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Whether you are preparing a dissertation, research paper, report or essay, the first thing that your professor sees before grading your work is the title page. Therefore, you need to ensure the title page is excellent to create the best first impression about your work. Apparently, most university and college students find it challenging to format their title pages correctly, with some putting the name, title of their work, or running head, among other components, in the wrong places. The sure, simpler and professional way of doing this is using our title page maker tool.

The dedicated APA, Harvard, Turabian or MLA cover page maker makes creating a title page easy, fast, and convenient. You will also love it because it makes it possible to create title pages for your university papers in the following few steps:

  1. On the title page creator page, click the preferred writing style. Are you preparing your paper in ASA, MLA or Chicago?
  2. Add a running head. Try to make this short, about 50 characters.
  3. Key in your first name and last name.
  4. Write down your institution.
  5. Finally, click the icon generate and you are done.

The APA, Harvard and MLA title page generator is that simple to use—no wasting time or risking putting information at the wrong place.

Free MLA, Harvard and APA Title Page Generator for University

Is there a research paper writing help service that can help me prepare top-rated title page for my paper? What is the best way to get it right? Well, there is no need to worry anymore because how to create a title page has gotten a lot simpler with the cover page creator our master thesis writing service offers. The cover page creator makes your work look more professional in just a few steps and guarantees you of better grades and works for many assignments including:

Using Cover Page Generator to Create Title Pages for All Paper Formats

With the help of title page maker, you will never have to get worried of how to create a running head or position the title of your paper. While you create your title page using the generator, you can get cheap dissertation writing services to help with the rest of your dissertation work. Here is a closer look at the title pages for different types of papers, from APA to MLA, and why you should use our cover page generator:

APA 6 Cover Page

APA is a classical method of formatting that is commonly used on social sciences, education, psychology, law, and political sciences, among other subjects. An APA cover page for version 6 features running head, title of the paper, name of the student. You also need to include the name of the university, page number, and ensure the texts are double spaced. Instead of trying to do it manually, just use the APA title page generator to prepare it fast and correctly. See the example below:

APA 7 Title Page

The APA 7th edition title page closely resembles that of the sixth edition, but comes with some few differences. Just like with the sixth edition type, your title page will require a running head positioned about ½-inch from the top margin, page number, paper title, author, and university. In addition, you will be required to include the affiliations, such as your department, and add notes at the bottom. Does it look challenging to prepare? This is why you should use the APA cover page generator.

MLA Title Page

If you are unsure of how to make an MLA cover page, here is what to know. The MLA formatting style is used in both colleges and schools in the US and across the globe. If you are taking liberal arts, English, culture, nursing and history, the chances are that your professor will ask the papers to be formatted in MLA.

Unlike the APA title page, MLA cover page does not have a running head. At the top of the page, you need to write the name of your university, then jump to the center of the page and put down the title, and then jump to the bottom where you include your name, course, professor, and date. The sure way to get it right is using MLA title page generator.

Harvard Cover Page Design

Harvard formatting style stands out because of partial citations and embedding into the sentences of the texts. The formatting style is mainly preferred for preparing business assignments, but it is not uncommon to see teachers from other disciplines asking you to use it. The title page of a paper following the Harvard format closely resembles that of APA 7th edition, albeit with some minor differences. This is why you should use the Harvard title page generator to create it.

The cover page requires you to put down a running head on the header, followed by the title, your name, and the course (code and name), lecturer’s name, and university. Depending on the university and department, you might be asked to add city and state address. Most students indicate that this is pretty tough for them, but you can make it pretty simple and fun by using Harvard title page generator.

Whether you are preparing your paper in APA, Harvard, or MLA format among others, you can now rely on our expert writers and top dissertation writing services in different fields online. Also, you should use our essay cover page generator to make your work standout. The tool can significantly help to increase your writing skills and improve the grade you will be awarded by your professor. Why struggle creating a title page manually and risk losing some marks, when a title page creator is only a click away?