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A dissertation must include an abstract for it to be complete. However, an abstract comes with a few strict rules that can sometimes be quite overwhelming, making many people find it difficult to write a good abstract for dissertation and rightfully so, because this is not normal writing. It requires an expert skill set to not only ensure everything is captured, but also that the right tone is used.

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How to write a dissertation abstract

To better understand how to write a good abstract for dissertation, let's define what an abstract is, look at what it entails, and answer questions like how long is a dissertation abstract. Make sure you check out the dissertation abstract sample that we have provided to get a clear picture of how to write abstract for dissertation.

What is an abstract in a dissertation?

A dissertation abstract summarizes the whole paper and has to be straight to the point to avoid going outside the scope of work the dissertation has covered. You have to use simple words, and short sentences, and avoid repetition of facts. In short, you capture the essence of the whole dissertation correctly in the shortest way possible.

Dissertation abstract definition

What is a dissertation abstract? You may be asking yourself. This is a brief presentation of the information that is captured in your dissertation. Many people confuse it for a summary, but they are quite different. The abstract provides information on the research, its purpose, expected results and findings.

It is the first part of your research that someone reads and it will give an overview of the depth of knowledge in the field and your ability to concisely and comprehensively cover an entire project in a few words. That is why you should understand how to write an abstract for dissertation.

What should an abstract in a dissertation include?

When writing an abstract for a dissertation, these are the four parts it should include:

  • Purpose of the research. This serves to inform readers what your research is all about and what makes it important.
  • Methodology. This entails the method you used to carry out the research. It can either be quantitative or qualitative.
  • Findings. These are the answers to your research. What you unearthed.
  • Implications. These are what the answers to your research now mean.

How long should a dissertation abstract be?

A good dissertation abstract length should be between 200-300 words. This you can notice from dissertation abstract examples or previous dissertation abstracts available on the internet. This is a good length to ensure all important aspects of your dissertation are captured and nothing is left out. Some universities however have different requirements for length. Make sure that you first confirm the length required from your professor before embarking on the writing process.

Dissertation abstract format

Below is a chronological format that should be used when writing a dissertation abstract.

  • Purpose statement. This statement sheds light on the importance of the research making readers eager to know more about the research.
  • Problem statement. This is the problem the research intends to solve.
  • Methodology. This defines the scientific method that you have used to do your research. For a dissertation, you can just mention the evidence you used for your research.
  • Results. These are the findings you have obtained while working on your research.
  • Implications. Based on the results, this section proposes changes that can be made to avoid the challenges your research was covering.

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