223 Awesome Human Resource Topic Ideas To Pick From

human resource research topic

Are you looking for a human resource research topic for your academic paper? If yes, this article has a title you’ll find interesting to research and write about when handling your project. Human resources are the people that work for an organization or a company and the department that manages everything about employees. Collectively, they represent the most valuable resources in an organization or business.

The human resource department is part of a business whose responsibility is to find, screen, recruit, and train job applicants.

This business division also administers employee-benefit programs. Ideally, the HR department focuses on maximizing the workers’ productivity while protecting the company from the issues arising from the workforce. To achieve its goals, the HR department of an organization must engage in active research to improve the employees’ workforce. A human resource research paper comprises information about the findings of a study on a specific topic. And this includes:

  • An answer to a question that a learner set out to investigate
  • Proof of a relevant theory
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge about the topic

Human capital is a crucial asset in any organization. What’s more, the subject is too broad for educators and researchers to underrate. If looking for a human resources topic for your paper or essay, this list has brilliant ideas to inspire you.

Latest Human Resource Topics in the News

Do you want to base your human resource paper on a contemporary topic? If yes, consider these ideas for your essay.

  1. Ethical discrimination and workplace hostility among the minorities
  2. How remote working affects employee performance during the coronavirus pandemic
  3. How employee motivation affects job performance among those working from home
  4. The popularity of mobile-friendly job recruitment
  5. How necessary is background investigation for potential employees?
  6. How HR departments use recruitment marketing
  7. The essence of skill, personality, and aptitude tests during recruitment
  8. Should employers consider pre-employment assessments over resumes?
  9. How employers can improve candidate experience during the recruitment process
  10. How the open workforce like independent contractors and freelancers can benefit an organization
  11. Strategies for promoting workplace inclusion
  12. Should companies give their employees respite care?
  13. Offsetting caregiving costs by offering care assistance cover
  14. Should companies give employees paid family leave?
  15. Artificial intelligence use in human resource departments
  16. Can companies use AI to detect behavioral change among employees?
  17. How to use AI to customize professional development, employee promotion, and career paths
  18. Can a company use AI in employee performance management?
  19. Can companies use AI to detect employees that want to leave the workplace or company?
  20. Challenges of remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic
  21. Benefits of working remotely for employers and employees
  22. Disadvantages of working remotely for the employees
  23. Can home workplaces lower employees’ productivity?
  24. Impact of lousy team dynamics on employee performance
  25. How poor physical and mental health impacts productivity
  26. Tracking how employees use work devices- Is it ethical?
  27. The best performance and compensation management tools for remote workers
  28. Sick leave and time left fraud among remote workers
  29. The Millennial employees and flexible working schedules
  30. The link between organizational performance and low morale
  31. Tips for succeeding in virtual team building
  32. How virtual teams affect organizational productivity
  33. How automating human resource tasks affects organizational outcomes
  34. Data-driven strategies and their use in the HR departments
  35. How annual educational stipends affect employee morale
  36. Should companies give employees leave to take a career development course?
  37. Should employees share professional and personal goals during yearly self-assessments?
  38. Why organizations should locate, train and retain the right people
  39. Advantages of onboarding as a method for maintaining human resources within an organization
  40. The essence of employee orientation
  41. Strategies for promoting belonging and autonomy among employees
  42. How health advocacy programs benefit employers and employees
  43. Can educational stipends boost employee morale?
  44. How managers can manage lower or higher expectations of employees working remotely
  45. The evolution of human resource management over the last decade
  46. The responsibilities of modern human resource managers in the business world
  47. Strategic HR management- What to do and avoid
  48. HR management practices for the largest companies in the world
  49. What current human resource training involves
  50. Human resource paradigms contributing to the development of businesses

These are exciting current HR topics to explore when interested in something recent. Nevertheless, take your time researching your preferred topic to develop a brilliant paper.

Professional Development Human Resource Topics

If interested in career development topics, this category has excellent ideas to consider. Nevertheless, select a title you will be comfortable working with to enjoy your research and writing process.

  1. How to align employee development with company goals
  2. Coaching and mentoring for workers development
  3. How to build a coaching culture in a company
  4. How leaders of a company can become coaches
  5. Why individual career development programs benefit an organization
  6. How to use the 9-box grid to assess employees
  7. How does cross-training affect organizational efficacy?
  8. How do stretch assignments and on-the-job training affect employee performance?
  9. How beneficial is professional certification?
  10. The role of apprenticeship and vocational training in the workplace
  11. How does professional development affect middle-level managers expertise
  12. What affects professional development in an organization?
  13. Importance of professional development
  14. How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect employee’s onboarding?
  15. How professional development affects employee performance
  16. How professional development affects customer satisfaction
  17. How professional development affects employee retention
  18. Employee turnover and professional development- Is there a link?
  19. Should companies invest in ongoing professional development for their employees?
  20. Employees well-being and career development
  21. The nexus between professional stress and development
  22. How professional development networks affect leadership development
  23. Why do companies need policies for professional development?
  24. Success planning and professional development in organizations
  25. Current and past employee development approaches
  26. Employee productivity and professional development
  27. Challenges in career and professional development programs’ implementation
  28. Employment and qualifications criteria
  29. How to groom employees for success
  30. How to select a new career path

Choose a human resource topic from this list if you want to write about career or professional development. Nevertheless, research the title extensively to create a winning paper.

Talent Management HR Topics

Talent management is among the responsibilities of the human resource management department. Here are exciting ideas to explore if interested in this aspect of HR management.

  1. Talent management versus talent hunting
  2. Talent management approaches in the hospitality industry
  3. Talent management in the medium and small enterprises
  4. Family-owned attitude towards talent management
  5. Talent management risk factors
  6. Talent management trends in a globalized world
  7. IBM versus Google talent management strategies
  8. Military talent management approaches
  9. Gig economy talent management
  10. Talent management future
  11. Talent management history
  12. Why recruitment matters in talent management
  13. What comprises a talent management system?
  14. Recruitment, performance management, compensation management and corporate learning- Why they matter in talent management
  15. Strategies for talent acquisition
  16. Why executive coaching matters in talent management
  17. Leadership development and recognition programs in talent management
  18. The essence of a strategic plan in talent management
  19. Effective talent management models
  20. Talent management in the corporate sector
  21. Why social media influencers matter in talent management
  22. How talent management affects organizational performance
  23. Success planning and talent management- What’s the link?
  24. How MNCs approach talent management in the USA
  25. How technology affects talent management
  26. Investing in people or automating more- The HR paradox for modern companies
  27. Why targeted learning matters in talent development
  28. How peer-coaching can help in the development of future-ready skills
  29. Development and learning trends after the COVID-19 pandemic
  30. Are community partners a vital part of a talent pipeline?

Select a topic from this list if interested in talent development and management. Nevertheless, prepare to research your preferred idea before writing your paper.

Human Resource Management Topics 

Perhaps, you’re interested in HR management or appraisal topics. In that case, think about these ideas for your papers.

  1. The critical elements of employees’ performance management
  2. Why the HR department should give feedback to the employees
  3. Organizational commitment and performance appraisal
  4. How to use performance appraisal in enhancing citizenship and organizational behavior
  5. Employee motivation and performance appraisal
  6. Performance appraisal versus performance management
  7. Why ongoing feedback on workers morale matters
  8. How to engage employees more effectively
  9. Why performance planning matters in the employee management cycle
  10. Incorporating employee input in company decision-making
  11. Why companies should set performance standards
  12. Why automated performance management units matter
  13. Data-based assessments and performance reviews
  14. Corporate culture and performance management
  15. Corporate culture and performance appraisal
  16. Strategic planning and performance management
  17. Performance management and employee reward systems
  18. Employee development and performance appraisal
  19. Employee engagement and HR management objectives
  20. How 360-degree feedback benefits an organization
  21. Challenges and benefits of the assessment center appraisal technique
  22. Using Behaviorally-Anchored Rating Scale in performance appraisal
  23. How beneficial are psychological reviews in the hospitality sector?
  24. Merits and demerits of Human Resource Accounting Method
  25. Factors increasing employee loyalty
  26. How to resolve workplace conflict arising from cultural differences in international companies
  27. The pros and cons of recruiting employees from universities
  28. How character types affect a company’s team-building efforts
  29. What is the responsibility of HR managers in talent hunting and management
  30. What should HR managers do about overqualified employees?
  31. Rules for recruiting, selecting, hiring, and educating new employees
  32. Opportunities and risks for hiring new employees
  33. Freelancers and outsourcing- Is putting the future of a company in the hands of freelancers a wise move?
  34. Why companies should educate their employees
  35. How HR managers can motivate or demoralize company employees

All these are interesting human resource management issues that you can explore in academic papers. However, select a topic you will be comfortable working with, from research to writing and proofreading your essay.

Hot Topics in HR 

Maybe you’re looking for a topic that most people will find captivating and want to read your essay from the introduction to the conclusion. In that case, pick a title for your research paper from this category.

  1. Are higher education institutions responsible for productivity decline in human resources?
  2. Trained human resource personnel and skilled workers- Who are better than the others?
  3. How employee experience coincides with employee engagement
  4. Working from home versus 9 to 5 jobs- Which is the best option for mothers?
  5. Employee responsibilities and workplace safety- What makes women unique?
  6. How the right talent affects a company’s success- A critical analysis
  7. Should companies further their employees’ education?
  8. Employees with degrees versus vocational and technical workforce
  9. Is mobile a new human resource technology platform?
  10. Why video interviews are the new norm in human resource outsourcing
  11. The role of globalization in talent sourcing from different locations
  12. The role of data management in improving recruitment, management, and retaining of employees
  13. How HR technology innovation enhances employee engagement
  14. Performance and goal management reinvention with check-ins and feedback mechanisms
  15. How software categories improve interactivity, feedback, and workplace culture management
  16. How user-friendly are cloud-based talent solutions?
  17. Can end-to-end talent management solutions meet complex and large organizations’ recruitment needs?
  18. What are the latest considerations in HR and labor laws?
  19. Should companies set ethical standards that differ from law provisions?
  20. How workplace ethics differ from labor laws
  21. How to build an ethical organizational culture
  22. How workplace discrimination laws influence employment
  23. Discuss the moral obligation of employees to their employers
  24. How to create effective legal and ethical employees’ welfare programs
  25. How HR professionals can protect the employees’ rights
  26. Legal and ethical concerns in a large group and single employee termination

Select any of these HR topics if looking for a title that will capture your readers’ attention and compel them to read throughout the paper.

Top HR Research Topics for 2023

Maybe you want to write about a topic that somebody reading about this year will find exciting and relevant. In that case, pick any of these human resource ideas.

  1. Using artificial intelligence in HR functions
  2. How HR managers can address workplace harassment and bullying
  3. How companies can encourage workplace diversity
  4. How wages affect the overall productivity of employees
  5. How to measure employee performance- Criteria and tools for practical evaluation
  6. Essential issues of modern labor laws
  7. How to protect company data in the technology age
  8. Should companies pay all staff members equally?
  9. How workplace health problems affect productivity
  10. What motivates employees to work more?
  11. Laws against religious and sexual discrimination that HR departments should implement
  12. Factors influencing employee retention
  13. How HR specialists can deal with employee commitment, loyalty, and job satisfaction
  14. HR planning in acquisitions and mergers
  15. The 21st-century challenges for human resource managers
  16. How employee engagement affects customer loyalty in the service-based sector
  17. The impact of a contingent workforce on an organization’s performance
  18. The increasing mental health problems among the employees in the service-based industry
  19. The impact and importance of training on a company’s sustainability during an economic crisis
  20. The role of HR practices in enhancing the overall organizational performance
  21. How career growth affects employee loyalty
  22. How different personality traits affect teamwork in a company
  23. How effective HR planning boosts the strategic alliance process
  24. How e-leadership helps in boosting employee motivation and productivity
  25. How artificial intelligence can enhance HR practices
  26. How daycare facilities can increase female employees’ productivity
  27. How workforce diversity can improve organizational innovation and capability
  28. How a flat organizational structure affects the decision-making process
  29. How involving employees in decision-making processes influence their productivity

Pick a human resource research topic from this category if looking for an idea that suits the current context. Nevertheless, take your time to identify and research the most current sources to provide relevant information.

HR Topics for Presentation 

Are you looking for an interesting presentation topic for an upcoming meeting or conference? If yes, pick one of these HR topics for discussion.

  1. How job rotation boosts employee growth
  2. Why ethics committees matter in an organization
  3. The role of HR in employee volunteering
  4. How to encourage work-life balance in start-ups
  5. Is an open office a boon or a bane?
  6. How to create an engaged workforce
  7. How a company can attract more millennials
  8. How to make your employees happy
  9. How to resolve disputes among employees
  10. Why employee development and learning matter
  11. Why employees’ mental health matters
  12. Why companies should digitize HR practices
  13. Why employee well-being is vital
  14. Human resource management in the ever-changing corporate environment
  15. How globalization affects human resource management
  16. Innovative human resource and employee management practices
  17. Challenges and issues of managing an international workforce
  18. Employee management in an IT organization
  19. Social security measures and labor welfare- The HR department’s role
  20. Coaching and mentoring for modern business excellence
  21. Different HR management perspectives
  22. Why human resource planning matters in a changing environment

This list comprises human resource paper topics that students can research and write about to earn excellent grades. However, every student should pick an issue they can comfortably explore and present an in-depth analysis of their selected ideas. That way, they can impress the educator and anybody that will read their essay.

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