212 Unique Biology Research Topics For Students And Researchers

biology research topics

Every student studying something related to biology — botany, marine, animal, medicine, molecular or physical biology, is in an interesting field. It’s a subject that explores how animate and inanimate objects relate to themselves. The field unveils the past, the present, and what lies in the future of the relationship between the living and nonliving things.

This is precisely why you need custom and quality biology topics for your college and university essay or project. It’ll make it easy to brainstorm, research, and get to writing straight away. Before the deep dive, what is biology?

What Is Biology?

Everyone knows it’s the scientific study of life, but beyond that, biology facilitates the comprehension of living and nonliving things. It’s a branch that explores their anatomy, behavior, distribution, morphology, and physiology.

For example, it understands how genes are classified and constituted into generations. It encompasses various branches, including botany, medicine, genetics, ecology, marine biology, zoology, and molecular biology.

Here are what some of these mean:

  • Botany: This study of plants examines their structure, physiology, ecology, economic importance, and distribution, among others. It also deals with their biochemical processes, properties, and social interactions between plants. It extends to how plants are vital for human life, survival, and growth and how they play a significant role in stabilizing environmental health.
  • Zoology: Zoology studies animal behavior, brain, structure, physiology, class, and distribution. It’s the general study of the lives of both living and extinct animals. It explains animal classification, the animal kingdom, evolution, habitat, embryology, and life span.
  • Physiology: Physiology deals with the daily functions of the human body: How it works and the factors that make it work. It examines molecular behavior, the chemistry and physics behind locomotion, and how the cells in the living organisms’ body function. It helps understand how humans and animals get sick and what can be done to alleviate pain.
  • Microbiology: Dealing with microorganisms, it examined how viruses, algae, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and slime molds become parts of human life. They’re regarded as microbes, which play substantial roles in the human biochemical processes, including climate change, biodegradation, biodeterioration, food spoilage, biotech, and epidemiology.
  • Marine Biology: This is the scientific study of organs in the sea. It understands their family classification, how they survive, and what makes wild marine animals different from domesticated and consumable ones. It also explores their interaction with the environment through several processes. The marine biologist studies marines in their natural environment, collects data on their characteristics, human impact on their living, and how they relate with themselves.

Now that you know all these, here are some custom biology topics to research for your university or college essay and paper.

Controversial Biology Topics

There are many controversial subjects in every field, and biology isn’t exempt from controversy. If you’d like to create an original essay through diverse opinions, here are biology topics for you:

  1. What are your thoughts on the post-Roe V Wade world?
  2. How can the post-Roe V Wade policy affect developing countries looking up to America for their laws?
  3. Abortion and feminism: discuss
  4. Does saving life justify cloning?
  5. Explain the principle of abortion in medical practice
  6. The effects of cloning in medicine
  7. How does genetics contribute to obesity?
  8. Explain why a parent could have Hepatitis B virus and only one of five offspring have the virus
  9. Is homosexuality really in the gene?
  10. How does depression correlate with genetics?
  11. Additives and how they affect the genes
  12. Examine how genetic mutations work
  13. Discuss the grounds that you could prove for legalizing human cloning
  14. Which is more immoral: Human or animal cloning?
  15. How is nanotechnology different from biotechnology?
  16. Discuss the manifestation of nanotechnology in science
  17. Explain three instances where public opinion has held back scientific inventions
  18. How does transgenic crop work?
  19. Would you say genetically modified food is safe for consumption?
  20. Explain why sexual abuse leads to trauma.

Biology Research Paper Topics

You’d need to write an extensive paper on biology one day. This could be when you’re in your final year in college or the university or submitting to a competition. You’d need Biology topics to research for brainstorming, and here are 30 of them:

  1. Stem cells and tissue formation processes
  2. Why are there different congenital disabilities?
  3. Mixtures in anticancer drugs?
  4. What are the complexities of existing HIV drugs?
  5. What is the contribution of chemotherapy to cancer?
  6. Examine the chemotherapy process and why it doesn’t work for some patients.
  7. Explain the origin of developmental diseases
  8. How do germs affect the cells?
  9. What are the consequences of the sun on the white person’s and black person’s skin?
  10. Why are some diseases treatable through drugs while some are not?
  11. Scientific lessons learned from COVID-19 and ideas to tackle the next virus
  12. If animals are carriers of the virus, what should be done to them?
  13. Examine five animals in extinction and what led to it
  14. Discuss the subject of endangered species and why people should care
  15. Is a plant-based diet sustainable for human health?
  16. Account for the consequence of living on Mars on human health
  17. Discuss the inconveniences involved in space travel
  18. How does space flight contribute to environmental disasters
  19. Discuss the emergence of leukemia
  20. Explain how the immune systems in humans work
  21. Evaluate the factors that weaken the immunological system
  22. What would you consider the deadliest virus?
  23. Autoimmune: what is it, origin and consequences
  24. Immune disorder: origin and how it affects the body
  25. Does stress affect the ability to have sex?
  26. Contribution of vaccine to eradicating disease: Discuss
  27. What are the complexities in taking the Hepatitis B vaccine while being positive?
  28. Allergies: why do humans have them?
  29. DNA modification: how does it work?
  30. Explain the misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Interesting Biology Topics

Biology doesn’t have to be boring. Different aspects of biology could be fun to explore, especially if you’ve had a flair for the study since your elementary school classes.

You can either write an essay or paper with the following interesting biology research topics:

  1. Human emotions and conflicts with their intellectual intelligence
  2. Emotions: Its influence on art and music and how the perception of art influences the world
  3. The consequences of marijuana and alcohol on teenagers
  4. Compare and contrast how alcohol affects teenagers and adults
  5. Discuss the contributions of neuroscience to the subject of emotional pain
  6. Explain how the brain process speech
  7. Discuss the factors that cause autism
  8. Explain what is meant when people say humans are animals
  9. Why do scientists say humans are pessimists?
  10. Factors contributing to the dopamine levels human experience
  11. How does isolation affect the human brain?
  12. What factors contribute to instinctive responses?
  13. Noise pollution: how it affects living organisms
  14. Fire ecology: The contributions of plants to fire outbreak
  15. Explain the science behind how hot temperature, soil, and dry grass start a fire
  16. Microbes: what do you understand by bioremediation?
  17. Explain urban ecology and the challenges it pokes to solve
  18. Discuss how excessive internet usage affects the human memory
  19. Evaluate how conservation biology contributes to the extinction prevention efforts
  20. Discuss the role of satellites and drones in understanding the natural world
  21. Why do we need space travel and studies?
  22. Explain the limitations of limnology studies
  23. What are infectious-disease-causing agents all about?
  24. Discuss what epigenetics studies encompass
  25. Why is cancer research essential to the world?
  26. Discuss climate change: Governments are not interested, and there is no alternative
  27. How is behavioral science studies a core part of the understanding of the world?
  28. Discuss the issues with genetic engineering and why it’s a challenge
  29. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the arguments for a plant-based diet
  30. Create a survey amongst students of biology asking why they chose to study the course.

Biology Research Topics For College Students

If you find any of the above beyond your intellectual and Research capacity, here are some topics you can handle. You can use these for your essays, projects, quizzes, or competitions.

These custom yet popular biology research topics will examine famous personalities and other discourse in biology:

  1. Effects of the human hormone on the mind
  2. Why do men get erect even when they’re absentminded?
  3. How does women’s arousal work?
  4. How can melatonin be valuable for therapy?
  5. Risky behavior: Hormones responsible for the risk
  6. Stem and cloning: what is the latest research on the subject?
  7. Hormones: changes in pregnancy
  8. Why do pregnant women have an appetite for random and remote things?
  9. The role of physical activities in hormone development
  10. Examine the benefits and threats of transgenic crops
  11. The fight against COVID-19: assess current successes
  12. The fight against smallpox: assess current successes
  13. The fight against HIV: history, trends, and present research
  14. Discuss the future of prosthetic appliances
  15. Examine the research and the future of mind-controlled limbs
  16. What does cosmetic surgery mean, and why is it needed?
  17. Analyze the meaning and process of vascular surgery
  18. Discuss the debate around changes in genital organs for males and females in transgender bodies
  19. How do donors and organ transplants work?
  20. Account for the work of Dr. Malcom E Miller
  21. Discuss the contribution of Charles Darwin to human evolution
  22. Explain the trends in biomedicine
  23. Discuss the functions of x-rays in botany
  24. Assess the most efficient systems for wildlife preservation
  25. Examine how poverty contributes to climate hazards
  26. Discuss the process involved in plant metabolism
  27. The transformation of energy into a living thing: discuss
  28. Prevention for sexually transmitted disease: What are the misconceptions?
  29. Analyze how the human body reacts to poison
  30. Russian Poisoning: What are the lessons scientists must learn?
  31. COVID-19: Discuss the efforts by two or three governments to prevent the spread
  32. Discuss the contributions of Pfizer during the pandemic.

Marine Biology Research Topics

This subject explains orgasms in the sea, how they survive, and their interaction with their environment. If you have a flair for this field, the following Biology research topics may interest you:

  1. Discuss what quantitative ecology through modeling means
  2. Smallest diatoms and marine logistics: discuss
  3. How is the shark studied?
  4. Acidification of seas: Causes and consequences
  5. Discuss the concept of the immortality of Jellyfishes
  6. Discuss the differences between seawater and freshwater in marine study
  7. Account for some of the oldest marine species
  8. Discuss the evolution of the deep sea
  9. Explain whales’ communication techniques
  10. What does plankton ecology encompass?
  11. The importance of coral reefs to seawater
  12. Challenges that encompass geological oceanography
  13. How tourism affects natural animal habitat
  14. Discuss some instances of the domestication of wild marine animals
  15. Coastal zone: pros and cons of living in such areas
  16. How do sharks perceive enemies?
  17. Analyze why some animals can live in water but can’t live on land
  18. Explain how plants survive in the sea
  19. Compare and contrast the different two species of animals in the water
  20. How can marine energy be generated, stored, and used?

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Focusing on the construct of cells and analysis of their composition, it understands the alteration and maintenance of cellular processes. If you’d like to focus on molecular biology, here are 15 good biology research topics for you:

  1. Ethical considerations in molecular genetics
  2. Discuss the structure and component of the gene
  3. Examine the restrictions in DNA
  4. What are the peculiarities in modern nucleic acid analysis
  5. What goes into the Pharmaceutical production of drugs
  6. Evaluate the building blocks of life
  7. Discuss the systems of RNA translation to protein
  8. PCR: How DNA is tested and analyzed
  9. Why is prion disease so dangerous?
  10. Compare and contrast recessive genes vs. dominant genes
  11. Can there be damage to the human DNA, and can it be repaired?
  12. Constraints in the research of microarray data analysis
  13. Protein purification: How it evolves
  14. Objectives of nucleic acid
  15. Explain the structure of a prion.

Biology Research Topics For High School

Your teachers and professors will be awed if you create impeccable essays for your next report. You need to secure the best grades as you move closer to graduation, and brainstorming any of these popular biology research topics will help:

  1. Identify the most endangered species
  2. The challenges to animal extinction
  3. What are the things everyone should know about sea life?
  4. Discuss the history of genetics
  5. Explain the biological theory of Charles Darwin
  6. How did the lockdown affect social interaction?
  7. Why do some people refuse the vaccine?
  8. Origin of genetics
  9. What is animal hunting, and why is it fashionable
  10. Explain the evolution of a virus
  11. Role of lockdown in preventing deaths and illnesses
  12. Invasive species: What does it mean?
  13. Endangered animals: How do they survive in the face of their hazards?
  14. Lockdown and their role in reducing coronavirus transmission
  15. Vaccine distribution: Ideas for global distribution
  16. Why can viruses become less virulent?
  17. Discuss the evolution of the world
  18. Explain the evolution of the planet
  19. Explain what Elon Musk means when he says life on Mars is possible
  20. What does herd immunity mean?
  21. Flu: why is there a low incidence in 2020?
  22. Relationship between archaeology and biology
  23. Antiviral drug: What it means
  24. Factors leading to the evolution of humans
  25. Give instances of what natural selection means
  26. What is considered the dead branches of evolution
  27. Whale hunting: What it means and the present trends
  28. Who is Stephen Jay, and what is his role in paleontology?
  29. Origin of diseases: why must humans fall sick?
  30. Why are humans called higher animals?

Human Biology Research Topics

Human biology understands humans and their relationship between themselves and their environment. It also studies how the body works and the impediments to health. Here are some easy biology research topics to explore on the subject:

  1. How do gut bacteria affect the brain?
  2. What are the ethical concerns around organ transplants?
  3. The consequence of alcohol on the liver
  4. The consequences of extreme salt on the human body
  5. Why do humans need to deworm regularly?
  6. The relationship between obesity and genetics
  7. Genetically modified foods: Why are they needed?
  8. How sun exposure affects human skin
  9. Latest trends: Depression is hereditary
  10. Influence of music on the human brain
  11. What are the stages of lung cancer
  12. Forensic DNA: latest trends
  13. How visual consumptions affect how humans think
  14. What is the process that leads to pregnancy?
  15. Explain the role of nanotechnology in HIV research
  16.  Discuss any experiment with stem cells you know about
  17. Explain how humans consume food
  18. Discuss the process of metabolism as well as its criticality to human health
  19. Explore the consistent challenges technology poses to human health
  20. Explain the process of body decay to a skeleton.

Cell Biology Research Topics

There are many evolutionary biology research paper topics formed not by the nomenclature but for what they stand for. Cell biology is one of the most complex branches of the field.

It examines minor units and the living organisms that make them up. The focus is on the relationship between the cytoplasm, membrane, and parts of the cell. Here are some topics to explore for your scientific dissertation writing:

  1. How does chromatin engage in the alterations of gene expression?
  2. What are the usual cell infections, and why does the body have immunity defections?
  3. Identify and account for the heritage of Robert Brown in his core career focus
  4. Explain the structure of the animal cell and why It’s what it is
  5. Identify the cells in the human body as well as their functions
  6. Explain a scenario and justify the context of animals photosynthesizing like plants
  7. Why do bacteria invade the body, and how do they do it?
  8. Why are mitochondria considered the powerhouse of the cell
  9. Use the molecular analysis tool to explain multicellular organisms
  10. Examine how the White blood cells fight disease
  11. What do you understand about the role of cell biology in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  12. What are the latest research methods in cell biology?
  13. Identify the characteristics of viruses and why they threaten human existence.
  14. Discuss the differences between DNA and RNA
  15. What part of the body is responsible for human functionality for as long as the individual wants?

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