertation vs thesis discussion with the differences between the two academic papers. Because there are some very notable differences between theses and dissertations. OK, but what is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? Here are some of the most notable differences:

  • A thesis is shorter than a dissertation. In Europe and the UK, a thesis is required as a preliminary if you wish to get a PhD degree. In the US, the thesis helps you get a Masters degree.
  • A dissertation is considered to be an original research project in the US, which means you can write one to get a doctorate degree. In Europe and the UK, the dissertation is part of the Masters degree, which involves a much broader research project.
  • Another difference between dissertation and thesis is the type of research you need to do. A dissertation requires you to conduct original research. In a thesis, you are free to use existing research.
  • Yet another difference between the two papers is the statement. In a thesis, you can just tell your readers who you aim to demonstrate with your research. In a PhD thesis dissertation, on the other hand, you need to develop and present a hypothesis.

Is It a PhD Thesis or Dissertation?

Is it a thesis? Is it a dissertation? Or perhaps it’s a thesis dissertation. Since most students don’t understand the dissertation versus thesis differences, we will make it clear which one you need to write. If you are in the US, Europe or the UK and you want to get a Master’s degree, you will be required to write a thesis. To get a doctoral degree (PhD), you will have to write a dissertation. Keep in mind that the thesis you write for your Masters can be used as part of the PhD in the United States. The next time you ask yourself “Dissertation or thesis?” you have your answer.

Similarities Between a Thesis and a Dissertation

You will be amazed to find out that there are also some similarities between thesis and dissertation. When you look at just one side of the thesis versus dissertation debate, it’s hard to see these similarities. But they do exist. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • The two papers have the same purpose, so they are often used interchangeably. One enables you to get a Masters degree, while the other helps you get a doctoral degree. In many cases, students use the PhD dissertation or thesis terms. Including PhD makes it clear what the person is referring to.
  • The dissertation and the thesis both have very specific deadlines. Delays are not accepted in either case. In both cases, students are required to defend their paper.
  • The PhD thesis vs dissertation debate doesn’t make it clear, but both these academic papers have very similar structure (abstract, intro, etc). Their format is very similar.
  • Both papers require students to write a proposal. For a Masters degree, you need to write a thesis proposal. For a doctoral degree, you need to write a dissertation thesis proposal.

Is There a Manual for Writers of Research Papers?

Not that you know what is the difference between thesis and dissertation, it’s time to talk about how you can get some help with these two very complicated academic papers. You’ve probably heard about dissertation and thesis writers. There have been some rumors circulating on the Internet about some kind of a manual that writers of research papers use to write these and dissertation in just a day or two.

Presumably, this manual shows you how to write dissertations and theses from start to finish. Sounds like something you would need, doesn’t it? The only problem is that such a manual does not exist. While we can discuss the doctoral thesis vs dissertation topic and find some similarities between the two papers, no manual can teach you how to write any complex academic paper from start to finish. It’s impossible. The rumors are most likely about electronic thesis and dissertation services.

Thesis and Dissertation Writing Services

When you are in need of some quick PhD thesis or dissertation writing services, there is only one place to go: the academic writing company. Don’t even bother trying to find a freelance writer to help you. Freelancers don’t have the academic background and the writing experience required to pull off such a complex writing project. You need a company which has a team of degree-holding expert writers and editors. You need proofreaders. You need reliable services and firm guarantees. You need us.

One of our best writers can help you write the dissertation or thesis in no time. And the good news is that you don’t have to order the entire paper from us. We can just take your draft and polish it. We can help you with some ideas or with a great outline. We have some of the most flexible thesis and dissertation on the Internet. Did you know that our experts can help you pick the right topic for your dissertation and then help you come up with an exceptional thesis statement? Or that our editors and proofreaders can take your draft and turn it into an exceptional academic paper? No matter what type of research project you need to do, our experts are the people you should have by your side – especially if you need a top grade on your work.

Thesis Structure: Writing Guide For Your Success

If you are about to start writing your thesis, then it is extremely important to know as much as possible about the thesis structure. Learning the main thesis chapters should enable you to quickly structure your academic paper. Keep in mind that not structuring the paper correctly usually leads to severe penalties. We know some of you are probably having questions about numbering dissertation chapters. Basically, you just need to give all the major sections consecutive numbers. Use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, and so on). Check out the most frequently asked questions and them move on to the 7 parts of the thesis or dissertation structure.

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