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Political Science Research Topics

The most important aspect of writing a good political science paper is to keep your ideas structured and clear. For this, finding the right political science topics is necessary. Not only should the topic have enough material to refer to, it should also interest you. If you are having a hard time finding the right politics topics to write about, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Comparative Political Science Topics

Comparative Political Science topics give you the opportunity to provide practical examples that relate to both international and domestic issues or conflicts that are present in the current scenario.

Here are some interesting political research topics that you can write about:

  • Comparison of behavioural approach to various parties
  • Comparative study of foreign policies of United Kingdom and United States
  • Parliamentary democracy versus political democracy
  • Cultural pressure in Japan versus the United States of America
  • Ideologies of the Soviet Union
  • Recruitment methods in various developing nations
  • The apartheid phenomenon in different countries

International Relations Political Science Topics

Among the most interesting political science research questions are the ones that pertain to international relations. Since they are doused in conflict and controversies, these political research questions have enough material to work with:

  • Structure of Monetary Funds Internationally
  • Causes for global poverty
  • The human rights policies of Uganda
  • Global controversies around amnesty
  • Study of the cause and effect in the Syrian controversy
  • Power battles in the Arctic circle
  • Japanese Corporations and their non-state representatives
  • Ethical guidelines for NGOs
  • Market distribution of GM Foods
  • Analysis of International Security Networks

Philosophical Political Science Topics

These research topics in political science, deal with subjects like liberty, justice, democracy and legal codes issued by authorities. These subjects become more interesting when the writer addresses the ethical issues surrounding them.

Some examples of these topics are:

  • Existentialism through the lens of the Western Constitutional Laws
  • Causes of the American Revolution
  • Karl Schmidt Thesis and the German Philosophy
  • Liberalism in contrast with civil Republicanism
  • The societal risks of Neopatrimonialism
  • Transition methods in the post-socialist society
  • Ideas to justify liberal democracy
  • Is mutual tolerance the new-age political virtue
  • The ethics of election
  • Education of Republican traditions

Political Science Topics Based on Public Administration

These topics study all the regular functions performed by different arms of the government, its agencies, and public administrators. These topics are also associated with sociology.

Some political science topics examples around this subject are:

  • Efforts of coordination by the government
  • Innovative ideas in the private sector in the United states
  • Tactics of community development
  • Compromises on environment management
  • The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  • Analysis of Management of Federal emergency
  • Public Safety Measures and how to optimize the benefits
  • Fiscal management and the strategic planning methods
  • Careers in Transportation Security Administration

Political Science Topics about Public Law

These subjects study the relationships between the public and the state. Topics like taxes, administrative law and criminal legislation makes these subjects one of the most interesting political topics to write about:

  • Analysis of Judicial Review Argumentation
  • The Human Rights Act of 1998
  • The judicial interpretation of public safety statutes
  • European Legal History and the most famous legislators
  • Common morality and the criminal law
  • Is the privacy law being exploited commercially
  • Custody battles and the psychology of gender bias
  • Preferences of various social economic sectors on Political Interrogation
  • Inequality in post-conflict justice

Research Topics Related to Political Theories

These are current research topics in political science that have garnered a lot of attention among students. These subjects are easy to find information on. You may even be able to write a complete dissertation, considering the amount of content that is available:

  • Aristotle and his philosophy on Governance
  • The Justin Austin Theory and its relevance in the current political scenario
  • Theses of Frederic Bastiat
  • Classic Theories presented by Edmund Burke
  • Challenges of Justice and Liberty
  • Key Figures in the history of Anarchism
  • Sovereignty and theories presented by Jean Bodin
  • Disciplinary powder of Foucault

Topics Related to Political Conflicts

Among the most popular American Politics research topics are those associated with conflict. These include relevant social issues and also the cause and effect of conflicts between various countries

  • Repression by the Syrian Government
  • Protest movements and social networks
  • Peculiarities and causes of the civil war
  • Immigrant crisis and Mexico
  • Political powers at play in Ukraine
  • Cause and effect of the Afghanistan conflict
  • The political agenda of the Reagan government
  • Resolution methods that can be applied to the Yemen conflict
  • Causes for the Central African Republic Rebellion
  • Iraq War and its legacy of war crimes

Political Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

The topics also raise important political science questions such as the effectiveness of certain conflict resolution methods that have been tried in the past or the ones that may be relevant to certain countries in conflict:

  • Some of the best historic examples of post war countries conflicts
  • Conflicts among African-American prisoners
  • Leadership conflicts about security post 9/11
  • Oil conflict in Iran
  • Collaboration methods used in Afghanistan
  • Media bias in news coverage

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