250 Best Persuasive Speech Topics For All

persuasive speech topics

Some students struggle to find persuasive speech topics. That’s because they must have the audiences’ interest in mind. They must also consider their interest level. Nevertheless, learners can find engaging persuasive topics for speech. They only need compelling and unique ideas to help them generate the best topics for persuasive speech.

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What are Persuasive Speech Topics?

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to educate the target audience. Therefore, good persuasive speech topics focus on educating a target audience about a specific issue. Writing a speech about these topics is mainly about convincing the audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Topic selection is an essential thing to recall when writing a persuasive speech. A learner can write about a specific idea that will engage the audience. The topic should also be interesting and help the audience to understand the idea and the viewpoint. In simple terms, students should look for engaging, interesting, and compelling topics for a persuasive speech. Here is a list of persuasive speech topics ideas that students should consider.

Good Topics for Persuasive Speech

Some persuasive speech topics college and high school students write about are just good. That’s because they are engaging and interesting to read about. Here are examples of good topics to do a persuasive speech on.

  1. Should people continue to use plastic bags when buying groceries?
  2. NASA’s budget should be increased
  3. Should tourists be allowed to continue taking selfies with animals?
  4. Is coffee consumption harmful?
  5. Plastic surgery is no longer a medical procedure but a habit
  6. The disadvantages of social networks outweigh their advantages
  7. Patients’ dedication influences the outcome of a therapy
  8. Men can’t understand women
  9. Governments should abolish the death penalty
  10. Free media needs some control
  11. Lack of finances is a major challenge for people that need education
  12. People should embrace and promote surrogacy more
  13. Artificial intelligence has improved the daily lives of many people
  14. Religious-related animal slaughter should be prohibited
  15. Self-driving vehicles should be illegal
  16. People should avoid using cell phones while driving
  17. Celebrities should get stiffer penalties when they go against the law
  18. The basic exam should be mandatory for teachers to refresh their knowledge
  19. Every city should have a free bike-sharing program
  20. Humans have a lot to do to end world hunger and poverty
  21. Money cannot buy happiness or love
  22. Junk food outlets should be banned
  23. Society should value elders and learn more from them
  24. Parents should provide incentives to their children when they do right instead of punishing them for wrongdoing
  25. Governments should encourage recycling.

These are easy persuasive speech topics that most learners can research and write about. Nevertheless, each of these topics requires creativity to come up with an interesting speech that people will be glad to listen to from the beginning to the end. Some of these history research topics may also be helpful.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

Students can also write interesting speeches about animal topics. Here is a list of interesting persuasive speech topics about animals you can consider.

  1. Some pets are dangerous to the community
  2. Owners should be held responsible if their pets hurt the health of another person
  3. Humans should tame more animals and turn them into their household pets
  4. Battery farming is unethical
  5. Factory farming is too cruel and should be illegal
  6. Adopting a kitten versus buying one
  7. Is breeding pets and selling them a good idea?
  8. Keeping a pet can make your life better
  9. The government should do more to save the animals that are facing the extinction threat
  10. What should humans do to save some animal species from extinction?
  11. Why humans should adopt more forest animals
  12. Humans should safeguard the dolphin populations
  13. Keeping a cat is beneficial to humans
  14. Advantages of keeping a horse
  15. Why you should neuter your cat
  16. Benefits of keeping a snake pet
  17. Effects of a pet on a child
  18. A cat is a perfect pet
  19. Effects of puppy mills on humans
  20. Wild animals like sharks and lions should be tamed
  21. Is excluding a dog for biting somebody ethical?
  22. Pit bulls are a vicious breed
  23. People should adopt more pets instead of buying them from breeders
  24. The government should close all aquariums and zoos
  25. The government should legalize the ownership of monkeys and other exotic animals
  26. The government should ban animal hunting ]
  27. Dogs are the best pets
  28. Every high school student should have a pet
  29. Children are not safe in zoos
  30. A mosquito is the most annoying bug

These are undoubtedly fun persuasive speech topics to research and write about. Nevertheless, students should be ready to spend time researching before writing about some of these topics.

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

Maybe you want to write about something simple. In that case, consider any of these easy persuasive speech topics for college.

  1. Learning and practicing martial arts benefits the body and mind
  2. Reality television shows exploit the audience
  3. People can learn more about life from competitive sports
  4. What makes an individual a hero?
  5. All high school graduates should provide community service after graduating
  6. Benefits of growing plants in the garden
  7. The world is an interesting place to live due to human differences
  8. How song lyrics affect our lives
  9. Benefits of studying and traveling abroad
  10. Therapeutic benefits of journal writing
  11. How learning a second language benefits a person
  12. People should travel to different countries to learn outside the classroom
  13. All countries should use the same currency
  14. Every kid should have a friend outside their country
  15. Taking cereal for breakfast is not healthy
  16. A daily shower is not important
  17. Kids should design their clothing
  18. Boredom is beneficial for kids
  19. Every human is unique
  20. Benefits of growing in a city
  21. Why being the only child for your parents is good
  22. Every kid should have a television in the bedroom
  23. Men should not wear pink clothing
  24. Following your dreams is not easy
  25. Setting goals is important for human success

These are some of the easiest public speaking persuasive speech topics to write about. However, they also require some level of research to gather relevant information that the audience will be interested to listen to.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

If in college, consider any of these topics for your speech.

  1. The major changes in the cost of education over the past decade
  2. The government should legalize gambling
  3. The impact of corporate corruption
  4. What are the effects of zoning laws
  5. Popular election reforms
  6. Causes of corruption among the police officers
  7. The most essential women rights
  8. Advantages of purchasing products made in your country
  9. Is copying or downloading copyrighted materials legal?
  10. The major causes of inflation
  11. How people become young billionaires
  12. Why is the education cost always increasing
  13. Describe the primary economic principles
  14. What is the principle behind funding medical research?
  15. Describe the most effective investment strategies
  16. Books are the best learning materials
  17. Sports can enhance learning effectiveness
  18. Why online learning is becoming increasingly popular
  19. Virtual reality is education’s future
  20. Extracurricular activities waste a lot of time

These are some of the top persuasive speech topics for college students. Nevertheless, you should be ready to research extensively if you opt to write about any of these persuasive speech topics for college students.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

If you’re in high school and you want to write a persuasive speech, you need topics your target audience can relate to. Here are some of the best persuasive speech topics for teenagers.

  1. The government should allow kids to divorce their parents
  2. Kids should be allowed to pick their families
  3. Why it’s good to have siblings
  4. Teens should be allowed free therapy sessions after breakups
  5. Schools should allow students to choose what to pursue at an early age
  6. Boys and girls should belong to the same sport teams
  7. Talking to pets is sometimes better than talking to parents
  8. Students need tablets and iPads more than books
  9. Teaching sex education is useless and awkward
  10. Every teen should have a pet
  11. Teens should be allowed more time to sleep
  12. Parents are not giving teen suicide enough attention
  13. Personality is better than beauty
  14. Teens should be comfortable to share everything with their parents
  15. High school students should be allowed to study abroad
  16. Students should be allowed to eat at any time at school
  17. Home-schooling make some teens socially awkward
  18. Teen girls and boys should have separate classes
  19. Teens should not be allowed to have tattoos
  20. Bullied teens behavior changes forever
  21. Teens should be allowed more time to hang out with their elderly
  22. Beauty contests do more harm than good
  23. Teens should not start dating at an early age
  24. Mental illnesses cause eating disorders
  25. No parent should embarrass a teen
  26. More teens should participate in volunteer activities
  27. All teens should participate in cooking lessons
  28. Influence of TV shows on teens
  29. Why teens should wear a uniform in school
  30. Teens should be allowed more quiet time

Most teens will most likely enjoy writing about these topics. This list also has some of the best persuasive speech topics Reddit audiences will be glad to read about.

Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a speech on a health topic. In that case, this list has some of the best health and medical persuasive speech topics to consider.

  1. How to eat healthily
  2. Overcoming stress and leading a healthy life
  3. The government should prohibit drug advertisements
  4. Why wearing pajamas when sleeping is good for human health
  5. Using aborted fetuses for medical research should be legalized
  6. What is the best age to learn about medical treatment for contraception?
  7. Fast food is to blame for most cases of child obesity
  8. Is vegetarianism good for children?
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana
  10. Are placebos important in medicine?
  11. Are there animal testing alternatives?
  12. How to prevent and treat child violence
  13. Reasons and solutions to mental illnesses
  14. How different music genres affect the human brain
  15. Impacts of depression on a person’s immune system
  16. Impact of insomnia on the overall health of a person
  17. How dieting helps a person lose weight
  18. Effects of meat consumption on health
  19. The government should legalize assisted suicide
  20. Acupuncture as a medical technique
  21. Governments should increase taxes on sugary drinks
  22. Revenue collected from taxes on sugary drinks should be used in promoting public health
  23. The fast-food industry is legally accountable for most obesity cases
  24. School cafeterias should provide healthy foods only
  25. Birth control should be legal for female minors
  26. The government should allow doctors to prescribe contraception to teens under 16 years
  27. Every country should provide universal health care to its citizens
  28. Regular exercise improves human health
  29. Should schools distribute free condoms?
  30. Is using animals for medical research a necessary evil?

This list also has controversial persuasive speech topics that can elicit different reactions from the audiences. Nevertheless, you need to come up with evidence to support your standpoint. What’s more, this category also has call to action persuasive speech topics in which the writer ends by asking the audience to do something or take a specific stance.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Maybe you want to write a funny but persuasive speech for your audience. In that case, choose one of these humorous persuasive speech topics.

  1. How to make somebody stop their annoying behaviors
  2. Why males don’t consider females funny
  3. Do vegetarians love animals?
  4. Colleges should add parking fees to the tuition
  5. Christmas is more of a pagan holiday rather than a Christian celebration
  6. Procrastinating is a way to avoid working
  7. Playing by the set rules is for losers and boring
  8. People choose to grow up
  9. Having cupcakes in both hands is a balanced diet
  10. Acting on rage should not be your thing
  11. The more you’re honest with your partner the more you get in trouble
  12. Girls and boys are equally smart
  13. Life is an exam without retakes and preparations
  14. First sight love doesn’t exist
  15. Men should always be prepared with pick-up lines

These are hilarious persuasive speech topics to research and write about. Nevertheless, you need to be creative to compose a great speech on these topics.

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

If you love conserving the environment, you may want to write a speech about this issue. This category also has agriculture persuasive speech topics because farming can affect the environment. Here are environmental topics to consider for your persuasive speech.

  1. How agricultural practices ruin the environment
  2. The current environmental protection regulations are not enough
  3. Garden owners should grow more exotic plants
  4. The government should regulate the use of vehicles to protect the environment
  5. Effects of disposable diapers on the environment
  6. Why governments should enforce recycling
  7. How single-use bags affect the environment
  8. The current fishing restrictions are not sufficient
  9. Governments should do more to protect rare species
  10. Governments should do more to protect the ocean life
  11. How the environment will benefit from a reduction in paper usage
  12. Humans should stop using natural resources recklessly
  13. How noise pollution affects human development negatively
  14. Humans are responsible for environmental degradation
  15. Humans should use renewable energy more
  16. Governments should limit the use of fossil fuels and natural resources
  17. Effects of greenhouses on humans
  18. Developed countries are responsible for global warming
  19. Every country should be concerned about global warming
  20. Governments should implement strict penalties to conserve endangered species
  21. Governments should encourage more people to use public transport
  22. Negative effects of pollution on humans
  23. Benefits of hybrid cars for the environment
  24. Everybody is responsible for keeping their community clean
  25. How carpooling protects the environment

This list also has political persuasive speech topics because governments are responsible for making policies that conserve the environment.

Problem Solution Persuasive Speech Topic

This category comprises topics that present a problem and a solution. For instance, you can find business persuasive speech topics that present problems and solutions in this category. Here are examples of problem solution topics for persuasive speeches.

  1. How students can become better at tests and exams
  2. How to make college environments safer
  3. Best criteria for selecting a college
  4. How to help your suicidal friend
  5. Ways to reduce stress among students
  6. How to balance study, work, and active social lives
  7. How to reduce student procrastination
  8. How to deal with homesickness
  9. How to improve your college or school
  10. How to prepare home-schooled learners for college
  11. How to help a depressed person
  12. What schools can do to improve literacy
  13. Best ways to deal with illegal immigration
  14. Best ways to deal with terrorism
  15. How to punish people caught using cell phones while driving
  16. How to make driving a more pleasant and less stressful experience
  17. How to reform the school system
  18. How to deal with the identity theft problem
  19. How governments should deal with advertisements that target children
  20. How to deal with cyber-attacks
  21. How to prevent deaths that arise from drunk-driving
  22. Effective ways to manage college class attendance in college
  23. How to help college students that fail and don’t want their parents to know
  24. Ways to manage student finances
  25. How students can stay healthy and fit

Pick any of these topics if you want to present a problem and a solution in your speech.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

If you’re a fan of sports, you may want to write a persuasive speech about this subject. This category can also include video game persuasive speech topics. Here are some of the ideas to explore in this category.

  1. Drug tests should be more frequent among professional athletes
  2. What are the impacts of violent video games on the youth?
  3. How do gaming consoles benefit the youth
  4. Gender should not be a factor in sports
  5. Male athletes should compete with female athletes
  6. Female and male athletes should be paid equally
  7. Marching band should be considered a sport
  8. Boxing should be illegalized
  9. Effects of parental pressure on athletic kids
  10. Every student should learn to swim in the school
  11. Cheerleading is not a sport
  12. Fan-girls know nothing about sports
  13. Comparing footballers is foolish
  14. People should stop being mean to opposing teams
  15. Home workouts are not effective

Pick any of these topics if you love writing about sports.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

If you love music, pick your speech topic from this list.

  1. Rap is a violent music genre
  2. Jazz music is almost extinct
  3. Music country is less famous
  4. Pop music is undergoing a tough transformation
  5. White people don’t love rap music
  6. Anybody can write good music
  7. Governments should ban loud music
  8. Not every piece of music soothes the mind
  9. Music is not always positive
  10. How music and psychology are related

Pick and research about any of these topics to write a speech your audience will love to listen to. You can also contact our professional dissertation writers who are ready to help you with topic selection, writing, editing, and other things.

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