207 Mental Health Research Topics For Top Students

Mental Health Research Topics

College and university students pursuing psychology studies must write research papers on mental health in their studies. It is not always an exciting moment for the students since getting quality mental health topics is tedious. However, this article presents expert ideas and writing tips for students in this field. Enjoy!

What Is Mental Health?

It is an integral component of health that deals with the feeling of well-being when one realizes his or her abilities, cope with the pressures of life, and productively work. Mental health also incorporates how humans interact with each other, emote, or think. It is a vital concern of any human life that cannot be neglected.

How To Write Mental Health Research Topics

One should approach the subject of mental health with utmost preciseness. If handled carelessly, cases such as depression, suicide or low self-esteem may occur. That is why students are advised to carefully choose mental health research paper topics for their paper with the mind reader.

To get mental health topics for research paper, you can use the following sources:

  • The WHO website
  • Websites of renowned psychology clinics
  • News reports and headlines.

However, we have a list of writing ideas that you can use for your inspiration. Check them out!

Top Mental Disorders Research Topics

  1. Is the psychological treatment of mental disorders working for all?
  2. How do substance-use disorders impede the healing process?
  3. Discuss the effectiveness of the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP)
  4. Are non-specialists in mental health able to manage severe mental disorders?
  5. The role of the WHO in curbing and treating mental disorders globally
  6. The contribution of coronavirus pandemic to mental disorders
  7. How does television contribute to mental disorders among teens?
  8. Does religion play a part in propagating mental disorders?
  9. How does peer pressure contribute to mental disorders among teens?
  10. The role of the guidance and counselling departments in helping victims of mental disorders
  11. How to develop integrated and responsive mental health to such disorders
  12. Discuss various strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health
  13. The role of information systems in mental disorders

Mental Illness Research Questions

  1. The role of antidepressant medicines in treating mental illnesses
  2. How taxation of alcoholic beverages and their restriction can help in curbing mental illnesses
  3. The impact of mental illnesses on the economic development of a country
  4. Efficient and cost-effective ways of treating mental illnesses
  5. Early childhood interventions to prevent future mental illnesses
  6. Why children from single-parent families are prone to mental illnesses
  7. Do opportunities for early learning have a role in curbing mental diseases?
  8. Life skills programmes that everyone should embrace to fight mental illnesses
  9. The role of nutrition and diet in causing mental illness
  10. How socio-economic empowerment of women can help promote mental health
  11. Practical social support for elderly populations to prevent mental illnesses
  12. How to help vulnerable groups against mental illnesses
  13. Evaluate the effectiveness of mental health promotional activities in schools

Hot Mental Health Topics For Research

  1. Do stress prevention programmes on TV work?
  2. The role of anti-discrimination laws and campaigns in promoting mental health
  3. Discuss specific psychological and personality factors leading to mental disorders
  4. How can biological factors lead to mental problems?
  5. How stressful work conditions can stir up mental health disorders
  6. Is physical ill-health a pivotal contributor to mental disorders today?
  7. Why sexual violence has led many to depression and suicide
  8. The role of life experiences in mental illnesses: A case of trauma
  9. How family history can lead to mental health problems
  10. Can people with mental health problems recover entirely?
  11. Why sleeping too much or minor can be an indicator of mental disorders.
  12. Why do people with mental health problems pull away from others?
  13. Discuss confusion as a sign of mental disorders

Research Topics For Mental Health Counseling

  1. Counselling strategies that help victims cope with the stresses of life
  2. Is getting professional counselling help becoming too expensive?
  3. Mental health counselling for bipolar disorders
  4. How psychological counselling affects victims of mental health disorders
  5. What issues are students free to share with their guiding and counselling masters?
  6. Why are relationship issues the most prevalent among teenagers?
  7. Does counselling help in the case of obsessive-compulsive disorders?
  8. Is counselling a cure to mental health problems?
  9. Why talking therapies are the most effective in dealing with mental disorders
  10. How does talking about your experiences help in dealing with the problem?
  11. Why most victims approach their counsellors feeling apprehensive and nervous
  12. How to make a patient feel comfortable during a counselling session
  13. Why counsellors should not push patients to talk about stuff they aren’t ready to share

Mental Health Law Research Topics

  1. Discuss the effectiveness of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  2. Does the Capacity to Consent to Treatment law push patients to the wall?
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of mental health courts
  4. Does forcible medication lead to severe mental health problems?
  5. Discuss the institutionalization of mental health facilities
  6. Analyze the Consent to Clinical Research using mentally ill patients
  7. What rights do mentally sick patients have? Are they effective?
  8. Critically analyze proxy decision making for mental disorders
  9. Why some Psychiatric Advance directives are punitive
  10. Discuss the therapeutic jurisprudence of mental disorders
  11. How effective is legal guardianship in the case of mental disorders?
  12. Discuss psychology laws & licensing boards in the United States
  13. Evaluate state insanity defence laws

Controversial Research Paper Topics About Mental Health

  1. Do mentally ill patients have a right to choose whether to go to psychiatric centres or not?
  2. Should families take the elderly to mental health institutions?
  3. Does the doctor have the right to end the life of a terminally ill mental patient?
  4. The use of euthanasia among extreme cases of mental health
  5. Are mental disorders a result of curses and witchcraft?
  6. Do violent video games make children aggressive and uncontrollable?
  7. Should mental institutions be located outside the cities?
  8. How often should families visit their relatives who are mentally ill?
  9. Why the government should fully support the mentally ill
  10. Should mental health clinics use pictures of patients without their consent?
  11. Should families pay for the care of mentally ill relatives?
  12. Do mentally ill patients have the right to marry or get married?
  13. Who determines when to send a patient to a mental health facility?

Mental Health Topics For Discussion

  1. The role of drama and music in treating mental health problems
  2. Explore new ways of coping with mental health problems in the 21st century
  3. How social media is contributing to various mental health problems
  4. Does Yoga and meditation help to treat mental health complications?
  5. Is the mental health curriculum for psychology students inclusive enough?
  6. Why solving problems as a family can help alleviate mental health disorders
  7. Why teachers can either maintain or disrupt the mental state of their students
  8. Should patients with mental health issues learn to live with their problems?
  9. Why socializing is difficult for patients with mental disorders
  10. Are our online psychology clinics effective in handling mental health issues?
  11. Discuss why people aged 18-25 are more prone to mental health problems
  12. Analyze the growing trend of social stigma in the United States
  13. Are all people with mental health disorders violent and dangerous?

Mental Health Of New Mothers Research Topics

  1. The role of mental disorders in mother-infant bonding
  2. How mental health issues could lead to delays in the emotional development of the infant
  3. The impact of COVID-19 physical distancing measures on postpartum women
  4. Why anxiety and depression are associated with preterm delivery
  5. The role of husbands in attending to wives’ postpartum care needs
  6. What is the effectiveness of screening for postpartum depression?
  7. The role of resilience in dealing with mental issues after delivery
  8. Why marginalized women are more prone to postpartum depression
  9. Why failure to bond leads to mental disorders among new mothers
  10. Discuss how low and middle-income countries contribute to perinatal depression
  11. How to prevent the recurrence of postpartum mental disorders in future
  12. The role of anti-depression drugs in dealing with depression among new mothers
  13. A case study of the various healthcare interventions for perinatal anxiety and mood disorders

What Are The Hot Topics For Mental Health Research Today

  1. Discuss why mental health problems may be a result of a character flaw
  2. The impact of damaging stereotypes in mental health
  3. Why are many people reluctant to speak about their mental health issues?
  4. Why the society tends to judge people with mental issues
  5. Does alcohol and wasting health help one deal with a mental problem?
  6. Discuss the role of bullying in causing mental health disorders among students
  7. Why open forums in school and communities can help in curbing mental disorders
  8. How to build healthy relationships that can help in solving mental health issues
  9. Discuss frustration and lack of understanding in relationships
  10. The role of a stable and supportive family in preventing mental disorders
  11. How parents can start mental health conversations with their children
  12. Analyze the responsibilities of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  13. The role of a positive mind in dealing with psychological problems

Good Research Topics On Refugees Mental Health

  1. Why do refugees find themselves under high levels of stress?
  2. Discuss the modalities of looking after the mental health of refugees
  3. Evaluate the importance of a cultural framework in helping refugees with mental illnesses
  4. How refugee camp administrators can help identify mental health disorders among refugees
  5. Discuss the implications of dangerous traditional practices
  6. The role of the UNHCR in assisting refugees with mental problems
  7. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder among refugees
  8. Dealing with hopelessness among refugees
  9. The prevalence of traumatic experiences in refugee camps
  10. Does cognitive-behavioural therapy work for refugees?
  11. Discuss the role of policy planning in dealing with refugee-mental health problems
  12. Are psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine effective in refugee camps?
  13. Practical groups and in‐group therapeutic settings for refugee camps

Adolescent Mental Health Research Topics

  1. Discuss why suicide is among the leading causes of death among adolescents
  2. The role of acting-out behaviour or substance use in mental issues among adolescents
  3. Mental effects of unsafe sexual behaviour among adolescents
  4. Psychopharmacologic agents and menstrual dysfunction in adolescents
  5. The role of confidentiality in preventive care visits
  6. Mental health disorders and impairment among adolescents
  7. Why adolescents not in school risk developing mental disorders
  8. Does a clinical model work for adolescents with mental illnesses?
  9. The role of self-worth and esteem in dealing with adolescent mental disorders
  10. How to develop positive relationships with peers
  11. Technology and mental ill-health among adolescents
  12. How to deal with stigma among adolescents
  13. Curriculum that supports young people to stay engaged and motivated

Research Topics For Mental Health And Government

  1. Evaluate mental health leadership and governance in the United States
  2. Advocacy and partnerships in dealing with mental health
  3. Discuss mental health and socio-cultural perspective
  4. Management and coordination of mental health policy frameworks
  5. Roles and responsibilities of governments in dealing with mental health
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of mental health policies
  7. What is the essence of a mental health commission?
  8. Benefits of mental well-being to the prosperity of a country
  9. Necessary reforms to the mental health systems
  10. Legal frameworks for dealing with substance use disorders
  11. How mental health can impede the development of a country
  12. The role of the government in dealing with decaying mental health institutions
  13. Inadequate legislation in dealing with mental health problems

Abnormal Psychology Topics

  1. What does it mean to display strange behaviour?
  2. Role of mental health professionals in dealing with abnormal psychology
  3. Discuss the concept of dysfunction in mental illness
  4. How does deviance relate to mental illness?
  5. Role of culture and social norms
  6. The cost of treating abnormal psychology in the US
  7. Using aversive treatment in abnormal psychology
  8. Importance of psychological debriefing
  9. Is addiction a mental disease?
  10. Use of memory-dampening drugs
  11. Coercive interrogations and psychology

Behavioural Health Issues In Mental Health

  1. Detachment from reality
  2. Inability to withstand daily problems
  3. Conduct disorder among children
  4. Role of therapy in behavioural disorders
  5. Eating and drinking habits and mental health
  6. Addictive behaviour patterns for teenagers in high school
  7. Discuss mental implications of gambling and sex addiction
  8. Impact of maladaptive behaviours on the society
  9. Extreme mood changes
  10. Confused thinking
  11. Role of friends in behavioural complications
  12. Spiritual leaders in helping deal with behavioural issues
  13. Suicidal thoughts

Latest Psychology Research Topics

  1. Discrimination and prejudice in a society
  2. Impact of negative social cognition
  3. Role of personal perceptions
  4. How attitudes affect mental well-being
  5. Effects of cults on cognitive behaviour
  6. Marketing and psychology
  7. How romance can distort normal cognitive functioning
  8. Why people with pro-social behaviour may be less affected
  9. Leadership and mental health
  10. Discuss how to deal with anti-social personality disorders
  11. Coping with phobias in school
  12. The role of group therapy
  13. Impact of dreams on one’s psychological behaviour

Professional Psychiatry Research Topics

  1. The part of false memories
  2. Media and stress disorders
  3. Impact of gender roles
  4. Role of parenting styles
  5. Age and psychology
  6. The biography of Harry Harlow
  7. Career paths in psychology
  8. Dissociative disorders
  9. Dealing with paranoia
  10. Delusions and their remedy
  11. A distorted perception of reality
  12. Rights of mental caregivers
  13. Dealing with a loss
  14. Handling a break-up

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