163 Unique Artificial Intelligence Topics For Your Dissertation

Artificial Intelligence Topics

The artificial intelligence industry is an industry of the future, but it’s also a course many students find difficult to write about. According to some students, the main reason is that there are many research topics on artificial intelligence. Several topics are already covered, and they claim not to know what to write about.

However, one of the interesting things about writing a dissertation or thesis is that you don’t need to be the number one author of an idea. It would be best if you write about the idea from a unique perspective instead. Writing from a unique perspective also means coupling your ideas with original research, giving your long essay quality and value to your professors and other students who may want to cover the same topic in the future.

This blog post will cover basic advanced AI topics and interesting ones for your next research paper or debate. This will help prepare you for your next long essay or presentation.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept that enables humans to perform their tasks more smartly and faster through automated systems. AI is human intelligence packed in machines.

AI facilitates several computer systems such as voice recognition, machine vision, natural language processing, robotics engineering, and many others. All these systems revolutionize how work is done in today’s world.

Now that you know what artificial intelligence is, here are some advanced AI topics for your college research.

Writing Tips to Create a Good Thesis or Dissertation

Every student wants to create the best thesis and dissertation in their class. The first step to creating or researching the perfect dissertation is to write a great thesis. What are the things to be on the lookout for?

  • Create a Strong Thesis Statement
    You need this to have a concise approach to your research. Your thesis statement should, therefore, be specific, precise, factual, debatable, and logical enough to be an assertive point. Afterwards, the only way to create a competitive dissertation is to draw from existing research in journals and other sources.
  • Strong Arguments
    You can create a good dissertation if you have strong arguments. Your arguments must be backed by reputed sources such as academics, government, reputed media organizations, or statistic-oriented websites. All these make your arguments recognizable and accepted.
  • Well Organized and Logically Structured
    Your dissertation has different subsections, including an abstract, thesis statement, background to the study, chapters (where your body is), and concluding arguments. If you’ve embarked on quantitative data analysis, you must report the data you got and what it means for your discourse. You can even add recommendations for future research. The information you want to convey must be well structured to improve its reception by your university professors.
  • Concise and Free of Errors
    Your essay must also be straightforward. Your ideas must not be complex to understand, and you must always explain ambiguous industry terms. Revising your draft to check for grammatical errors several times is also important. Editing can be difficult, but it’s integral to determining whether your professors will love your dissertation or otherwise.

Artificial Intelligence Research Topics

Artificial intelligence is here to stay in several industries and sectors worldwide. It is the technology of the present and the future, and here are some AI topics to write about:

  1. How will artificial intelligence contribute to the flight to Mars?
  2. Machine learning and the challenges it poses to scientists
  3. How can retail stores maximize machine learning?
  4. Expatiate on what is meant by deep learning
  5. General AI and Narrow AI: what does it mean?
  6. AI changes the world: a case study of the gambling industry
  7. AI improved business: a case study of SaaS industries
  8. AI in homes: how smart homes change how humans live
  9. The critical challenges scientists have not yet solved with AI
  10. How students can contribute to both research and development of AI systems
  11. Is automation the way forward for the interconnected world: an overview of the ethical issues in AI
  12. How does cybernetics connect with AI?
  13. How do artificial intelligence systems manifest in healthcare?
  14. A case for artificial intelligence in how it facilitates the use of data in the criminal department
  15. What are the innovations in the vision system applications
  16. The inductive logic program: meaning and origin
  17. Brain simulation and AI: right or wrong
  18. How to maximize AI in Big data
  19. How AI can increase cybersecurity threat
  20. AI in companies: a case study of Telegram

Hot Topics in Artificial Intelligence

If you’d love to be one of the few who will cover hot topics in AI, researching some sub-sectors could be a way to go. There are several subsections of AI, some of which are hot AI topics causing several arguments among scholars and moralists today. Some of these are:

  1. How natural language is generated and how AI maximizes it
  2. Speech recognition: a case study of Alexa and how it works
  3. How AI makes its decisions
  4. What are known as virtual agents?
  5. Key deep learning platforms for governments
  6. Text analytics and the future of text-to-speech systems
  7. How marketing automation works
  8. Do robots operate based on rules?
  9. AI and emotion recognition
  10. AI and the future of biometrics
  11. AI in content creation
  12. AI and how data is used to create social media addiction
  13. What can be considered core problems with AI?
  14. What do five pieces of literature say about AI taking over the world?
  15. How does AI help with predictive sales?
  16. Motion planning and how AI is used in video editing
  17. Distinguish between data science vs. artificial intelligence
  18. Account for five failed AI experiments in the past decade
  19. The world from the machine’s view
  20. Project management systems from the machine’s view

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Presentation

Students are sometimes fond of presentations to show knowledge or win debates. If you’re in a debate club and would love to add a presentation to your AI topics, here are topics in artificial intelligence for you.

You can even expand these for your artificial intelligence research paper topics:

  1. How AI has penetrated all industries
  2. The future of cloud technologies
  3. The future of AI in military equipment
  4. The evolution of AI in a security application
  5. Industrial robots: an account of Tesla’s factory
  6. Industrial robots: an account of Amazon’s factories
  7. An overview of deep generative models and what they mean
  8. What are the space travel ideas fueling the innovation of AI?
  9. What is amortized inference?
  10. Examine the Monte Carlo methods in AI
  11. How technology has improved maps
  12. Comment on how AI is used to find fresh craters on the moon
  13. Comment on two previous papers from your professor about AI

AI Research Topics

If you’d like to take a general perspective on AI, here are some topics in AI to discuss amongst your friends or for your next essay:

  1. Are robots a threat to human jobs?
  2. How automation has changed the world since 2020
  3. Would you say Tesla produces robot cars?
  4. What are the basic violations of artificial intelligence?
  5. Account for the evolution of AI models
  6. Weapon systems and the future of weaponry
  7. Account for the interaction between machines and humans
  8. Basic principles of AI risk management
  9. How AI protects people against spam
  10. Can AI predict election results?
  11. What are the limits of AI?
  12. Detailed reports on image recognition algorithms in two companies of your choice
  13. How is AI used in customer service?
  14. Telehealth and its significance
  15. Can AI help predict the future?
  16. How to measure water quality and cleanness through AI
  17. Analyze the technology used for the Breathometer products
  18. Key trends in AI and robotics research and development
  19. How AI helps with fraud detection in a bank of your choice
  20. How AI helps the academic industry.

Argument Debate Topics in AI

You’d expect controversial topics in AI, and here are some of them. These are topics for friendly debates in class or topics to start a conversation with industry leaders:

  1. Will humans end all work when AI replaces them?
  2. Who is liable for AI’s misdoing?
  3. AI is smarter than humans: can it be controlled?
  4. Machines will affect human interactions: discuss
  5. AI bias exists and is here to stay
  6. Artificial Intelligence cannot be humanized even if it understands emotions
  7. New wealth and AI: how will it be distributed?
  8. Can humans prevent AI bias?
  9. Can AI be protected from hackers?
  10. What will happen with the unintended consequences of using AI?

Computer Science AI Topics

Every computer science student also needs AI topics for research papers, presentations or scientific thesis. Whatever it is, here are some helpful ideas:

  1. AI and machine learning: how does it help healthcare systems?
  2. What does hierarchical deep learning neural network mean
  3. AI in architecture and engineering: explain
  4. Can robots safely perform surgery?
  5. Can robots help with teaching?
  6. Recent trends in machine learning
  7. Recent trends in big data that will affect the future of the internet of things
  8. How does AI contribute to the excavation management Industry?
  9. Can AI help spot drug distribution?
  10. AI and imaging system: Trends since 1990
  11. Explain five pieces of literature on how AI can be contained
  12. Discuss how AI reduced the escalation of COVID-19
  13. How can natural language processing help interpret sign languages?
  14. Review a recent book about AI and cybersecurity
  15. Discuss the key discoveries from a recent popular seminar on AI and cybercrime
  16. What does Stephen Hawking think about AI?
  17. How did AI make Tesla a possibility?
  18. How recommender systems work in the retail industry
  19. What is the artificial Internet of Things (A-IoT)?
  20. Explain the intricacies of enhanced AI in the pharmaceutical industry

AI Ethics Topics

There are always argumentative debate topics on AI, especially on the ethical and moral components. Here are a few ethical topics in artificial intelligence to discuss:

  1. Is AI the end of all jobs?
  2. Is artificial intelligence in concert with patent law?
  3. Do humans understand machines?
  4. What happens when robots gain self-control?
  5. Can machines make catastrophic mistakes?
  6. What happens when AI reads minds and executes actions even if they’re violent?
  7. What can be done about racist robots?
  8. Comments on how science can mediate human-machine interactions
  9. What does Google CEO mean when he said AI would be the world’s saviour?
  10. What are robots’ rights?
  11. How does power balance shift with a rise in AI development?
  12. How can human privacy be assured when robots are used as police?
  13. What is morality for AI?
  14. Can AI affect the environment?
  15. Discuss ways to keep robots safe from enemies.

AI Essay Topics Technology

Technology is already intertwined with AI, but you may need hot AI topics that focus on the tech side of the innovation. Here are 20 custom topics for you:

  1. How can we understand autonomous driving?
  2. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence to the world?
  3. How does modern science interact with AI?
  4. Account for the scandalous innovations in AI in the 21st century
  5. Account for the most destructive robots ever built
  6. Review a documentary on AI
  7. Review three books or journals that express AI as a threat to humans and draw conclusions based on your thoughts
  8. What do non-experts think about AI?
  9. Discuss the most ingenious robots developed in the past decade
  10. Can the robotic population replace human significance?
  11. Is it possible to be ruled by robots?
  12. What would world domination look like: from the machine perspective
  13. He who controls AI controls the world: discuss
  14. Key areas in AI engineering that man must control
  15. How Apple is using AI for its products
  16. Would you say AI is a positive or negative invention?
  17. AI and video gaming: how it changed the arcade Industry
  18. Would you say eSports is toxic?
  19. How AI helps in the hospitality industry
  20. AI and its use in sustainable energy.

Interesting Topics in AI

There are interesting ways to look at the subject of AI in today’s world. Here are some good research topics for AI to answer some questions:

  1. AI can be toxic: Should a high school student pursue a career in artificial intelligence?
  2. Prediction vs. judgment: experimenting with AI
  3. What makes AI know what’s right or wrong?
  4. Human judgment in AI: explain
  5. Effects of AI on businesses
  6. Will AI play critical roles in human future affairs?
  7. Tech devices and AI
  8. Search application and AI: account for how AI maximizes programming languages
  9. The history of artificial intelligence
  10. How AI impacts market design
  11. Data management and AI: discuss
  12. How can AI influence the future of computing
  13. How AI has changed the video viewing industry
  14. How can AI contribute to the global economy?
  15. How smart would you say artificial intelligence is?

Graduate AI NLP Research Topics

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is the aspect of artificial intelligence or computer science that deals with the ability of machines to understand spoken words and simplify them as humans can. It’s as simple as saying NLP is how computers understand human language.

If you’d like to focus your research topics on artificial intelligence on NLP, here are some topics for you:

  1. How did natural language processing help with Twitter Space discussions?
  2. How language is essential for regulatory and legal texts
  3. NLP in the eCommerce industry: top trends
  4. How NLP is used in language modelling and occlusion
  5. How does AI manoeuvre semantic analysis in natural language processing?
  6. History and top trends in NLP conference video call apps
  7. Text mining techniques and the role of NLP
  8. How physicians detected stroke since 2020 through NLP of radiology results
  9. How does big data contribute to understanding medical acronyms in the NLP section of AI?
  10. What does applied natural language processing mean in the mental health world?

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