227 Philosophy Thesis Topics To Use Right Now

philosophy thesis topics

A philosophy dissertation everyone’s favorite. The long list of philosophers and their allegories or theories is not a subject most students would want to listen to comfortably. However, students still have to write a philosophical thesis in their undergraduate or post-graduate to graduate.

Let us narrow down this elephant in the room for you.

What Is A Philosophical Thesis?

A philosophical paper is not a report of what various scholars have had to say on a particular issue. It is a reasoned defense of a particular thesis. Unlike other papers that present the latest findings of tests or experiments, this paper tries to persuade the reader to give in to a particular point of view together with grounds or justification for its acceptance.

The introduction of a philosophy paper states what the writer is trying to show the reader. When writing a dissertation in philosophy, follow the following simple guidelines for efficiency:

  • Very carefully and think about your topic
  • Have a rough idea of what you intend to establish
  • Determine how you’ll go about convincing the reader that your thesis is correct.

For an outstanding philosophy thesis, ensure that you say what you mean and in a way that minimizes the chances of being misunderstood. It is the general rule thumb for this paper that every student should have at his/her finger-tips.

What To Avoid in a Philosophy Dissertation

Understanding the do’s and don’ts of any paper is essential in ensuring that you stick within the scope of what is required of you. Here are some of the things to avoid in philosophical thesis papers for college:

  • Lengthy quotations: It is essential to understand that quotations are an essential part of philosophy papers. However, stating long quotes that run into paragraphs or more does not make your paper sound original. One will only see this as a duplication of another person’s work.
  • Circular reasoning: If you presuppose the truth of whatever it is that you are trying to bring out in the course of arguing for it, then you are guilty of begging the question.
  • Lengthy introductions: An intro should only serve the purpose of giving the context of your philosophy topic and creating interest in the reader. You can do it in less than four short and precise questions. Overloading your introduction only serves to drain your readers’ energy before they get into the real deal – the body.
  • Fence sitting: Most students are guilty of presenting several positions in their papers and then saying they are not qualified to settle the matter. Do not close by saying that philosophers have been divided over a particular issue. That only shows how shallow and scanty you were in your research process.

Always organize your work carefully, using the right words to present your stance without any disputes. The stance should also come out naturally without making the reader feel that you are forcing him/her to ascribe to your particular point of view.

It is also essential to support your arguments with undisputed evidence. Do not assume that your reader may not be skeptical of your arguments. Every reader is skeptical of whatever they read, and if sufficient evidence is not provided, then you might not convince anyone at the end of your 20-page long thesis.

Now, for you to have a strong thesis, ensure that it is:

  • Answering a specific question;
  • Engaging; one that can be challenged or opposed, thus also defended;
  • Passes the “so what? Or why should I care?” test;
  • Supported by your paper; and
  • Not too broad nor too vague.

To have a strong argument in your philosophical paper, demonstrate these sorts of things that make your opponent’s views false in a fashion that does not presuppose that your position is correct. Your philosophy research topics will play a significant role in supporting this claim.

You can find philosophy research paper topics from:

  • Early American Imprints of 1639 to 1819
  • Early English Books Online of 1475 to 1700
  • Internet archives
  • The War Diaries of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • The Metaphysics of Morals by Emmanuel Kant

And many more sources that are readily available in your college library or online catalogs.

We now advance to our professional philosophy topics list:

Sample Thesis Topics For Philosophy of the Human Sciences

  1. Critique of mainstream assumptions and practices of human behavior globally
  2. How are constructions of human nature affect our associations and lineation
  3. Adopting a human science framework to the problem of racial discrimination in the US
  4. How to adopt positivism in a world bombarded by negative news all the time
  5. A rigorous and systematic approach to man’s natural behavior
  6. The role of the Greek philosophers in shaping human sciences around the 18th century
  7. How existential phenomenology found its way from Europe
  8. Cultural and biological dimensions of human science research programs
  9. The role of qualitative research methods across the discipline of the human sciences
  10. How humanistic psychology offers more substantive findings in human science tradition
  11. An evaluation of the colleges and universities dedicated to humanistic/human science philosophy
  12. Discuss the impact of the American infusionism into the cultures and systems of the world
  13. Fundamental tenets of Western civilization in developing countries
  14. An assessment of the ancient nature of human interactions
  15. Political and cultural standards acceptable to all human interactions

Philosophy Potential Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A philosophical perspective of evil actions and evil persons
  2. How the ideology of Darwinism has affected the aspect of natural selection
  3. Distinguishing the underlying differences between intervention and information
  4. Psychoanalysis of melancholia in teenagers
  5. Investigating the use of biology in dealing with human philosophical issues
  6. The evolution of philosophical writings from the 15th century to the 21st century
  7. Examine the connection between shame and an immoral piece of art
  8. How depression relates to natural and interactive children
  9. What is the logic behind nightmares and madness in dreams?
  10. An investigation of how man is adapting to the invasion of privacy by new technologies
  11. The ethical and practical arguments against voluntary euthanasia
  12. Discuss the relationship between value, dignity, and human virtue in the Modern Virtue Theory
  13. The evolution of personal and corporate responsibility in the 21st century
  14. Trends in sex and sexuality as seen in the 21st century
  15. Why arousal of an emotion in the listener is essential in the delivery of any speech

Undergraduate Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Modern science: Should we employ a monistic or pluralistic model?
  2. How moral philosophy can help improve our understanding of folk psychology
  3. Why is it close to impossible to escape mental externalism?
  4. The emergence of technology and resulting bioethics as seen in the 21st century
  5. Investigate the willingness to accept punishment after committing a civil crime
  6. Why artificial intelligence may not be a genuinely creative entity
  7. Discuss empathy, fiction, and morality in the development of fiction stories and folklores
  8. The role of sporting activities in developing virtues and morals in the society
  9. Is voluntary suicide justified for any reason whatsoever?
  10. Why postmodern philosophical theories and market anarchism are enemies
  11. Discuss the ultimate goal of humanity in the backdrop of the changing roles
  12. Give a detailed analysis of the relationship between fate, destiny, and free will
  13. What is the essence of dreams and visions to man?
  14. Evaluate the sources of your self-worth in the light of personal attributes
  15. What is the impact of a person’s name on who they become in the future?

Best-Rated Political Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Consider the dividing line between distributive justice and the family
  2. Investigate the gendered basis for care and caregiving
  3. What are the underlying differences between multiculturalism and feminism
  4. Discuss the liberal versus radical feminist positions on pornography
  5. How social beings should live together considering the underlying differences
  6. Following the example of Plato, discuss what it means to have an ideal society
  7. Given the knowledge and resources available, discuss the best form of society using the US as a case study
  8. The evolution of democracy in the US presidential election
  9. How the history of the past several centuries has impacted the role of citizens in participation in democracy
  10. What is the essence of having a conservative free-market economy in the 21st century?
  11. The role of the government in regulating the economy
  12. Should the economy incorporate both capitalist and socialist structures?
  13. Do we have an economically viable socialist alternative to capitalism?
  14. Is it worth fighting for an economically viable alternative to capitalism?
  15. The conservative view of the post-World-War-Two period

Thesis Topics on the Renaissance and Philosophy

  1. The impact of the renaissance period o man’s view of the world
  2. Compare and contrast the High Renaissance in Rome as compared to the of Northern Europe
  3. The impact of the scientific revolution on the renaissance period
  4. The early renaissance period in Florence and the existence of the Flemish art
  5. Discuss the contributions of some of the godfathers of the Renaissance
  6. The perfect interplay between music and painting during the renaissance period
  7. The humanist intellectual, cultural, and artistic revolution of the Renaissance
  8. Religious symbolism and naturalistic beauty as exemplified in the renaissance period
  9. The role of sexuality and eroticism in the works of the 16th-century renaissance art
  10. How the discoveries of the renaissance period helped shape people’s attitudes towards life
  11. Identify and explain the role of the Carolingian Renaissance on the Bible
  12. The impact of the Great migration and economic changes on literature and art
  13. Discuss how art patronage was conducted in Italy during the Renaissance
  14. How science has made advancements in renaissance culture and art
  15. Impacts of the early Renaissance on the medical innovations

Master Thesis Topics in Philosophy

  1. Discuss the benefits and impacts of the renaissance period on the man
  2. How the renaissance period played a part in the reformation of the world
  3. A comparative analysis of philosophy, art, and culture during the Renaissance
  4. How much influence did the renaissance period have on dressing?
  5. Conduct a critical analysis of Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance
  6. The contribution of sculptors of the Italian Renaissance
  7. Discuss artistic renaissance humanism during 1400 and 1650
  8. The Renaissance and religion: A case study of the Catholic church
  9. Artistic revolution as a significant element of the Renaissance
  10. The role of William Shakespeare in the renaissance period
  11. Discuss the classical and Renaissance humanities art of the Greco-Roman artists
  12. The cultural, economic, and political influence of the Renaissance
  13. The age of revolutionary, Renaissance, and enlightenment period
  14. The representation of nature in the European renaissance artistic works
  15. How Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Rafael contributed to the new era of the Renaissance

Introduction to Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Discuss whether people are good or evil by nature
  2. What are the limitations to free will in making personal decisions?
  3. What is the impact of the belief in God on a person’s way of life?
  4. Discuss the compatibility issues between science with religion
  5. Give a detailed argument for or against utilitarianism
  6. What is the logic behind psychological and ethical egoism?
  7. Ascertain the relevance of morals to culture or society
  8. The role of Aesop’s fables in contributing to human philosophy
  9. Discuss the history and development of African philosophy
  10. What are the central tenets of African Sage Philosophy?
  11. The critical role played by altruism and group selection
  12. Conduct a detailed analysis of the American Enlightenment Thought
  13. How does the American Wilderness Philosophy vary from that of today?
  14. A case study of Anselm’s Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
  15. Critically evaluate motion and its place in nature
  16. Discuss association in the philosophy of the mind
  17. How Bolzano’s mathematical knowledge played a crucial role in human philosophy

Thesis Papers Topics on Buddhist Philosophy

  1. The view of sin and punishment between the Buddhist and Hindu religions
  2. Buddhist believe in rebirth, which is determined by the actions one does in daily life.
  3. Misconceptions about sexuality in the Buddhist religion
  4. Discuss the relationship between Shinto with China and Buddhism
  5. Analyze the four noble truths of Buddhism
  6. The concept of salvation according to the Zen Buddhism religion
  7. A detailed study of the confluence of Buddhism and Hinduism in India
  8. An analysis of the faith and practices of Buddhism as a religion in India
  9. The role of Mahatma Gandhi in advancing the ideologies and practices of Buddhism
  10. Evaluate the vase of treasure hidden in the Buddhist iconography
  11. Compare and contrast the various variations between Buddhism and Christianity
  12. Elements of the Buddhism religion that make it sacred
  13. Discuss the concept of anger and how to manage it in the Buddhism religion
  14. Cultural histories and the expansion of the Buddhism religion in China
  15. Differences in the Japanese versus Chinese Buddhism practices

Types of Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Discuss the role of aesthetics in the study of philosophy
  2. How epistemology has contributed to the growth in philosophical literature
  3. Elaborate the role of ethics on the survivability of a society
  4. How logic has been crucial in making rational decisions in a man
  5. What are the limitations of metaphysics as a branch of philosophy?
  6. Analyze the philosophy of mind given the fundamental tenets
  7. Discuss the major revolutions of the African philosophy
  8. Why does Eastern philosophy have a lower absorption rate?
  9. Reasons why Western philosophy has a greater acceptance in the world as compared to others
  10. Give the unique characteristics of the ancient and classical philosophy
  11. Why the medieval and post-classical philosophies have a place in the modern world
  12. The modern and contemporary philosophy in terms of improvements
  13. Discuss the philosophy of language theories and stances in Europe
  14. What is the impact of the philosophy of science theories and stances?
  15. Discuss the epistemological stances of different philosophical schools of thought

Epistemology Paper Topics

  1. The concept of skepticism among different readers
  2. Analyze the internalist vs. externalist accounts of knowledge and justification
  3. Discuss the structure of knowledge and justification
  4. What contributes to contextualism in epistemology?
  5. Impacts of the relevant alternative accounts of knowledge
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of the epistemology of lotteries
  7. A case study of foundationalism and coherentism
  8. The impacts of facts and beliefs on people
  9. Is skepticism doomed to an inevitable defeat?
  10. Arguments and positions in epistemology in the 21st century
  11. The pros and cons of different positions in epistemology
  12. Relevant arguments and principles in epistemology: A case of The Closure Principle
  13. Critically discuss Shoemaker’s ‘self-blindness’ concept
  14. How the epistemology of attitudes like the belief is very different from the epistemology of other mental states
  15. Fundamental flaws in various epistemological theories

High-Quality Philosophy Project Topics

  1. Discuss the concept of happiness
  2. Why egoism is a negative trait
  3. Discuss the motive behind acts of charity
  4. Is love merely an illusion of the mind?
  5. Are criminals evil by nature?
  6. Is the current generation less affectionate?
  7. Discuss the concept of true friendship
  8. Is there happiness in achieving nothing?
  9. Does a perfect life exist?
  10. Why do people struggle to attain perfectionism?
  11. The impact of technology of taking away emotions
  12. Analyze time management among high school versus campus students
  13. Is obsession replacing true love?
  14. Is the concept of ‘You Only Live Once’ viable?
  15. Why are most geniuses’ introverts?

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the existence of fate in the modern world
  2. Can we achieve an ideal society?
  3. Is life meaningful after all?
  4. Why should people work, yet they will die in the end?
  5. Is the concept of feminism overhyped?
  6. Is every human action predetermined?
  7. Discuss the components of the human consciousness
  8. Why do people tend to do the bad instead of the good?
  9. Are atheists deceiving themselves?
  10. Why is the world changing so fast?
  11. Is there life after death?
  12. Why must everyone go to school?
  13. Who determines what clothes each gender should don?
  14. The impact of religious beliefs on science
  15. Does death usher in the new life?

Top Philosophical Topics To Write About

  1. Will the world ever come to an end?
  2. Why do people have different religions?
  3. Does stealing originate from the person’s mind?
  4. Who is responsible for the rot in the society
  5. The role of parents in instilling morals
  6. Why do people believe in revenge?
  7. What makes man different from animals?
  8. Why should we care about our neighbors?
  9. Is humility a virtue for ladies?
  10. Why are most men aggressive
  11. Discuss the role of sleeping at night
  12. Should people eat food after all?
  13. Is man the biggest threat to himself?
  14. Is the judicial system serving justice?
  15. Will robots make the world better?

Good Philosophy Topics

  1. Do beliefs and superstitions match?
  2. Is sex necessary?
  3. Why should people love each other?
  4. Should a woman head the house also?
  5. Are other planets mere superstitions?
  6. Are the stars in the sky fantasies?
  7. Why bother about planning?
  8. Do aliens exist?
  9. Why is man rational?
  10. What is the effect of finding a purpose in life
  11. Do shooting stars fall on earth?
  12. Why do fiction movies move people?
  13. Does the moon exist?
  14. Are we living reality or a fantasy?
  15. Can one love more than two people?

Interesting Philosophy Topics

  1. Was man made out of clay?
  2. Do guns protect?
  3. Does true love exist among teenagers?
  4. Beauty and morality
  5. Religion and power
  6. Memories and love
  7. Peace and war
  8. Religion and own belief system
  9. Angels and demons
  10. Heaven and earth
  11. Plastic surgery and ethics
  12. Character and upbringing
  13. Dreams and the future
  14. The rich and the poor
  15. Is death inevitable

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