211 Interesting Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering Research Paper Topics

The world of engineering is replete with experimentation and discoveries; it’s only a matter of understanding what is required and knowing where to look. Sometimes, college students are at a loss on how to choose the right research topic for their projects, especially when it comes to their area of specialty. This is normal in most cases.

If you’re in university and you’re so confused about how to choose a suitable engineering topic for research papers to work on, then you’re in luck. This entire guide is dedicated to offering you expert quality and professional research paper writing services and writing tips you can’t get anywhere else online.

Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

This refers to the process of deliberately altering the genetic composition of an organism. Nowadays, the leaps in genetic engineering have benefited several important aspects, including stem cell research.

Through genetic engineering, several diseases and predisposing factors have been discovered and written out or edited. The fact that such technologies exist, gives enough motivation for many to want to carry out further research on the topic.

Below are some relevant topics for further research that students can use in the field of genetic engineering.

  1. The possibility of recovering and the DNA of extinct animals in the restocking of said species.
  2. Existing genetic theories and explanations which support or disprove certain aspects of human behavior.
  3. The viability of cloning organisms.
  4. The existing relationship between genetic factors and acne susceptibility of individuals.
  5. Genetic explanations and theories supporting or disproving social animal behavior.
  6. The connection between coronary heart disease and genetic interference.
  7. Genetic research and how they have influenced the environment.
  8. How close are we to cloning humans?
  9. The relationship between genetic factors and allergic reactions.
  10. Can congenital deformities be passed down from mother to child?
  11. Genetic explanation for similarities in personalities of twins raised apart.
  12. Genetic explanation for differences in personalities of twins raised apart.
  13. Who funds genetic research?
  14. Factors that contribute to inbreeding depression.
  15. Genetic explanation of genetic variations in the distribution of organisms of the same species.
  16. Current strides in genetic engineering.
  17. Genetic engineering: moral or immoral?
  18. When does genetic engineering cross the line?
  19. Who defines right and wrong in genetics?
  20. The future of genetic coding and editing.

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

This branch of engineering is one that deals specifically in making complex systems, organizations, structures, etc. more efficient by developing and improving upon the pre-existing systems. In industrial engineering, the goal is the improvement and application of researched, factual upgrades to systems when dealing with individuals, finance, information, etc. in order to produce optimized results and functions.

Industrial engineering seeks to improve the methods employed by companies in the implementation of processes in the manufacture and operations of projects.

Research in industrial engineering will help broaden your knowledge of how things are and how they should be to function more efficiently and effectively. To help you get started, here are some research topics you can consider taking a closer look at.

  1. Mining and discovery of data.
  2. The designing, structuring, and execution of experiments.
  3. Strategies employed in manufacturing.
  4. Single-objective optimization.
  5. Poly-objective optimization
  6. Managing a supply chain.
  7. Analytical approach to the management of data.
  8. Experimental designing.
  9. Analysis of variance.
  10. Interaction of dependent and independent variables in our reality.
  11. The algorithm of differential evolution.
  12. Artificial neural networks and their application.
  13. Planning and design concepts in the building of structures.
  14. Layouts and designs of structures.
  15. Systems and analyses of handling industrial materials.
  16. Artificial intelligence.
  17. The influence of computers on driving.
  18. Application of ergonomics in the world of engineering today.
  19. The rise of automation in modern industries.

Research Paper Topics Related To Civil Engineering

One simple way to define civil engineering is that it’s basically all that we can see that has been built around us. It simply refers to an expert branch or discipline of engineering that focuses on making viable, practical arrangements with the plan, development, and maintenance of the physical, visible structures around us.

Civil engineering focuses on specific areas of structural building and maintenance, including public works like streets, waterways, dams, air terminals, sewerage frameworks, pipelines, primary segments of structures, rail routes, and so on.

Civil engineers imagine, plan, create, administer, work, develop and keep up basic interactions and frameworks in the general population and private area, including the roads, structures, airport terminals, burrows, dams, extensions, and frameworks for water supply and sewage treatment.

Below are some more topics you might be interested in, which will help as a student to answer some research paper projects and assignments.

  1. Automation of the operation of machines in industries.
  2. Designing, building, and engineering sturdy structures.
  3. Designing long-lasting buildings and systems.
  4. Materials for innovation.
  5. Systems employed to help in the detection and management of natural disasters.
  6. Elimination and mitigation of industrial and structural hazards.
  7. Analyses of risks and reliability of computational alerts.
  8. Informatics and its application.
  9. Simulations in engineering.
  10. Land surveying.
  11. Designing, engineering, and construction of roads.
  12. Designing, engineering, and construction of buildings.
  13. Engineering and transportation.
  14. Geotechnical and its application in everyday life.
  15. Engineering: its contribution and effects on the environment.
  16. The impact of engineering on the structure and interaction of microorganisms in the soil.
  17. Analyzing and designing residential and industrial structures.
  18. The integration of various designs into construction plans.
  19. The role of civil engineering in the control of environmental pollution.

Research Paper Topics Software Engineering

Software engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the systemic application of analyses and research findings to the creation and management of software.

In software engineering, the process entails a disciplined, quantifiable approach to the application of said findings in the creation, operation, management, and security of software.

Further research topics and areas yet to be fully explored in software engineering are listed below.

  1. The Internet of Things.
  2. Artificial intelligence.
  3. Cybersecurity.
  4. Mining data.
  5. Application of software engineering in the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases.
  6. Applications of Deep Neural Networking.
  7. Detection and prevention of scams and online frauds.
  8. Hacking: ethical hacking and the blue nowhere.
  9. Benefits of professionalizing esports.
  10. Automating the repairs of machines and industrial structures.
  11. Assessing and testing clones.
  12. The sustainability of ICT in various industries.
  13. Application of ICT in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises.
  14. Artificial intelligence and its contribution to the economy.
  15. Ranking clone codes.
  16. Data analytics.
  17. Prediction and elimination of errors in software engineering.
  18. Debugging in architecture.
  19. Using machine learning to predict and detect defects in software.

Research Paper Topics For Engineering

Without mincing words, engineering is an umbrella term for the discipline which combines mathematics, physics, and physical sciences in the creation, development, and maintenance of technology.

Some areas for further research are listed below.

  1. Systems of electrical power.
  2. Sustainable alternatives and sources of energy.
  3. Material modeling.
  4. The mechanics of damage.
  5. Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.
  6. Acoustics in engineering.
  7. The engineering of chemical reactions.
  8. Electronic appliances.
  9. Electronics.
  10. Electromagnetism.
  11. The fusion of Information and Communications Technology with multimedia.
  12. Content administration.
  13. Electrical applications of physics.
  14. Plasmas.
  15. Fusion of nuclei.
  16. Engineering of light.
  17. Design of advanced systems.
  18. Clean technology and zero-carbon energy.
  19. Hydroelectric engineering.

Research Paper Topics About Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering refers to the branch of engineering that entails the operational use of technology of electricity and electrical appliances. This division of engineering focuses on the design and application of equipment used in the generation and distribution of power, as well as the control of machines and communications.

There’s a whole new world under the name of electrical engineering, and further research into the field will yield solutions to many world problems. Some of these research topics are listed below.

  1. Harnessing the infinite potentials of solar energy.
  2. Harnessing the infinite potentials of thermal energy.
  3. Designing, engineering, and creating wind generators.
  4. 3D printing.
  5. Constructing circuits.
  6. Additive manufacture.
  7. Renewable forms of energy.
  8. Soft robotics.
  9. Conventional robotics.
  10. Medical diagnoses and health monitoring using electrical appliances and engineering.
  11. Design of energy generators.
  12. Management and control of energy.
  13. General applications of vehicular control.
  14. Cloud services.
  15. Smart grids.
  16. 5G.
  17. Quality of power.
  18. Emissions.
  19. Wireless transfer of energy from a higher source of energy to a machine with low energy.

Research Paper Topics In Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is perhaps one of the most practical branches of engineering that can be seen and put to use in everyday life. It involves the study of the creation, design, structure, interaction between component parts, etc. of vehicles and other means of transportation.

Automobile engineering is often restricted to land vehicles and some suitable research topics that may interest you are listed below.

  1. Techniques, procedures, structural designs, and functionality in race cars and Formula 1.
  2. Drones and other unmanned aerial conveyors.
  3. Processes in centrifugal casting.
  4. Shaper machines and their practical examples in everyday life.
  5. Tectonic sources of heat energy.
  6. Conversion of wave energy.
  7. General conversion of energy.
  8. Airbags and their contribution to ensuring the safety of passengers while en route.
  9. Designs, applications, and operations of aerodynamics.
  10. Application of aerodynamics in physics and automobile engineering.
  11. Design, application, functions, and restrictions surrounding robotic systems.
  12. Electric cars, the future of automobiles and driving.
  13. Solar-powered cars.
  14. Brakes and vehicular control.
  15. Solar-powered air conditioning units.
  16. Speed sensors for vehicles in motion.
  17. Steam energy: application, viability, risks associated with it, and how to minimize the risks involved.
  18. Wind energy: production of renewable energy from wind turbines.
  19. Smart cars: artificial intelligence, real-time analyses, and utilization of data by artificial intelligence.

Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

Engineering ethics refers to the branch of engineering that addresses ethical issues surrounding the study and pursuit of engineering.

More often than not, engineering, in the quest for globalization and technological advancement, crosses some ethical lines in carrying out its duties. Engineering ethics is there to keep the branches of engineering in check to make sure that the obligations to the public and everyone else are carried out ethically.

Discover new horizons in engineering ethics by studying any of the following research topics.

  1. The history of engineering ethics, and its application through the years.
  2. Circumstances that led to the relevance and development of engineering ethics.
  3. Connections between the scientific, historical and technological in engineering ethics.
  4. Approaches to ethical engineering.
  5. Principles and vast potentials of engineering ethics.
  6. Associations and bodies that monitor and uphold engineering ethics.
  7. Similarities in engineering ethics and ethics in other professions.
  8. Differences between engineering ethics and ethics in other professions.
  9. The engineer’s obligations to the public in general.
  10. Engineering ethics: responsibility and accountability of engineers.
  11. Violation of engineering ethics.
  12. Effects of projects undertaken in engineering on the environment.
  13. Balancing public obligations and development of work projects.
  14. The impacts of globalization on ethical engineering.
  15. Engineering ethics and voluntarism.
  16. Contradictory ethical standpoints in engineering ethics.
  17. The engineer’s societal obligations and ethics in engineering.
  18. Engineering ethics and professional obligations.
  19. How engineering ethics influences profit generation.

Research Paper Topics: Security Engineering

Security engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the integration of security monitoring and controls in a system, such that the controls are absorbed into the system, and are now seen as parts of the operational abilities of the system.

Above all else, security engineers analyze, supervise and develop technology and technicalities that help organizations in preventing malware from invading their systems, leaks of client information, breaches, etc. associated with cyberterrorism and cybercrime.

Security engineers major in building infallible, resilient software systems that stand tall in the face of malware, defects, errors, etc. It relies on certain tools in the design, implementation, testing, etc. of finished systems, as well as the continuous upgrades in time with environmental changes.

  1. Protection of clients’ data.
  2. Protecting the privacy of users.
  3. Cloud security.
  4. Security policies to protect client data.
  5. Data management and security policies.
  6. Privacy and security on the internet.
  7. Client data and software security.
  8. Security of users while participating in online interactive platforms.
  9. Mobile app security.
  10. The implication of unified user profiles for clients while using the Internet of Things.
  11. Cyberattacks and some ways that corporations can survive them.
  12. Centralizing the system of data storage.
  13. Cybersecurity of online mobile gaming platforms and user data.
  14. Computer security.
  15. Security of software.
  16. Cybersecurity and social engineering.
  17. Effects of automation of operations in security engineering.
  18. The human factor in security engineering.
  19. Combating malware with antiviruses.

Aerospace Engineering Research Paper Topics

Aerospace engineering refers to the branch of engineering that is concerned with making current, factual researches, designing, developing, constructing, conducting tests, technology, dynamics, and applications of spacecraft and airplanes.

Aerospace engineering refers to aerial systems that are operational within the Earth, and in outer space.

  1. The dynamics of unstable gases.
  2. Parallel systems based on ground power unit (GPU).
  3. Laser tools: computation, precision calculations, and implementation from start to finish.
  4. Simulation of turbulence in reactive flows.
  5. Fluid dynamics in aerospace engineering.
  6. The propagation of elastic waves.
  7. Designs for lunar missions.
  8. Detection of faults in composite aerospace locations.
  9. Applications of elastic abrasives.
  10. Management of supply chains.
  11. Functional designs for wind turbines.
  12. Dynamics of fluids and fuels for machines.
  13. Mechanics of solids.
  14. Rocket propulsion.
  15. Missile launching: precision and analyses.
  16. Structures in aerospace.
  17. Micro Aerial Vehicles.
  18. Different fuselage systems.
  19. Structural differences between a forward-swept wing passenger aircraft and a backward-swept wing passenger aircraft.

Chemical Engineering Research Paper Topics

Chemical engineering is another practical branch of engineering. It deals with the planning, designing, as well as operations of processing sites, as well as the interaction between physical, biological, and chemical processes involved in creating economically important technologies.

Some research topics are listed below.

  1. The use of different types of oils in the manufacture of soap.
  2. Replenishing soil nutrients and microorganisms in polluted areas by the use of organic fertilizers.
  3. Degradation of soil and stripping of soil nutrients by industrial waste deposition.
  4. Speeding up the degradation of plastic and reducing pollution.
  5. Petrochemical products and their applications.
  6. The interaction between soil microorganisms and organic fertilizers.
  7. Techniques in separating simple and complex homogeneous liquids.
  8. Techniques in reversing the action of free radicals.
  9. Relationship between elements in the environment.
  10. Molecular biology and the intricate specialization of cells.
  11. Interaction between drugs and the immune system of a living organism.
  12. Heat and heat energy.
  13. Mass production of alternatives to fossil fuels.
  14. Renewable, plant-based sources of energy.
  15. Reclaiming methane as by-products of waste products.
  16. Redox reactions and their applications.
  17. Heat properties of paper.
  18. Designing, producing, and enhancing supercapacitors.
  19. Controlled extraction of plant-based wax from the pods of plants like the Theobroma cacao.
  20. Water pollution and pollutants.

Research in engineering begins with an ideal topic. Backing either of the above up with factual findings is guaranteed to get you top grades.

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