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can you plagiarize yourself

Can You Plagiarize Yourself? Here Is What To Look For

In college, you will never miss writing an assignment on a narrative essay. It involves telling a story that is personal and creative in a way. Such a paper will test your ability to write a story engagingly and clearly. Unlike most academic writing, this type of homework allows you...

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how to format research paper

How To Format Research Paper Essential Guideline

When pursuing higher education, you must know how to format research paper to impress your college or university professor and score a higher grade. Formatting your essay should not take longer than researching the topic. But knowing the essential parts of this document enables you to outline it faster. Also, it helps you frame the work...

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cybersecurity research topics

128 High Quality Cybersecurity Research Topics Ideas List

The internet is a global village full of different people. Some people have malicious motives. Once they stumble upon your sensitive data, they will use it to harass you. This also occurs in social media accounts. You may post something and then get some bad or hurtful comments.

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How To Write An Interview Paper

How To Write An Interiew Paper: Ultimate Guide

While you're in school and studying different subjects, it can be tricky to understand each assignment's needs and depths, especially long-form research papers that might count for a large percentage of your total grade. Writing an interview paper can involve a lot of research, require a lot of time and...

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178 Communication Research Topics

178 Communication Research Topics For Your Paper

Imagine what the world would be without communication! How would we get along? I guess there would be no sense in existing after all. That is just a tiny snippet of how important communication is in everyday life. Exchanging information is a key component of coexistence as it creates order...

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How To Cite A Thesis MLA

How To Cite A Thesis MLA: Expert Tips And Guidelines

One of the biggest academic crimes is quoting or summarizing someone’s work without giving them due credit. This is known as plagiarism and could cut your academic career short in a ruthless way. To eliminate the chances of this happening, you need to cite your sources for your thesis or...

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174 Film Research Paper Topics

174 Film Research Paper Topics To Inspire Your Writing

Also known as a moving picture or movie, the film uses moving images to communicate or convey everything from feelings and ideas to atmosphere and experiences. The making of movies, as well as the art form, is known as cinematography (or cinema, in short). The film is considered a work...

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170 AP Research Topics

170 AP Research Topics For Your Paper

As you may already know, AP Seminar is across multiple disciplines of study. It primarily explores how students can achieve critical thinking abilities through collaboration and thorough academic research. AP Seminar also helps the student understand real-world issues from different lenses.

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249 Personal Narrative Ideas

249 Personal Narrative Ideas

A personal narrative essay is based on stories, experiences, events, memories, and interactions. Hence, while writing, you need to write in the first person.

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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