121 Original Neuroscience Research Topics

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of awesome neuroscience research topics to choose from? Our PhD dissertation help would definitely make writing a thesis or dissertation a lot easier. Well, the good news is that we have a long list of neuroscience paper topics for you right here.

The list of topics is updated periodically, so you will surely be able to find a unique topic; something that nobody has though of yet. And yes, you can use any of our topics for free.

Writing a Neuroscience Dissertation

To write a good dissertation, you need more than just our interesting neuroscience topics. Your supervisor expects you to make some progress pretty quickly, so you really need all the help you can get. You can get all the assistance you need to get started quickly from our dissertation experts and you’ll also find the following guide useful:

  1. Set up your project and conduct the necessary research and data analysis. Don’t forget to think about an interesting, captivating thesis statement.
  2. Start by writing the first chapter of the dissertation, the introduction. This will provide your readers with comprehensive background information about your study.
  3. Write the Literature Review chapter. This will take some time, especially if you are dealing with a popular subject.
  4. Write the Methodology chapter. This is basically an iteration and in-depth description of each and every method you have used to collect the data.
  5. Write the Results chapter. In this chapter, you will present your readers the results of your research. You don’t need to provide your own take on the data yet.
  6. Next comes the Discussion (or Analysis) chapter. This is where you are free to discuss your results and show your readers how they support your thesis.
  7. Finally, the Conclusion chapter wraps everything up. You can summarize your methods, results and analysis and make it clear that your paper has answered all the relevant research questions.
  8. Write the References section and the Appendices section.
  9. Edit and proofread your work thoroughly to make sure you don’t lose points over some minor mistakes – or have our expert proofreaders and editors do it for you.

This step-by-step guide applies to any thesis or dissertation. However, before you even get this far, you need a great topic to start with. Fortunately, we have 121 brand new topics for you right here on this page.

Interesting Neuroscience Topics

If you are looking for some of the most interesting neuroscience topics, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Our experts have put together the best list of ideas for you:

  1. Research the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease in the United States
  2. What causes a headache?
  3. An in-depth look at muscular dystrophy
  4. The causes of multiple sclerosis
  5. Talk about neuroregeneration
  6. Define cognitive neuroscience
  7. Everything about dementia
  8. Study brain development from birth to age 2
  9. What causes Parkinson’s disease?
  10. The function of peripheral nerves
  11. What are vestibular disorders?
  12. Pain and the science behind it
  13. An in-depth analysis of stem cells

Engaging Topics in Neuroscience

Are you looking for some engaging topics in neuroscience? If you want the best ideas, all you have to do is take a look at the following list and take your pick:

  1. Research the Down syndrome
  2. A closer look at ADHD
  3. What causes brain tumors?
  4. What causes epilepsy episodes?
  5. Research the occurrence of schizophrenia in the UK
  6. An in-depth look at brain stimulation
  7. Treating severe depression in young adults
  8. Improving memory in the adult population
  9. The importance of sleep for brain health
  10. Mapping the human brain

Comprehensive Neuroscience Topic for Every Student

The nice thing about our blog is that we have a comprehensive neuroscience topic for every student. Even better, all our topics are relatively simple, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research:

  1. The future of brain implants
  2. The processes behind depression
  3. The role of dopamine
  4. How are emotions created?
  5. Love starts in your brain, not your heart
  6. ADHD behavior and brain activity
  7. Effects of illegal drugs on dopamine production
  8. How does dyslexia manifest itself?
  9. Early stages of Schizophrenia
  10. The link between gut bacteria and the brain
  11. Studying the brains of people with a high IQ

Neuroscience Research Questions

The best way to get ideas for your next paper is to take a look at some original neuroscience research questions. Here are some that should get you started right away:

  1. How do brain tumors cause damage?
  2. What causes substance addiction?
  3. What role does the brain play in autistic spectrum disorders?
  4. Does being a vegetarian influence your brain?
  5. What causes chronic migraines?
  6. Why is Pierre Paul Broca’s work important?
  7. Why is stress so dangerous for the brain?
  8. How do genes influence the onset of Alzheimer’s disease?
  9. What can cause a brain tumor?
  10. Does music affect the human brain?
  11. Can repeated head injuries damage the brain? (think about modern sports)
  12. What does being Bipolar I mean?

Easy Neuroscience Paper Topics

Our experts have created a list of easy neuroscience paper topics for you. You could start writing your thesis in no time if you choose one of these great ideas:

  1. What causes epilepsy?
  2. A closer look at Alzheimer’s disease
  3. What can cause a loss of feeling?
  4. The effects of dementia on the brain
  5. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  6. What can cause memory loss?
  7. Mitigating headaches without medication
  8. The effects of a mild stroke
  9. Talk about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  10. What can cause a lack of coordination?

Neuroscience Research Topics for College Students

We have a list of awesome neuroscience research topics for college students and you can use any one of them for free. Take a look at our best ideas yet:

  1. Can the brain be linked to substance abuse?
  2. How does the brain recognize people?
  3. Latest development in brain surgery
  4. An in-depth look at neuroplasticity
  5. Innovative medication for treating brain disorders
  6. Treating Alzheimer’s in 2023
  7. How damaging is Cannabis for the brain?

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Topics

If you want to talk about something in cognitive neuroscience, we have put together the best and most interesting cognitive neuroscience research topics:

  1. The role played by neurons in our body
  2. What is Magnetoencephalography?
  3. How difficult is it to map the entire brain?
  4. Define consciousness from a neurological POV
  5. How does our brain affect our perception?
  6. Discuss Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation procedures
  7. Latest advancements in Functional magnetic resonance imaging

Brain Research Topics

Brain research is a very interesting thing to talk about, especially since we are still struggling to understand how certain things work. Take a look at some amazing brain research topics:

  1. Study the brain development of an infant
  2. Brain tumor stages
  3. The effect of social media on the human brain
  4. Multiple sclerosis treatment options
  5. What can cause muscular dystrophy?
  6. Discuss 3 cerebrovascular diseases
  7. Interesting breakthroughs in cellular neuroscience
  8. Talk about our brain’s problem-solving abilities
  9. The effects of sugar on brain chemistry

Neurobiology Topics

We agree, researching a topic in neurobiology is not easy. However, with the right neurobiology topics, you could write an awesome thesis without spending years working on it:

  1. Research the role of the amygdala
  2. What are brain neurotransmitters?
  3. The causes of posttraumatic stress disorder
  4. How do we recognize a bipolar disorder?
  5. The importance of hormones
  6. Talk about experimental psychology

Behavioral Neuroscience Research Topics

Do you want to write your dissertation on a behavioral neuroscience topic? Our experts have compiled a list of the most interesting behavioral neuroscience research topics for you:

  1. The processes behind sensation
  2. How does the brain control our movement?
  3. An in-depth look at motivated behavior
  4. Best way to diagnose a sleep disorder
  5. Improving success at academic activities
  6. How does your brain perceive the environment?

Cool Neuroscience Topics

We have some very cool neuroscience topics right here and the good news is that they’re all relatively easy. The list has been updated recently and new topics have been added:

  1. Effects of plant-based diets
  2. The life and work of Cornelia Bargmann
  3. Discuss a breakthrough in neurotech
  4. 3D brain function mapping
  5. Discuss the importance of brain implants
  6. The life and work of Róbert Bárány

Controversial Topics in Neuroscience

Just like any other field, neuroscience has its controversies. And what better way to start a dissertation than finding the most controversial topics in neuroscience:

  1. Discuss the Bayesian brain theory
  2. Ethics behind wearable brain gadgets
  3. Discuss postnatal neurogenesis
  4. Can our brain “deep learn”?
  5. Invasive brain imaging procedures
  6. How do we differentiate between good and bad?

Hot Topics in Neuroscience

Did you know that getting hot topics in neuroscience is not overly difficult? This section of our list of topics is updated periodically, so you can definitely find an original idea right here:

  1. Electrical brain stimulation methods
  2. Define the concept of Free Will
  3. Talk about hereditary brain disorders
  4. How is speech formed?
  5. Can our brain hibernate?
  6. What causes aggressive behavior?

Current Topics in Neuroscience

The best way to make your thesis interesting is to write about something that is of great interest. This means you need to choose one of our current topics in neuroscience:

  1. Cerebellar Neurons that can help you lose weight
  2. Effects of a meat-based diet
  3. Latest brain mapping technology
  4. CT scans in 2023
  5. Brain implants that can control a computer
  6. An in-depth look at super-agers

Complex Neurological Research Topics

Are you looking for some complex neurological research topics? If you want to give a difficult topic a try, don’t hesitate to choose one of these excellent ideas:

  1. An in-depth look at the Demyelinating disease
  2. The effects of a cerebrovascular stroke
  3. Bioterrorism in 2023
  4. Legal issues in neurology
  5. Dopamine’s link to aggressiveness
  6. Brain changes that lead to alcohol addiction

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