226 Hot Public Health Thesis Topics For Top Grades

public health thesis topics

Are you stuck trying to get the best current public health research topics for thesis and writing it? If yes, know you are not alone. A lot of students find the tasks challenging, but we are here to help. Keep reading our informative guide that demonstrates how to prepare an engaging public health paper.

We will also highlight hot 226 health policy topics for paper and other public health ideas for dissertation that you can use for top grades. Why settle for less when we can help you select the best college or university papers?

What Is Public Health?

Before looking at the top public health statistics undergraduate thesis topics or other public health research ideas, let’s start with the definition. So, what is public health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), public health is “the art and science of preventing diseases, helping to prolong life and promote health using organized efforts. Good examples of public health efforts include preventing outbreaks, educating the public on health choices, promoting fitness, preparing for emergencies, and avoiding the spread of infectious diseases. Public health

How To Write A Great Public Health Dissertation

If you are a graduate or masters student, one of the most comprehensive documents that you need to prepare is the dissertation. It is an expansive paper and comes at the end of your course. Remember that you need to ensure it is prepared well because a team of professors will ultimately evaluate it. So, here are the main steps that you need to follow to prepare a high quality dissertation:

  • Identify the topic of study
  • Comprehensively research the topic and identify the main points to support it
  • Develop the thesis statement for the dissertation (this thesis will ultimately be tested after gathering your data)
  • Develop an outline for the dissertation. This guide should tell you what to write at what specific instance. Here is a sample outline:
    1. Topic of the study
    2. Introduction. Start with the thesis statement, followed by the objectives of the study. Then, the rest of the introduction should be used to set the background for the study.
    3. Literature review: Review relevant resources about the topic.
    4. Methodology: Explain the methodology that was used during the study. Is
    5. Results and analysis: Provide the results gathered during the study.
    6. Discussion and conclusion: Here, you should discuss the study results and demonstrate whether they approve or disapprove the thesis statement. If you found any gaps in the previous studies, highlight them too and call for further studies.
    7. Bibliography: This is a list of all the resources you used to prepare the paper.
  • Write the first draft following the outline we have just listed above.
  • Write the final copy by refining the first draft, proofreading, and editing it.

Awesome Public Health Thesis Topics

Here are the leading thesis topics in public health for top grades. You can use them as they are or tweak a little to suit your preference.

Public Health Thesis Topics In Mental Issues

  1. What is the role of public health in addressing mental issues in society?
  2. Seasonal affective disorder: A review of the disorder’s prevalence rates.
  3. Society should always listen to the needs of mentally ill persons.
  4. Eating disorders in adults: A review of the treatment strategies used for adults in the UK.
  5. What is the relation between climate change and emerging public health issues?
  6. Comparing depression prevalence rates in the UK to those of the US.
  7. What are the main causes of anxiety disorders in society?
  8. A review of the connection between HIV/AIDS and mental health issues in society.
  9. Running a public health facility: What is the most important equipment?
  10. Emerging public health issues in developing countries.
  11. Analyzing the psychological problems of breast cancer.
  12. What strategies should people use to prevent their mental health from social media dangers?
  13. A review of the public health benefits associated with active lifestyles.
  14. Stress: Why is it a major risk factor for mental health in many communities?
  15. What are the most common mental health issues in society today?
  16. Comparing the rates of depression and stress in China and the UK.
  17. Addressing anxiety-related disorders: Is cognitive-behavior therapy the best treatment method?
  18. A review of the economic burden of living with a person suffering from anxiety disorders.
  19. How does depression impact the quality of life?
  20. Comparing training of public health officers in the US to India.

Unique Research Topics In Public Health

  1. Surrogacy: A review of associated ethical issues.
  2. Prevalence of medical errors in hospitals: A review of the policies used to prevent the problem in the United States.
  3. Blood transfusion: What are the side effects?
  4. A review of doctors’ roles in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  5. Maintaining healthy body weight: Comparing the effectiveness of the recommended methods.
  6. A review of organ donation trends in Europe and Asia.
  7. Analyzing the ethical factors around cloning: When should it be allowed?
  8. The ethics of human experimentation.
  9. Comparing the rates of heart attacks in women to men in the United States.
  10. What are the main causes of heart attacks? Can it be prevented?
  11. Progress in diabetes studies and treatment: Is it possible to get a cure in the future?
  12. Biological weapons and their impacts on society: A review of the Leukemia rates in Japan.
  13. Pre-diabetes in children: What are the main symptoms, and how can it be addressed?

Public Health Paper Topics On COVID-19

  1. How will COVID-19 change life?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-isolation?
  3. Life lessons that you learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. What challenges has your community faced during COVID-19 pandemic?
  5. School life during COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. A review of mass media operations during pandemic.
  7. What projects did you undertake during the pandemic?
  8. A review of projects that your community undertook during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  9. A closer look at the backlash against Asians in Europe at the start COVID-19 pandemic period.
  10. Preparing for the next pandemic: What lessons did the world learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  11. The best strategies for staying healthy during a pandemic.
  12. Is there anything that we could have done to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic?
  13. Comparing the effectiveness of Europe and American healthcare preparedness for tackling disasters.
  14. A review of mental health status in a community of your choice during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  15. A review of COVID-19 emergence theories: Which one do you think is more credible?
  16. Comparing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to Ebola.
  17. Vaccines development for viral infections: What made the development of the COVID-19 vaccine possible so fast, whereas that of HIV/AIDS has taken so long?
  18. A review of the vaccine development process.
  19. Time for review: How effectively do you think your government responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  20. Rethinking public health on a global scale: Demonstrating why effective healthcare is only possible when looked at globally.

Interesting Public Health Research Topic Ideas

  1. What is the importance of learning public health in school?
  2. Identify and review a common public health issue in your community.
  3. The history of human health: Comparing what was considered healthy in ancient times to what is referred to as healthy today.
  4. Going vegan: How can it impact your health?
  5. Excessive weight: Is it the new threat to human civilization?
  6. Is bodybuilding healthy?
  7. Body positive: Is it a new health standard or ignorance of body issues?
  8. Things to consider when selecting healthy food to eat.
  9. Why psychological health should be part of every community in society.
  10. The health of newborns: What is the difference between their healthcare and that of adults?
  11. Emerging trends in the healthcare industry: How can the latest trends benefit society?
  12. Comparing depression and anxiety in two countries of your choice.
  13. Physical wellness must include healthy behavioral patterns and nutrition.
  14. A sense of belonging is paramount to personal and community health.
  15. What is the relationship between spirituality and public health?
  16. A review of stigmatization of mental health issues in a community of your choice.
  17. Is it possible to prevent depression?
  18. At what point should children start learning sex-related education?
  19. Comparing the two main public health issues in two cities: London and New York.
  20. What is the relationship between poverty and public health?

Hot Researchable Topics In Public Health

  1. The resurgence of measles in society: The best guidance for clinicians.
  2. Tackling the growing national drug problem.
  3. Bioterrorism preparedness for global disasters.
  4. A review of recent vitamin D recommendations for older adults.
  5. Strategies for maintaining maternal mortality at low levels across the globe.
  6. Efforts by Asian governments to reduce infections from using unsafe water.
  7. Over-the-counter drug abuse in Europe: Compare two countries of your choice.
  8. Health care providers’ roles in preventing bullying in society.
  9. Knowledge management in the UK healthcare organizations.
  10. The health benefits of good healthcare waste management.
  11. Characteristics of dental wastes in hospitals.
  12. Comparing the most prevalent public health issues in developed and developing nations.
  13. Latest trends in financing public health.
  14. The relevance of clinical epidemiology in public health.
  15. Evidence based public health.
  16. Epidemiological burden of HIV/AIDS in developing countries.
  17. Addressing cervical cancer in developing countries: Is it possible to eliminate it completely?
  18. Ethics in public health clinical research.
  19. Comparing the strategies used in teaching and motivating public health professionals in developing and developed countries.

Research Topics In Public Health For Masters

  1. Advertising and impacts on food choices in the community.
  2. The use of stem cell technologies for cancer treatment: What are the latest trends?
  3. Bio-printing: Is it the future of organ transplants?
  4. Nutrition education: How does it promote healthy diets?
  5. Exercising: What role does it play in promoting strength and balance in the elderly?
  6. Weight loss surgery: What are the key advantages and disadvantages?
  7. Heart disease is a major public health issue in society.
  8. Alternative strategies for treating depression in society: Are they effective?
  9. Healthcare leadership and its importance in public health.
  10. Legal aspects of public health care in the society.
  11. Mental disabilities in patients: A review of the emerging trends in the UK.
  12. How does the United States promote the development of public health?
  13. Inequalities in medicine: What impact does it have in public health?
  14. The most controversial issues in public health in the UK.
  15. What are the most preferred storage systems for medical supplies in the UK public health facilities?
  16. Reimagining the public health systems on the globe: Where do you see the UK health system in the next 20 years?

Top Thesis Topics In Dental Public Health

  1. Common oral health issues in Ireland.
  2. A review of common problems of endodontically treated teeth.
  3. The role of good leadership skills in dental education.
  4. Child management techniques between male and female practitioners.
  5. What role does ergonomics play in dentistry?
  6. Dental material and bio-engineering: What are the latest trends?
  7. A review of the relationship between diabetes and oral health in the society.
  8. The role of electronic health care record systems used in public health.
  9. Comparing dental health issues in the developing and developed countries.
  10. A review of public awareness of dental health issues in a community of choice.
  11. How can you ensure that all the food you buy is safe and healthy?
  12. What strategies are used by your local health community to promote dental awareness?
  13. Dental health management in California: What do you think should be done differently?
  14. Are you satisfied with the strategies used to address dental issues?

Hot Thesis Topics Public Health

  1. Mandatory overtime work for medical staff: How does it impact their commitment to their job?
  2. Nursing shortage and its impact in public health.
  3. Strategies for improving public health in the EU.
  4. Mental health issues among asylum seekers in the United States.
  5. Common mental issues among veterans returning from war: A case study of the United States.
  6. What functions does management play in healthcare settings when handling key public health issues?
  7. How poor relationships between nurses and doctors can impact public health services delivery.
  8. Third-party players in public health and their roles.
  9. Financial reporting standards in public health facilities.
  10. What is the correlation between revenue collection in society and the quality of patient services?
  11. Reviewing the coordination of public health officials during disasters.
  12. The importance of staff training on quality of health services.
  13. Comparing the differences between alternative medicine and conventional medicine in addressing public health issues in society.
  14. Obesity: What are the main causes in child-going age?
  15. A review of health consequences of caffeine.
  16. Medical marijuana: What are the main pros and cons?
  17. A review of the US Farm Bill Amendments that legalized use of cannabis in the US.
  18. Doing sports: Is it always healthy?
  19. Low-fat or low-carb diet: Which one is better in addressing overweight and diabetes issues?
  20. Preventing communicable diseases: Evaluating the prevention strategies used in Asia.
  21. What is the estimated cost of treating heart problems?

Controversial Public Health Dissertation Topics

  1. Smoking and impacts of current efforts to address cancer in the society.
  2. A review of the main causes of heart attacks in society today.
  3. Tobacco ads: Evaluating their impacts and the relationship to the current cancer trends in the society.
  4. Sleep disorders: Explain why they should be considered a public health issue.
  5. Staffing shortage and the impacts in fighting COVID-19 pandemic in Asia.
  6. Analyzing risk management of treating different diseases in the community.
  7. COVID-19 pandemic in numbers: Comparing the infection rates in the developed and developing countries.
  8. Reviewing strategies used in the US public health system to achieve equity: How effective are they?
  9. Analyzing the main challenges in the UK medical care system.
  10. Rising cases of suicides in the society: What are the main causes?
  11. A comprehensive review of strategies used to prevent suicides in the 21st century in the US.
  12. Use of vaccines to prevent diseases: Do adults still need the vaccines?
  13. Heat-related deaths: What strategies should be adopted?
  14. Chronic-diseases prevention: Comparing the strategies used in developing and developed countries.
  15. Are we becoming too dependent on antibiotics in fighting diseases?
  16. Opioid crisis: Are the doctors to blame for it?
  17. Use of blockchain in growing accuracy of clinical trials in medicine.
  18. What dangers are posed by nuclear wastes in society?
  19. Assessing US industrial facilities compliance rates to cut down emissions.
  20. Using clean energy as a strategy of improving public health: What are the expectations?
  21. What is the healthiest country?
  22. Evaluating the correlation between gaming and deviant behavior among children in society.
  23. COVID-19 could have been prevented if WHO was more vigilant?

Public Health Research Questions

  1. Is the high cost of medical healthcare in the United States justified?
  2. What is the correlation between poverty and poor health in society?
  3. Should health care for homeless people be free?
  4. Unconventional medicine: Should it be part of the UK healthcare system?
  5. Should doctors be responsible for medical errors?
  6. Should medical officers or health facilities be allowed to promote selective medical products?
  7. Should all healthcare facilities in the UK be required to have translators for non-English speaking clients?
  8. Mental health issues associated with domestic violence: A case study of France.
  9. Is it a good idea to legalize euthanasia?
  10. What are the benefits of using surgical masks in public?
  11. What are the most important lessons from the different waves of the COVID-19 pandemic reported on the globe?
  12. Who is more responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic?
  13. Ebola or COVID-19 pandemic: Which is worse?
  14. What are the main causes of epidemics on the globe?
  15. Public health planning: What are the most important things to think about?
  16. Should governments pay the cost of rehabilitating drug addicts in society?
  17. Teaching children healthy lifestyles: What are the best strategies?
  18. What problems do people with autism face in society?
  19. What are the leading causes of child mortality in your community?
  20. Gun violence in the United States: Should it be considered a public health issue?
  21. What illnesses are considered foodborne?

Easy Topics In Public Health

  1. All workplaces should support breastfeeding.
  2. What are the best strategies to reduce pollution in society?
  3. Public health benefits of recycling waste in society.
  4. Reviewing the causes of poor water quality in the developing world.
  5. Comparing water quality standards policies in the UK and US.
  6. Health impacts of the rapid depletion of o-zone depletion.
  7. Better planning of infrastructural development is important for healthier societies: Discuss.
  8. The US is better prepared to handle pandemics that might arise after the COVID-19 pandemic. Discuss.
  9. A review of common diseases spread by vectors.
  10. A review of key policies installed to protect employee health.
  11. Legal age for consuming energy drinks should be set by the government to address the problem of diabetes.
  12. Smoking: Should it be banned in public?
  13. What are the best strategies for raising awareness in public?
  14. Can reducing the workload of employees in manufacturing facilities improve their health?
  15. Sunbathing should be restricted to prevent the risk of cancer: Discuss.
  16. Should abortion be banned in society?
  17. School-related stress: How can it be prevented?
  18. Should birth control be made available and free for all teenagers?
  19. What should be categorized as a bad health habit?
  20. Compare and contrast two common treatment methods for treating behavioral disorders.
  21. Internet addiction: What are the main dangers of internet addiction?

Other Public Health Topics For Research

  1. How to stay healthy and safe during a pandemic.
  2. Using a bicycle instead of driving is healthier.
  3. Common mental disorders in India.
  4. What is the biggest health issue among young people?
  5. The impact of exercising in teenagers.
  6. Why do teenagers experiment with drugs?
  7. What impact does dispositional violence have on mental disorders?
  8. Is telemedicine helpful in promoting better healthcare?
  9. Unproven alternative medicine: What are the associated risks?
  10. What alternatives do we have for antibiotics?
  11. What is the difference between private and public healthcare?
  12. A review of the main health issues associated with puberty.
  13. What is the most dangerous disease of the 21st century?
  14. Why are some people still afraid of vaccines?
  15. Experimental treatment: Why do people agree to undergo it?
  16. How can we improve the health of people living with chronic illnesses?
  17. The best strategies to make people aware of the basics of healthcare.
  18. A review of the growing awareness about reproductive health in the society.

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