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It’s that time. You’re getting ready to go into your last year of graduate school, and it’s now time for you to start thinking about your thesis proposal. During the process, you may get to the point where you’re saying “I just want someone to do my thesis proposal!” There are options out there for you, and we at ThesisGeek.com want to help you succeed.

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Even though the requirements for a thesis proposal differ between universities, there are some things that usually stay the same during the process. Here are some of the things that you will find in a standard thesis proposal.

What is Usually Included in a Thesis Proposal?

A cover sheet, which usually consists of approval from the advisor(s) that you are working on your thesis under. It also includes the basics: Name, address, email, other contact information, the department you’re in, and whatever else your school may require on the cover sheet. Some schools even just have a cover sheet for you to fill out and paper clip onto the rest of your proposal.

A title. Every thesis needs a title, and you’ll need one right out of the gate, even if you aren’t in the process of writing the actual thesis as of yet.

A thesis statement. This is sometimes the most difficult part of writing up a thesis proposal is to have your thesis statement ready to go. The thesis statement is the core of what you’re doing – if you don’t have a thesis statement (usually a sentence or two), then you’ve got nothing to build off of.

A methodology. You’ll give a more complete methodology in your actual thesis, but many times, the people you are presenting your proposal to want a basic idea of how you’re going to obtain the data that you need.

A schedule. What is the timeframe in which you’re going to complete your thesis? What are each of the steps?

A Bibliography. This will help convince the thesis committee or chair that there is enough material out there for you to source when it comes to your particular thesis.

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