167 Top Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Are you taking criminology in college, and it is time to work on your dissertation, but it appears challenging? Many university students get stuck even before starting, but there is no need to worry because we are here to hold your hand. The first, and we must emphasize, most crucial step, is picking the title of your dissertation. So, how do you select the right criminology dissertation topic?

The best title should be unique, interesting, and have ample resources to help you craft a paper that will impress your professor and the assessment committee. To make selecting the best easier, we have picked the hottest 167 criminology dissertation ideas for you. Keep reading to identify the preferred option and use it as it is or tweak a little to fit your preference.

Criminology Dissertation Ideas on Terrorism

  1. Religious ideologies: Can they be a source of terrorism?
  2. Analyzing the relationship between media and terrorism.
  3. Political tensions: Are they to blame for the ever-growing number of militias on the globe?
  4. Comparing the trends of terror in the 19th and 20th centuries: A literature review.
  5. What are the leading causes and motivations of terrorism?
  6. Analyzing literature on identity theft and social media.
  7. What motivates women to join ISIS?
  8. Comparing male and female serial killers: What are the main differences?
  9. How does the US respond to terror threats?
  10. The US efforts to combat terror after the 9/11 attack: Are they effective?
  11. Was the US justified in killing Osama Bin Laden instead of taking him to court?
  12. Comparing two known terror networks of your choice in different countries.
  13. Terrorism from the viewpoint of international law.
  14. Islamic charities: Are they the main sources of finance for terrorists?
  15. Are recent attacks by Hamas and Israel acts of terrorism?

Criminology Dissertation Ideas about Drugs

  1. Analyzing the relationship between people of various backgrounds and police.
  2. What are the most effective methods of preventing drug trafficking internationally?
  3. Analyzing the effectiveness of drug courts.
  4. Reversible and irreversible impacts of drug abuse.
  5. People incarcerated for drug abuse: What are the impacts on their children?
  6. Club culture: How does it enhance drug abuse in the society?
  7. Preventing drug abuse in society: Which is more effective between voluntary learning and mandatory examination?
  8. Reviewing the harm done to society by drugs.
  9. Comparing the impacts of cannabis and alcohol on a person’s behavior.
  10. The most abused drugs and their effects on societal behavior.
  11. Cannabis and deviant behavior among youths: What is the relationship?
  12. Cannabis legalization: Is it a good idea? What should we expect in the coming years?
  13. Drug use and youth arrests: A case study of Paris, France.
  14. Comparing drug court operations in the UK and USA.
  15. War on drugs in the US: Can it solve the problem of drug abuse and crime?
  16. Drug testing in school.
  17. The influence of drugs on sexual assaults.
  18. Prostitution: A study of the main risk groups in the UK.
  19. Drug traffic tracking strategies used in the UK.
  20. Drug abuse in prison cells: What are the causes and effects?

Criminal Law EPQ Questions

  1. Harassment in school and workplace: What are the main strategies adopted to address the problem in the UK?
  2. Homicides: A review of motivations that make people kill.
  3. Are the strategies adopted by your state enough to counter juvenile delinquency?
  4. What is the relationship between crime in Texas and people living with mental disorders?
  5. Domestic violence: What are the rights of victims?
  6. How can the marginalized get access to justice? A case study of the Netherlands.
  7. A study of the main types of robberies reported in the US in the 20th century.
  8. Arson investigations: How do investigators determine whether the fire was deliberate or accidental?
  9. What is the relationship between substance abuse and poor schooling?
  10. What causes addiction among cannabis users?
  11. What is the effectiveness of witness programs in criminal justice? A closer look at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  12. Robbery: What are the main risk groups, methods of prevention, and prosecution?
  13. What is the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in achieving its mandate?
  14. Should employers check an all applicants’ criminal history during recruitment?
  15. The extradition law in the United States: Is it fair?
  16. Maximum-security prisons: Are they justified or simply cruel?
  17. A study of incarcerated parent’s responsibilities. How do they cope?

Masters Dissertation Ideas for Criminology

  1. Death penalty in the justice system: Is it effective in crime prevention.
  2. The rising rates of mass shootings in the US: What are the main causes?
  3. Studying the impact of genocidal acts on the cohesiveness of society.
  4. Police shootings: Comparing top three cases in the US and the UK.
  5. Sex offenses: Which are the main risk groups, prevalence, and prevention efforts?
  6. How corruption affects the social, political and economy of a country.
  7. Why are most crimes in the US and UK mainly committed by the youths?
  8. US vs. China’s criminal justice system: What are the main differences?
  9. Are the current US laws on criminology effective?
  10. A review of the British criminology curriculum: What needs to be improved?
  11. Analyzing the relationship between education levels and crime levels in a country of your choice.
  12. What is the relationship between ownership of guns and law violations?
  13. Law enforcement and criminology: What are the differences?
  14. Does racial abuse of international students and immigrants motivate them to join criminal gangs?
  15. Using culture to mold responsible citizens: A case study of communities in Georgia, Europe.

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. A comprehensive analysis of competence to stand trial concept and its application in the UK.
  2. The age of criminal culpability: A review of the effectiveness of this idea in criminal justice.
  3. The ethics of death penalty: A review of the literature.
  4. Studying the mind of a criminal on death row: What goes in the mind of a person on a death row hours before execution?
  5. Should the death penalty be used on juveniles?
  6. What are the chances that a person on death row can change into a law-abiding citizen?
  7. How does memory impact eyewitness testimony?
  8. Analyzing the strategies used by the justice system to evaluate the reports of eyewitnesses.
  9. Methods used in the UK to protect eyewitnesses.

Criminology Dissertation Ideas Mental Health

  1. What role do guardians play in crime prevention in society?
  2. A review of criminological theory in the US justice system.
  3. A comprehensive analysis of how persons exposed to alcohol perform in different areas of their lives.
  4. Sexual violence use as a weapon of armed conflict: A literature review.
  5. Drug abuse and media: Should media that promote the use of hard drugs be controlled?
  6. How effective are the methods used in rehab to counter drug addiction?
  7. A review of delinquent cases among immigrant teenagers in the UK.
  8. Why do college students engage in cases of arson?
  9. Evaluating how prejudice motivates violence.
  10. Is it possible to remain neutral in mental criminal case trials?
  11. Is it possible to eliminate the problem of drug abuse and related crime?
  12. Solitary confinement for drug traffickers: What are the implications?

Criminology Dissertation Ideas UK

  1. How does the UK government respond to terror threats?
  2. Rehabilitation centers in the UK: What roles do they play in addressing crime?
  3. Racial stereotyping and crime in the UK: What is the relationship?
  4. A discourse evaluation: How has coronavirus shaped crime in the UK?
  5. Do urban settings in the UK act as breeding grounds for criminals?
  6. A critical review of the police force and crime in the UK.
  7. Interrogation by police officers: How does it work?
  8. A study of the main categories of crime in the UK.
  9. A review of the latest innovations in experimental criminology.
  10. Identify theft in the UK: What are the main consequences for perpetrators?
  11. Online child predators: How effective are the UK laws in protecting children?
  12. Is it possible to have a crime-free society?
  13. Which crime has a greater impact on society in the UK? Comparing street crimes and white-collar crimes.
  14. A review of the main principles applied in crime prevention in the UK justice system.

Controversial Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. The less explored world of male rape in the society.
  2. Abortion: Should it be categorized as a crime?
  3. Parental separation: How does it result in future violence?
  4. Information sharing technology: How does it help fight the problem of terrorism?
  5. Back lives matter campaigns: Were they marred with violence instead of search for justice?
  6. Coronavirus has accelerated crime in the society more than any other time in the past.
  7. Do prisons help to correct bad behavior for the incarcerated?
  8. Facebook helps to encourage more negative behavior than promoting socialization.
  9. Domestic violence: Who suffers more between men and women?
  10. Human trafficking has one main role of sexual exploitation.
  11. On domestic violence, the law is subjective on males.
  12. The government should increase the age limit for citizens to acquire national IDs.
  13. Social media is the main source of moral panic in society.
  14. Music is a major contributor to crime in society.

Criminology Dissertation Ideas on Domestic Violence

  1. Theoretical perspectives on domestic violence.
  2. Applying the control balance theory in domestic violence.
  3. Popular culture and domestic violence: Are they related?
  4. The effects of homelessness on domestic violence: A case study of Texas.
  5. A review of cross-cultural perspectives on domestic violence.
  6. Comparing the rates of domestic violence in the US and India.
  7. Trends of domestic violence in Spain.
  8. Analyzing the main legal issues for women who are victims of domestic violence.
  9. A review of domestic violence within the military families.
  10. Analyzing police decision-making factors when dealing with domestic cases.
  11. Male victims of domestic violence: Why do most of them opt to keep quiet and stick with abusive partners?
  12. Mothers who kill: What are the motivating factors?
  13. Postpartum depression and domestic violence: How are they related?

Interesting Criminology Dissertation Titles

  1. Comparing the impacts of crime to those of natural disasters: A literature review.
  2. Is the education system in the globe failing in shaping good morals?
  3. A review of sexual aggression by women in ASIA.
  4. Acquainting rape perpetrators on bail terms: Is it acceptable? What does the law say?
  5. Regulating prostitution in the society: Is it enough to reduce crime?
  6. Corruption comes from limitations.
  7. A study of the connections between law violation and family status.
  8. Prostitution regulation: Can it stop crime?
  9. Use of expert testimony in domestic violence cases.
  10. Should we ban police from carrying guns in public?
  11. How does systemic bias impact criminal justice?
  12. Genetics: A comprehensive review of illegal researches and associated dangers.
  13. Assessing the effectiveness of street lighting in reducing crime.
  14. What role do psychometric assessments play in criminal justice?
  15. Is crime rate related to neighborhoods? A literature review.
  16. How has counterfeiting changed with the development of new technologies?

Criminology Dissertation Ideas about Prisons

  1. Forced labor among prisoners: Is it a good method of correction?
  2. Why is drug violence a problem in many US jails?
  3. A review of prison gangs in a prison of your choice.
  4. Training correctional officers in the UK: How effective is the training in enhancing the efficiency of correctional facilities?
  5. A review of the efforts used to address child molesters in prison.
  6. A review of study programs offered in prisons.
  7. Healthcare system in the UK prisons: Is it effective?
  8. A review of police corruption in prisons: Comparing the prisons in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  9. What are the main causes of high recidivism in the US?
  10. How do women end up in prisons? A review of common causes.
  11. Prisons through the UK history.
  12. How well are inmates prepared for re-entry into the society after serving jail terms?
  13. Racial profiling in the US prisons.
  14. Aggressive behavior: How is it related to criminal tendencies?
  15. Comparing human trafficking in the modern and classic worlds: What are the main differences?
  16. Comparing women’s recidivism rates in the US to those of Australia.

Knife Crime Dissertation Titles

  1. Knife crime in the US: Applying the criminology theory.
  2. Comparing knife crimes in Europe and Asia
  3. What are the motivating factors for knife criminals?
  4. Knife laws in the US: Analyzing the effectiveness of the pocket knife rules & laws.
  5. Comparing the knife rules of the United States to those of the UK.
  6. A review of knife crimes trends in the 21st century.

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