168 Current International Relations Research Topics For Any Level

international relations research topics

Are you a student looking for intriguing international relations research topics? Look no further! In this blog post, we have created a list of 168 unique and thought-provoking research topics in the field of international relations that should help students get an A+ on their next paper.

Whether you’re studying political science, international affairs or related disciplines, this comprehensive list covers a wide range of fascinating subjects. From global governance to security issues, diplomacy, human rights, and more, these topics are designed to inspire your research and help you delve deeper into the complexities of international relations. So, grab your notepad and get ready to explore these captivating research ideas!

A Word On International Relations Theses

International relations is the study of interactions between nations and global actors. It examines politics, economics, security, and culture, exploring how countries cooperate, conflict and shape global dynamics. If you’re about to start working on a thesis in international relations and you are wondering what to include in your paper, here is a short explanation of each of the mandatory chapters:

  • Introduction: The opening section that presents the research problem, objectives, and significance of the study.
  • Literature Review: A comprehensive review of existing scholarly works related to the research topic, providing a context for the study.
  • Methodology: Describes the research design, data collection methods, and analytical techniques used to address the research questions or hypotheses.
  • Findings: Presents the empirical results or outcomes of the research, often supported by data, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Discussion: Analyzes and interprets the findings in relation to the research objectives, drawing connections to existing literature and providing insights.
  • Conclusion: Summarizes the main findings, highlights the contributions to the field, and suggests avenues for future research.
  • References: Lists all the sources cited in the thesis following a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).

Now, it’s time to deliver on our promise and give you the list of international relations research paper topics. Choose the one you like the most:

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Easy International Relations Research Topics

Explore our list of easy international relations research topics that will help you understand global politics and analyze the dynamics of international relations with ease

  1. The impact of globalization on state sovereignty and international relations
  2. Analyzing the role of non-state actors in global governance structures
  3. The influence of soft power in shaping international relations and diplomacy
  4. Exploring the relationship between human rights and international relations
  5. Examining the dynamics of economic interdependence in international relations
  6. The role of international organizations in promoting peace and security
  7. Assessing the impact of climate change on international relations and cooperation
  8. Analyzing the role of regional integration in shaping global politics
  9. The implications of cyber warfare for international relations and national security
  10. Examining the challenges and opportunities of humanitarian intervention in international relations
  11. Analyzing the role of ideology in shaping state behavior in international relations
  12. Exploring the impact of migration and refugee crises on international relations
  13. Assessing the role of international law in resolving conflicts and promoting peace
  14. Investigating the role of intelligence agencies in shaping international relations

International Relations Thesis Topics

Our wide range of international relations thesis topics will guide you towards developing a strong research question, conducting in-depth analysis, and contributing to the field with your original research:

  1. Power dynamics and the balance of power in international relations
  2. Exploring the role of diplomacy in conflict resolution and peacebuilding
  3. The impact of nuclear proliferation on international security and non-proliferation regimes
  4. Analyzing the role of international institutions in managing global crises
  5. The influence of nationalism on interstate relations and regional cooperation
  6. Examining the role of international norms and human rights in shaping foreign policy
  7. Assessing the impact of economic globalization on state sovereignty in international relations
  8. The role of social media in shaping public opinion and international relations
  9. Exploring the concept of hegemony and its implications for international relations
  10. The role of gender in international relations and its impact on policy-making
  11. Analyzing the role of intelligence agencies in shaping international relations
  12. The implications of emerging technologies on international security and arms control
  13. Examining the role of media and propaganda in international conflicts and public opinion
  14. The impact of regional integration on state behavior and international cooperation

Advanced International Relations Topics For Research

Dive into complex issues, explore cutting-edge theories, and unravel the intricate dynamics of global affairs with our advanced international relations topics for research:

  1. China’s global rise and its power dynamics
  2. Non-traditional security threats in international relations
  3. AI and warfare: Implications for international security
  4. Climate change, conflict, and forced migration in international relations
  5. Religion and politics in international relations
  6. Populism’s impact on global governance and international relations
  7. Social movements and civil society in shaping international relations
  8. Pandemics and international cooperation: Implications for global governance
  9. Cultural diplomacy and soft power in international relations
  10. Information warfare and disinformation in international relations
  11. Regional powers shaping global security dynamics
  12. Responsibility to protect and humanitarian interventions in international relations
  13. Resource scarcity and environmental degradation in international relations
  14. Migration and refugee crises’ impact on global stability

International Relations Research Questions

Our carefully curated list of international relations research questions will inspire critical thinking and promote meaningful discussions:

  1. How does power transition theory explain shifts in global power dynamics?
  2. What are the implications of the rise of non-state actors on traditional state-centric international relations theories?
  3. How do identity politics and nationalism shape interstate conflicts?
  4. What are the factors influencing state compliance with international human rights norms?
  5. How does globalization impact state sovereignty?
  6. What are the challenges of multilateralism in addressing global issues?
  7. How does public opinion influence state behavior in international relations?
  8. What are the causes and consequences of failed states in international relations?
  9. How does the distribution of power in international institutions affect their legitimacy?
  10. What are the implications of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, on international security?
  11. How do regional conflicts and security dilemmas impact regional integration efforts?
  12. What are the root causes of terrorism?
  13. How does economic interdependence shape interstate relations and global governance structures?
  14. What are the challenges of global environmental governance in addressing climate change?

International Relations Paper Topics

Choose one of our international relations paper topics that resonate with your interests and embark on an enriching research journey:

  1. The role of ideology in shaping state behavior in international relations
  2. Analyzing the impact of economic sanctions on diplomatic relations between countries
  3. The role of media and propaganda in influencing public opinion in international conflicts
  4. Exploring the relationship between globalization and cultural identity in international relations
  5. The implications of cybersecurity threats on national security and international relations
  6. Assessing the role of intelligence agencies in gathering and analyzing international intelligence
  7. Analyzing the impact of regional organizations on regional conflicts and cooperation in international relations
  8. The influence of international trade agreements on global economic and political relations
  9. Exploring the dynamics of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation in international relations
  10. The role of international law in resolving territorial disputes and promoting peace
  11. Non-state actors in international relations: Influence and challenges
  12. Conflict resolution mechanisms: Negotiation, mediation, and peacebuilding approaches
  13. Diplomatic immunity: Balancing immunity with accountability in international relations
  14. The impact of global pandemics on international cooperation and security

Engaging Topic Ideas About International Relations

Are you seeking engaging and captivating topic ideas for your international relations research? Choose one of these engaging topic ideas about international relations:

  1. Global governance and international organizations in addressing global challenges.
  2. Nationalism’s impact on international relations and global cooperation.
  3. Soft power in shaping international perceptions and relations.
  4. Regional conflicts’ implications for global stability and security.
  5. Cyber warfare: Assessing evolving cyber threats in international relations.
  6. Media’s role in international relations: Influence, propaganda, and disinformation.
  7. Economic interdependence: Opportunities and risks in global relations.
  8. Diplomacy in the digital age: Challenges of virtual diplomacy.
  9. Global migration and refugee crises: Humanitarian and political dimensions.
  10. Human rights in international relations: Promoting universal rights.
  11. Terrorism’s impact on global security and counterterrorism efforts.
  12. Environmental diplomacy: Addressing global environmental challenges.
  13. Religion’s role in international relations.
  14. Regional power dynamics: Influence of major powers in different regions

international relations research topics

Interesting International Relations Research Paper Topics

Uncover fascinating research paper topics in international relations that will captivate your readers and showcase your analytical skills. Use one of these interesting international relations research paper topics:

  1. Populism’s rise and its impact on international relations and global governance
  2. Climate change’s geopolitical implications: Conflicts, migrations, and resource competition
  3. Hybrid warfare: Analyzing blurred lines between conventional and unconventional threats
  4. Technology’s impact on diplomacy and the future of diplomatic practices
  5. Nuclear energy diplomacy: Balancing peaceful uses and proliferation concerns
  6. Soft power and cultural industries’ influence in international relations
  7. Politics of humanitarian aid: Challenges and ethical considerations
  8. Media framing’s impact on public opinion in international conflicts
  9. International cooperation in space exploration and its geopolitical implications
  10. Diaspora communities’ role in shaping international relations and global politics
  11. Migration policies and human rights: Balancing border control and human dignity
  12. Global health governance: Cooperation, challenges, and pandemic responses
  13. Environmental peacebuilding: Addressing conflicts over natural resources and degradation
  14. Economic sanctions: Effectiveness and ethical implications in international relations

Political Science Dissertation Topics

Our list of political science dissertation topics will provide you with a solid foundation for developing a unique research proposal and making a significant contribution to the field:

  1. The role of political ideologies in foreign policy and international relations.
  2. National security strategies and state behavior in international relations.
  3. Global governance and collective decision-making challenges in international institutions.
  4. Public opinion’s influence on foreign policy and international relations.
  5. Identity politics and intergroup relations in international contexts.
  6. Humanitarian interventions and the responsibility to protect.
  7. Geopolitics and resource conflicts: Strategic importance of natural resources.
  8. International law’s role in shaping state behavior and resolving conflicts.
  9. Comparative political systems in international relations.
  10. Political leadership’s impact on diplomatic relations and cooperation.
  11. International development assistance: Aid effectiveness and challenges.
  12. Non-state actors in global politics: Influence, networks, power dynamics.
  13. Intelligence agencies in international intelligence gathering and analysis.
  14. Political parties and foreign policy shaping

Current International Relations Topics For Research Paper

Stay up to date with the latest developments in global politics by exploring our selection of current international relations topics for research paper writing:

  1. Emerging technologies’ impact on global security and power dynamics.
  2. Transnational threats: Terrorism, crime, and cyber challenges in focus.
  3. Regional integration in globalization: Achievements, limitations, and prospects.
  4. Trade wars: Implications for global economy and cooperation.
  5. Disinformation and fake news: Influence on international politics and public opinion.
  6. Climate change negotiations: Progress and challenges in combating global warming
  7. Cybersecurity and emerging threats in international relations.
  8. Regional power dynamics in the Middle East: Implications for global security
  9. Global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic: Cooperation and challenges
  10. Climate change mitigation and adaptation in international policy
  11. Rising nationalism and its impact on international cooperation
  12. Humanitarian crisis in Yemen: International responses and challenges
  13. Technology and the future of warfare: Implications for global security
  14. The Belt and Road Initiative: Assessing its impact on international relations

Awesome Research Topics For International Relations

Our awesome research topics for international relations allow you to explore diverse areas of global politics and contribute to the field with your exceptional research:

  1. NGOs’ role in shaping international policies and agendas
  2. Humanitarian interventions and the responsibility to protect: Effectiveness and ethics
  3. Cybersecurity challenges in international relations: Risks and responses
  4. Global migration governance: Policies and implications
  5. Globalization vs national sovereignty: Impacts on state behavior
  6. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Geopolitical influence and challenges
  7. Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation: Effectiveness of treaties
  8. Gender in international relations: Impact of norms and policies
  9. Post-colonial perspectives in international relations: Power dynamics and legacies
  10. Climate justice and international cooperation: Addressing climate change
  11. Regional organizations in global governance and international relations
  12. Politics of humanitarian intervention: Strategies and outcomes
  13. Political economy of international trade: Impact of policies and agreements
  14. Populism’s impact on democracy and international relations

Controversial International Relations Topics

Delve into the realm of controversy and discourse with our thought-provoking controversial international relations topics:

  1. Drones in targeted killings: Legal and ethical implications
  2. Nuclear energy and non-proliferation: Benefits and risks
  3. Intervention in state sovereignty: Legitimacy and consequences
  4. Ethics of economic sanctions: Effectiveness and impact on civilians
  5. Cyber warfare and international norms: Regulating cyber conflicts
  6. Climate change’s impact on national security and conflicts
  7. Intelligence agencies in covert operations and international relations
  8. Politics of humanitarian aid: Motivations and challenges
  9. Ethics of military intervention: Justifications and consequences
  10. Politics of regime change: Motivations and implications
  11. Media bias’s impact on international perceptions and diplomacy
  12. Private military companies: Challenges and accountability
  13. Politics of disarmament and arms control: Progress and challenges
  14. Corporate interests’ influence on foreign policy and relations

Best International Relations Topics For 2023

Stay ahead of the curve with our selection of the best international relations topics for 2023. These carefully curated topics reflect the current trends, emerging challenges and pressing issues:

  1. COVID-19 pandemic’s implications on global politics and international relations
  2. Rise of populism and its impact on democracy and international cooperation
  3. Cybersecurity challenges in a hyper-connected world: Risks and responses
  4. Future of international cooperation in addressing global challenges and conflicts
  5. Climate change and security: Implications for international relations and stability
  6. Evolving role of regional powers in shaping global politics and relations
  7. Technological advancements’ impact on state power and international relations
  8. Global governance reform: Restructuring international institutions
  9. Social media’s role in shaping international perceptions and political movements
  10. Challenges and prospects of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
  11. Intersection of artificial intelligence and international relations
  12. Impact of trade wars on global economic relations and cooperation
  13. Geopolitical tensions in the Arctic: Resource competition and influence
  14. Future of multilateralism: Relevance and effectiveness in a changing world
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How do I choose a research topic in international relations?

Consider your interests, current events, and gaps in existing literature to identify an area of focus. Brainstorm potential topics and ensure they align with your research objectives.

What makes a strong international relations research paper?

A strong research paper includes a well-defined research question, solid theoretical framework, rigorous analysis, credible sources, and logical structure. It should also contribute to the existing body of knowledge.

How can I narrow down my international relations research topic?

Consider specific regions, actors, theories, or policy areas within international relations. Narrowing down your topic will allow for a more focused and manageable research paper.

Can I use case studies in my international relations research paper?

Yes, case studies can be valuable in providing empirical evidence and in-depth analysis. They help illustrate theoretical concepts and offer real-world examples to support your arguments.

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