100 Best Business Topics For Your Thesis

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The key to writing a good research paper in the area of business is to have a great list of business research proposal topics at hand for consideration. Brainstorming a variety of ideas is a good activity to come up with a strong list, but many students find this to be time-consuming. This collection of 100 business topics is great for a variety of assignments. They are available to you at no cost and can be altered to fit any business assignment you have to do.

Best Business Law Topics to Finish Quickly

If you need easy business topics for research paper or your thesis proposal that is due in just a few days, these options can be done quickly and effortlessly:

  1. Should it be legal for a business to penalize employees that smoke while on the job?
  2. What are the legal ramifications of excluding certain businesses from anti-trust laws?
  3. What stresses do small and mid-size companies feel when they partner with larger companies?
  4. What is the best way to keep a company solvent without the need for layoffs?
  5. Should private lobbyists representing company interests be allowed to influence politics?
  6. What are the legal implications of grandfathering in rules for apartment buildings?
  7. How can oversight committees detect fraud in bankruptcy cases?
  8. How do the current legal system and its procedures affect small businesses?
  9. When should the confidentiality level be lowered as a way of protecting consumers?
  10. What impact has Covid-19 had on business law and employee rights?

Business Research Topics for College Students

College students have one of the hardest times coming up with business proposal topics because of several other personal and professional responsibilities to tackle. Here are some options for busy students:

  1. Should governments consider adopting a cashless economy?
  2. Do women make better leaders in business than men?
  3. Does greater employee compensation lead to better employee production?
  4. How important is it for businesses to actively communicate with local media?
  5. What are the pitfalls of mixing business interests with political interests?
  6. Should employers rely on additional factors when hiring employees?
  7. Are large corporations underpaying their employees despite making bigger profits?
  8. Do multinational corporations do more good or do they do more harm?
  9. Does one need to earn an MBA to achieve greater status in business?
  10. How does the legalization of gambling affect the way people buy stocks?

Controversial Business Topics for a Graduate Class

Writing on business speech topics is one of the easiest ways of capturing the attention of your reading audience. Here are some excellent choices for a graduate-level course:

  1. Are employees’ morale impacted by organizational culture?
  2. Should the largest employers in the world give their employees more benefits?
  3. What do employees prefer more? High-income or greater benefits?
  4. How can technology help start-up companies?
  5. What are the most popular investment strategies for young people?
  6. Should entrepreneurs take up mentorships before starting a business?
  7. Should an entrepreneur start a new business after declaring bankruptcy?
  8. Should banks have stricter regulations when it comes to business lending?
  9. How do you know if someone has the characteristics to become an entrepreneur?
  10. What programs help to launch a start-up?

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

Here are the most important business ethics paper topics being discussed in the business world today. Because they are current you may need to put in extra effort to find content:

  1. What are the biggest ethical questions related to users’ online privacy?
  2. Is it ethical to prevent a small business from receiving bailouts?
  3. Should C-Level executives receive immunity when they testify?
  4. What makes the construction sector open to more cases of labor abuse?
  5. Are large corporations more entitled to get government bailouts?
  6. Should corporations under federal investigation be transparent?
  7. Are gender relations in the workplace something that should be taken seriously?
  8. How is product quality affected by the need to grow profit margins?
  9. Are there ethical problems with pharma companies giving gifts?
  10. What are the biggest ethical questions in governing a public corporation?

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Business law is one of the most important and relevant areas of study in the field. Here is a list of business research topics that you might find interesting:

  1. What steps should large corporations take to eradicate sexual harassment lawsuits?
  2. When should companies get concerned about insider trade secrets?
  3. What impact has data privacy laws had on companies’ operations?
  4. What are the most effective defenses to trademark infringement offenders?
  5. Is job expansion a good motivator for existing employees?
  6. How does commercial law impact the organizational structure of a company?
  7. What are the biggest challenges posed by commercial laws in the U.S.?
  8. What are the most important characteristics of tort law in the United States?
  9. What are the legal implications of the foreign entity registration process in Europe?
  10. How has e-commerce impacted the workforce in the United States?

Business Communication Topics

This area of study is continuously evolving to align with new forms of communication in the business world. If you find this area intriguing, then you’re sure to find a good business essay topic to work on:

  1. How is business communication different from general communication?
  2. What are the most important characteristics of good communication in business?
  3. What is the most effective strategy to capture the interest of stakeholders?
  4. How does social media communication affect a business’s success?
  5. Are traditional forms of communication still effective in keeping employees motivated?
  6. How important is the understanding of international communication to closing business deals?
  7. How are public relations activities affected by interactive web communication?
  8. How does media activity impact negotiation outcomes?
  9. How does improving one’s cultural dialogue with foreign business partners increase trust?
  10. What is meant by the term symmetrical dialogue in business?

Business Informative Speech Topics

Here are some of the latest business debate topics that work great for both a research paper and a presentation:

  1. Is social intelligence necessary to assure business success?
  2. Should new fathers be allowed to get paid time off?
  3. Why do introverted people make better business leaders?
  4. Are employers better off placing more value on practical experience?
  5. Why businesses need to develop short and long-term plans.
  6. Why are ergonomics in the workplace important for long-term health?
  7. What is the most effective way of handling risk under pressure?
  8. When should companies consider outsourcing work to third parties?
  9. How inter-organizational networks are a path toward leadership.
  10. How working from home has changed the dynamics of work teams.

Hot Business Topics for College and Graduate Students

Here are hot business-related topics ideal for both college and graduate-level courses. They can be completed within a week with careful planning and researching:

  1. What impact does technology have on product development?
  2. What sort of marketing trends need to be updated to ensure business success?
  3. Is an acquisition better for a business than a merger?
  4. How important is it for business leaders to continue with personal development?
  5. Are test markets still an effective way of reviewing products and services?
  6. How does impromptu downsizing in business help revitalize performance?
  7. How are workplace promotions impacted by personal biases?
  8. Is the cost of earning an MBA worth the prospects you can get through practical experience?
  9. Is crypto-currencies a reliable form of doing international business?
  10. How do improved safety conditions improve work productivity?

Simple Business Law Paper Topics for College

Business law essay topics are among the most challenging subjects to tackle. Here is a list of 10 manageable ideas for any assignment length:

  1. What are the biggest challenges to the implementation of a CBA in sports?
  2. How does an NDA protect a company from sexual harassment lawsuits?
  3. What would happen if corporate punishment was introduced to corporate crimes affecting the public?
  4. What are the major differences in business law between capitalist and communist countries?
  5. How effective are whistleblower laws in identifying corporate crime?
  6. How do business contracts protect corporations more than individuals they do business with?
  7. How can the U.S. benefit from implementing universal paternity leave?
  8. What is age discrimination in the workplace and is it sufficient in protecting workers?
  9. Should smokers have the same health rights as non-smokers in the workplace?
  10. What are the positives and negatives of Affirmative Action Laws in the workplace?

International Business Topics

Here is a list of business ethics topics related to international issues. These are for more advanced courses and assignment prompts:

  1. In what ways has social media affected activities in international business?
  2. How has e-commerce impacted international sales of small businesses?
  3. Why are international issues interesting to MBA students?
  4. How can a small business be recognized by international markets?
  5. Why should U.S. investors buy stock from international companies?
  6. How do differences in culture affect international business?
  7. How does Microsoft’s strategy for international sales differ from its competitors?
  8. How has Brexit impacted Europe’s overall international economy?
  9. How do acts of terrorism affect the way consumers contribute to the economy?
  10. What do major companies need to do to enter the emerging Chinese market?

This list of business proposal topics is a great place to start thinking about what you would like to write about for this kind of assignment. We are always glad to custom-write business persuasive speech topics if you don’t think that any of the above options fit your assignment requirements. Just contact our customer support team and we will put you in touch with a thesis writer who will quickly give you original business presentation topics. We look forward to hearing from you.

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