233 Marketing Research Topics To Come Up With An Impressive Paper

Marketing Research Topics

Marketing is everywhere nowadays – from TV adverts to the pop-up ads that appear on our web browsers. No matter how much you may try to ignore it, marketing knocks still knocks at your door.

Despite all these, however, many students still struggle to develop top-notch marketing research paper topics. You might say, how is that even possible? Well, my friend, let me bring it to your attention that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of post-graduate students struggling to find such writing ideas.

But this where we draw the battle lines.

Marketing Topics For Research Paper: What You Need To Know

To be certain of a top grade in any field of study, you have to go the extra mile. Marketing is one of those flooded fields with stiff competition. Therefore, you have to come up with something fresh and original to convince your reader.

Now, marketing topics for research should:
  • Create interest in the reader’s mind of a particular offering
  • Be precise and to the point
  • Not repeat what is already out there
  • Not offer the reader what is not there

Unlike any other topic, these are unique because they intend to sell a product or service to potential buyers. Thus, it would help if you handled it with a lot of care.

What To Avoid When Writing Marketing Paper Topics

Below are crucial points to consider for your marketing research topic:

  • Do not be too wordy
  • Avoid using words that are uncommon among the famous market
  • Beware of being sensational

When writing your research paper’s marketing topics, the end goal should be to sell the product and build a reputable brand for yourself.

Explore these writing ideas for your inspiration:

Marketing Research Topics For College Students

  1. Marketing strategies for integrating new products into segmented markets
  2. The impact of coronavirus on marketing communication strategies
  3. How can companies best advertise their products overseas?
  4. Pitfalls to avoid when crafting marketing messages for children and other minors in the society
  5. Factors that determine client satisfaction in new markets
  6. Discuss the effectiveness of using discounts and loyalty cards in the marketing of products
  7. The impact of using black Friday offers in the wake of the Black lives matter movement
  8. Is it practical to contact clients via email subscriptions and newsletters?
  9. The role of conducting marketing research before attempting to bring a new product on board
  10. Define market segmentation and the essential pointers that segment various markets
  11. Compare and contrast marketing strategies in developing countries versus developed countries
  12. How do multinational companies carry out marketing as compared to local enterprises?
  13. The role of technology in marketing: A case study of simulations and virtual reality
  14. Evaluate the effectiveness of consumer education and awareness in marketing
  15. How does the marketing of food items vary from other products in the market?
  16. Discuss the effectiveness of various marketing channels and strategies
  17. Emerging opportunities and challenges in the field of marketing
  18. Modern tactics and paradigms used in business and consumer marketing
  19. Why it is essential to understand the culture of a market before venturing into it
  20. The role of academic papers of marketing in the business world

Professional List of Marketing Research Topics

  1. How CSRs help companies to make inroads into communities
  2. The impact of brand manipulation on the company’s reputation
  3. The role of social media in marketing: A case study of Twitter marketing
  4. How the fashion industry markets its product to potential clients
  5. The impact of gender and stereotypes in creating marketing and promotional messages
  6. How global marketing varies from local and national marketing strategies
  7. The role of political campaigns in impacting marketing and sale of products
  8. Techniques used by the gaming industry to attract teenagers and youths
  9. Analyzing successful business enterprises: A case study of Apple industry
  10. Adverse impacts of advertising alcoholic related products to children
  11. What makes a brand stay in the market for years without losing its meaning?
  12. Has technology replaced traditional marketing tools and strategies?
  13. The role of smartphone advertising in reaching the digital natives and tech-savvies
  14. The impact of radio and TV marketing on getting middle and working-class
  15. Compare and contrast new market entry strategies versus traditional ones
  16. How companies take advantage of impulsive or exorbitant buyers
  17. Evaluate the effectiveness of in-store branding
  18. Discuss the advertising strategies used by hotels and restaurants in attracting potential clients
  19. The impact of social class on preparing marketing and promotional messages
  20. How centralized marketing affects global brands and products

Sport Marketing Research Topics

  1. The role of sports hubs in the management of sports organizations
  2. Facilities and services that help save costs on sports
  3. Sourcing of funding for sporting activities in developing countries
  4. The part of the World Cup and Olympic games on marketing strategies and promotional messages
  5. Marketing strategies that work best for football fans
  6. The effect of sports celebrities on marketing and promotions
  7. How effective is branding on sportswear as a marketing strategy?
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of Adidas advertising in the Olympic Games 2008 in China
  9. The role of marketing and modern challenges in advertising decisions in the sports industry nowadays
  10. Consumer buying behavior with brand loyalty and types of sports buying behavior.
  11. Factors that cause people to buy certain sports products: A case of Nike
  12. Explore the historical overview of the exciting development of Nike in providing athletes with equipment for their sports.
  13. Analyze the interior structure of a sports company and how this affects its marketing strategies
  14. Specific characteristics of companies that have excelled through sports branding and marketing
  15. The impact of the orientation of sports heritage, performance, and style in marketing
  16. Critically analyze the impact of using Chelsea as a brand name in product advertising
  17. The production and replacement of goods and services: A case of sportswear
  18. How sports brands operate effectively and competitively in international markets
  19. Creating the relevant skills for sports advertising and branding
  20. The impact of practical knowledge about innovative techniques of production in sports marketing

Best-Rated Research Papers Topics in Marketing

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of online shops as compared to the physical ones
  2. How multinational companies compete in the markets by creating an international marketing orientation
  3. Discuss how certain companies gain a competitive advantage in comparison to other companies
  4. Analyze the importance of concentrating on the needs of consumers when composing marketing messages
  5. The essence of feedback from clients in a marketing strategy
  6. How have giant companies remained and strengthened their leading position in the European sports industry?
  7. Discuss the underlying aspects of modern advertising
  8. The effectiveness of poster advertising on bus stations before the launch of a product
  9. Slogans’ role in marketing: A case study of Adidas’ saying: ‘Impossible is nothing.’
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of commercials with sports personalities: A case of David Beckham
  11. How companies adapt cultural incidents and attention to individualistic attractions in marketing messages
  12. Ways of determining the budget for a marketing campaign
  13. Assess the workability of creating an innovative and creative marketing message
  14. Discuss how companies strike a balance between making profits and effective marketing strategies
  15. Should modern marketing messages be informative or persuasive?
  16. The impact of comparative marketing messages on the behavior of a product in the market
  17. Why an evaluation of the company’s strength and weaknesses is essential in developing its marketing plan
  18. The role of integrated marketing information of an organization on its marketing plans
  19. How to discover management trends in market segments
  20. Why companies need to build units for marketing information that are concerned with trends and developments within the marketplace

Research Topics in Real Estate Marketing

  1. Why finance is a critical consideration in real estate marketing
  2. Reasons for the fluctuating financial system in real estate
  3. The impact of coronavirus and recession on the real estate industry
  4. Is the curriculum on real estate marketing effective in producing talented minds?
  5. The effects of property finance marketing on the modern society
  6. The role of business investors in helping people own homes
  7. Owning a Home and the Effect of Credit Unions
  8. Challenges and benefits of mortgages and loans on the real estate industry
  9. Explain how real estate companies can cope with business financial loans
  10. Give a detailed analysis of potential customers in real estate marketing messages
  11. Discuss the various property financing versions in the USA
  12. Evaluate the importance of studying Geography and finance in real estate marketing
  13. Discuss the slow rate of growth of real estate industries in developing countries
  14. Why have real estate marketing messages been greeted with a cold shoulder?
  15. Discuss the unexploited possibilities and opportunities in rural areas
  16. How to maintain equity and still control debt funding in real estate industries
  17. The role of investors together with institutional traders in managing the real-estate companies
  18. Technologies advances in real estate that are transforming the industry
  19. How the fiscal sector is affecting property market developments
  20. Assess how real estate companies are coping with the changing market demands

Sample Marketing Research Project Ideas

  1. Distinguish between brand loyalty as a behavior and as an attitude in marketing
  2. The importance of rankings concerning the popularity of brands
  3. Discuss marketing strategies that create a higher self-confidence in buying decisions
  4. Analyze the higher level of risk in purchasing decisions
  5. Why some customers are more store loyal than others
  6. The role of global brands in creating a marketing ecosystem
  7. Discuss the history of world commerce and how marketing strategies have evolved over time
  8. How has the internationalization of finance and business affected marketing?
  9. The importance of geographical extension among marketers
  10. Why do customers pay keen attention to the price of products
  11. The role of mass production in determining the marketing strategies
  12. How to balance between demand and supply when creating marketing messages
  13. How to create a suitable image for a brand, product, or service
  14. The impact of global brands communicating in worldwide sports events
  15. A primary investigation of what motivates people to buy certain products over others
  16. How virtual communities help marketers communicate their messages
  17. An exploration of using cinematic media to promote food products
  18. The impact of personal styles and preferences on marketing messages
  19. What effect do personal statements from celebrities have on marketing strategies?
  20. An analysis of sponsorship based on marketing

High-Quality Marketing Thesis Topics

  1. The implications of social media marketing on cost and speed of delivery
  2. An investigation of the relationship between marketing messages and customer emotions
  3. Examine the relationship sources of income and buying behaviors
  4. Research into the causes of the decline of newspaper advertising
  5. Are marketing messages overrated?
  6. The impact of brand ambassadors on user-generated branding programs
  7. Explore the effects of integrating relationship marketing strategies
  8. Effects of increased commercialization
  9. How often should a promotional notice be posted in a day?
  10. Do global warming and its consequences have anything to do with marketing?
  11. How to create an emotional appeal in marketing messages
  12. Analysis of strategic success factors in the internalization of marketing messages
  13. The impact of repetitive advertising upon consumers
  14. International business management strategies that work well for start-ups
  15. The effect of marketing messages on the physically disabled
  16. Evaluate how marketing messages have been used to spread sexual messages
  17. Discuss the legal and ethical implications of marketing
  18. How to craft compelling marketing messages that do not discriminate against race
  19. What causes the relevant authorities to ban particular marketing messages?
  20. The impact of creating controversial sports messages

Motivating Marketing Research Questions

  1. Opportunities and threats to marketing products and services overseas
  2. How long have you been a customer, and what has kept you going back?
  3. How can companies attract their target audience more often?
  4. Factors that necessitate one company to stand out from another
  5. How to improve your product and service delivery
  6. Practical ways of better serving your clients
  7. Discuss how big is your potential market
  8. Will this market segment grow or shrink in the future?
  9. What other products and services out there are similar to the ones we are offering?
  10. Who are our top competitors, and what are they doing differently from us?
  11. What portion of the market share do our competitors own?
  12. What part is available for you to own or take?
  13. What is the educational level of the people you are writing the promotional message to?
  14. What is the household income of your potential market?
  15. What is the impact of the household size on the kind of marketing strategy to compose?
  16. What are the hobbies and interests of your potential clientele?
  17. What are the most significant challenges you are likely to encounter when marketing?
  18. What is your preference when it comes to making purchases?
  19. What determines the shop or boutique where you buy your products?
  20. How will the product fit the needs of the potential clients?

Must-Have Marketing Research Topics For College Students

  1. Latest marketing strategies in the light of the changing mobile customer experience
  2. How country relations impact the marketing communication messages used at the cross-border level
  3. The new way to boost sales through conversational strategies
  4. The impact of marketing conferences and conventions on the practice
  5. Why most companies slash marketing budgets at the expense of profits
  6. The role of marketing automation in reaching out to more clients
  7. The importance of social networking in developing contacts for marketing
  8. Discuss the effectiveness of content marketing for the entertainment industry
  9. The essence of tag lines in creating memorable marketing messages
  10. Why should a company have customer evangelists?
  11. How to incorporate value prepositions in marketing messages
  12. The impact of marketing messages on millennial and Generation X
  13. How companies are using blogs and YouTube to market their products
  14. Discuss the effectiveness of online marketing among the youth
  15. Should nonprofit organizations prepare marketing messages?
  16. The importance of web analytics in determining the performance of a marketing message
  17. Do companies follow procedure when it comes to permission email marketing?
  18. Explore the various challenges of email campaigns
  19. Discuss the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing strategy
  20. Why the voice of the consumer is necessary for a marketing campaign

Hot Topics in Marketing

  1. Analyze the developments made in B2B marketing
  2. Discuss the qualities of a top-notch advertisement copy
  3. What is the importance of benchmarking in business marketing?
  4. The role of brand management in keeping it afloat
  5. Discuss the effectiveness of corporate blogging
  6. Evaluate marketing strategies that consider customer engagement
  7. How to retain customer through marketing campaigns
  8. How to market products amid economic crisis
  9. The impact of 5G on high-tech marketing
  10. How does hiring outside resources affect marketing?
  11. The essence of keywords in online marketing
  12. The rise of personal branding on Instagram and YouTube
  13. How to collaborate marketing operations in different localities
  14. Analyzing the consumer buying behavior of apple laptops
  15. The impact of family orientation on the consumer behavior
  16. Features that clients look for when purchasing online products
  17. Why companies should understand customer perceptions of their products
  18. Discuss the relationship between corporate social responsibility and sales
  19. Evaluate the acceptance of direct marketing from people
  20. The impact of click baits on marketing strategies: Are they ethical?

Marketing Class Project Ideas

  1. The impact of sentiments from brand ambassadors on the performance of products
  2. Consider the behavior of consumer purchases online and offline
  3. What makes a person refer his/her to a particular product?
  4. Why products go viral
  5. The emotional value of marketing messages
  6. Significance of a cashless society
  7. Augmented reality and marketing
  8. Understanding car buyers
  9. How humor affects advertising
  10. Triggers to impulsive buying behavior
  11. Customer satisfaction among young adults
  12. Male and female marketing techniques
  13. Impact of customer perceptions
  14. Political marketing in the USA
  15. Brand management
  16. Market targeting
  17. Market forecasting
  18. Purchasing management
  19. Product positioning
  20. Nonprofit marketing

Digital Marketing Research Topics

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Smartphones and relationship marketing
  4. Pitfalls of e-marketing
  5. Marketing timing across social media platforms
  6. Digital market segments
  7. Online PR
  8. Hacking
  9. Customer privacy
  10. Confidentiality
  11. Black Fridays
  12. Snapchat marketing
  13. Virtual reality technology

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