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You have worked on your thesis so hard, but if it is poorly formatted, there is a risk of getting disapproved. However, you will agree with us that formatting can be one of the most annoying things about your dissertation or thesis. There are differences in thesis or dissertation format depending on which university that you are attending, and that can be irritating to try and figure out, especially if you didn't attend the same school for your entire academic career. This is why you should seek thesis style formatting service offered by pro thesis writer.

What Are Standard Thesis Formatting Rules?

Even though schools differ on exactly how a thesis needs to be formatted, there are some things that remain the same across the board. Here are some of the things that you will always find in your thesis or dissertation formatting rules.

  1. All graduate schools require you to use MLA, APA, Chicago style, or Harvard style for your parenthetical citations and other style needs. Which one you use will most likely depend on what your advanced degree is in (APA for social science fields, MLA for literature and other related fields, etc). This is especially important because it helps to prevent plagiarism, which is one of the gravest mistakes that a student can do in school.
  2. All graduate schools will have requirements about the margins of your paper: most schools will use the basic one and one half inches on left and right, one and one quarter inches on top and bottom, but it may vary. If your school does not specify, go for the basic margin sizes.
  3. All graduate schools require papers to be double-spaced except in the case of block quotations, chapter titles, reference pages, appendices, tables, footnotes, and other cases (this will be indicated in your formatted rules). You might want to closely check the respective guidelines, such as APA and MLA, to see how each of the components of the sections are done. We also recommend that you check a few properly formatted thesis projects to see the examples of different sections.
  4. All graduate schools will require you to have a title page that carries your name and the title of the thesis that you are writing, a copyright page, and a table of contents. The way you number these pages will be dependent on the graduate school you are attending. In most cases, the first pages have roman numbers while the other pages, starting from Chapter One use factorial numbering system.
  5. Most (not all) graduate schools will require you to also offer an abstract with your thesis or thesis. In such a case, the abstract should provide readers with a comprehensive summary of the thesis, allowing them to have an understanding of the research questions, the methodology, and results.
  6. In some cases, your department might not need the abstract to be submitted until your dissertation or thesis is published or approved because the abstract is usually used in a publishing context.

As you can see, the general requirements can be confusing just on their own. On top of that, you have to worry about exactly what your school wants and what the style guide you are using wants as well. It can be really confusing to keep all of those things straight. If the format of your dissertation or thesis is making you nervous, then you may want to consider working with a company that offers thesis formatting services, like When you order dissertation online you won't have to worry about all of these rules anymore!

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