110 Impressive Nursing Research Topics To Use

Nursing Research Paper Topics

As with all sciences, nursing is a technical subject to handle. It is not one of those subjects that you can wake up in the middle of a dream and start writing. A nursing assignment calls for an apt mind that can think both logically and coherently.

The Mount Everest of any assignment is settling on the topic. Students will endure sleepless nights, and especially in nursing, to come up with a viable case. For you to attain your nursing degree, the healthcare topic you choose should:

  • Appeal to the reader’s interest in mind
  • Deal with a problem where you have the scope to research
  • Bring something new or offer a solution

How To Develop Researchable Topics in Nursing

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate level scholar, the topic you choose for your paper should be up to the mark. There is no place for playing around with every ‘Tom, Dick, and Harry’ title.

You can generate ideas for your nursing research paper using the following tips and tricks:

  • Brainstorming them with pen and paper
  • Consulting your friends and professor
  • Looking at other nursing topics
  • Reading on a specific nursing niche
  • Visiting a healthcare facility

With the ideas above, you can develop fascinating nursing research topics that will guarantee you a score. However, avoid the temptation of plagiarizing already existing nursing topics. Doing this will cost you – not only your grades but your reputation as well.

You can also use the following questions to develop your nursing topic(s):

  • What is that one area that people have overlooked in nursing?
  • Is there any heated nursing debate you can address?
  • Does your topic bring out a fresh perspective?
  • Is there a nursing problem under research? How can you contribute to it?

These and more will jog your mind to articulate potential nursing topics. Nevertheless, your assignment may be due soon, and you need writing help on your case. We have a full pack for you. Scroll down to view 110 expert-recommended nursing topics.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics For College Students

  1. Why does the number of nurses in a work station affect productivity?
  2. Is working for long shifts suitable for nurses and patients?
  3. Should nurses receive motivational packages now and then?
  4. Is it right for nurses to go on strike?
  5. What is the difference between nurses and doctors?
  6. Why does it seem odd for men to enroll as nurses?
  7. Is the salary of nurses proportional to the work they do?
  8. Should nurses advance their level of education?
  9. Why are medical training colleges receiving low entries?
  10. What are the work ethics that determine the conduct of nurses at work?

Researchable Topics in Nursing

  1. What are the dangers of nurses administering prescriptions?
  2. Can a doctor operate effectively without a nurse?
  3. What is the future of nursing in the digital age?
  4. What is the difference in care between private and public nursing homes?
  5. How did nurses come in handy in the care of coronavirus patients?
  6. Do nurses work more than doctors?
  7. Is online training recommended for professional nurses?
  8. Why do hospitals have more nurses than doctors?
  9. Why should nurses have an ever-smiling face?
  10. The importance of psychological conditioning for nurses

Nursing Research Paper Topics on Ethics

  1. How nurses defend the dignity of those in their care
  2. What personal traits should nurses portray?
  3. How should nurses respond to the vulnerability of patients?
  4. Do nurses find it difficult to handle mentally ill patients?
  5. Can nurses develop intimate relationships with patients?
  6. What are the moral dilemmas in nursing?
  7. What happens when a patient attacks a nurse?
  8. Is it ethical for male nurses to handle female patients?
  9. Why are nurses quitting based on ethical problems?
  10. Should nurses discuss their patients’ issues with their families?

Nursing Research Questions on Critical Care

  1. How to communicate with patients in critical care
  2. Do critical care nurses experience mental breakdowns?
  3. How can nurses handle patients in Acoma effectively?
  4. Which means do nurses use to gather data from critically ill patients?
  5. How do nurses deal with deaths in the critical care unit?
  6. Does critical care nursing impact the psychological behavior of these nurses?
  7. How long should a nurse work in an acute care unit?
  8. How can nurses interact with patients in ICU?
  9. How long should blood be stored after donation?
  10. What is the best care for a patient who has just had a heart transplant?

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. How can we relate nursing care with the patient’s recovery rate?
  2. Discuss the significance of donning protective gear (PPEs)
  3. What is the link between cost and quality of nursing care?
  4. Factors responsible for irritable patient behavior.
  5. Differentiate care, treatment, and healing.
  6. Role of technology towards an improved healthcare system.
  7. The significance of family support inpatient recovery.
  8. The relationship between immunizations and vaccines.
  9. The effect of coronavirus on nursing care practices and protocols
  10. Discuss how the ventilator functions

Hot Topics in Nursing

  1. What is the effectiveness of e-care in the digital age?
  2. How to deal with women and men sexual disorders
  3. What is the best approach when handling a bisexual patient?
  4. Latest measures in handling coronavirus patients
  5. Is healthcare receiving the support it needs from the government?
  6. Why should all medicine be tax-free?
  7. What should happen to doctors practicing illegal abortion?
  8. Does a medical practitioner possess the right to end life?
  9. Why are syringe injections more effective than tablets?
  10. What is the difference between midwifery in urban and rural areas?

Good Nursing Research Topics

  1. What are some of the shortcomings of home-based healthcare?
  2. Why should people practice healthy nutrition and hydration?
  3. What are the standard operating procedures in case of an accident?
  4. Ways of treating headaches without visiting a doctor
  5. Is it recommended to take prescriptions from chemists and shops?
  6. Should we treat mild illness seriously?
  7. Why is the world racing against time to find a coronavirus vaccine?
  8. Can an ambulance be a hospital?
  9. Should Ph.D. holders still serve as nurses?
  10. How to remain healthy without visiting a hospital

Popular Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Discuss why Nurses Unions are essential in fighting for their rights
  2. The role of teamwork in the nursing profession
  3. How to reduce the chances of heart attacks in obese patients
  4. Steps to take when a patient refuses to eat
  5. Why are there increasing cases of depression among youths?
  6. Can nurses serve as an alternative for a psychologist?
  7. Consequences of self-medication without a doctor’s prescription
  8. Ways of dealing with infectious diseases without being infected
  9. What is the place of robots in nursing care?
  10. How to deal with alcohol addiction and get rid of it

Nursing Research Topic Ideas on Standard Treatments

  1. Ways in which post-surgery care can accelerate recovery
  2. Why ICU patients need the support of their family more than anything else
  3. What are the treatment options for coronavirus?
  4. What happens when a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis?
  5. Why is the oxygen necessary during surgery?
  6. How to care for amputated body organs
  7. How long should patients stay in the hospital after surgery?
  8. Quick treatment for a patient who has gone in shock
  9. Critical care skills that each nurse should posses
  10. How to prevent re-infection of contagious diseases in a hospital

Nursing Topics on the Career

  1. Which are the best nursing schools?
  2. Between colleges and universities, which one offers top nursing education?
  3. Should you advance your nursing certificate or degree?
  4. What are the potential nursing areas you can venture to in school?
  5. What are the challenges that nurses face in their career?
  6. Is nursing a well-paying job?
  7. Considerations you have to take before pursuing a nursing course
  8. Will you have time for your family if you are a nurse?
  9. Discuss privileges associated with a nursing career
  10. How long does a nursing career take?

Holistic Research Topics For Nursing Students

  1. How nurses deal with stress at work
  2. How to manage an open wound during surgery
  3. Are nursing interns overworked?
  4. A study about caring for cancer patients at home
  5. An in-depth analysis of what causes obesity
  6. How long should nurses take a break from their patients?
  7. The dangers of seeking herbal medical care
  8. Top control measures for HIV/AIDS
  9. How to care for homeless patients
  10. Do patients in prison receive adequate medical care?

We have more examples of tip-top nursing topics that can be made available at your request. Our writers are qualified in their respective nursing fields – childcare, surgery, adult care, mental health, and many more.

You only need to shoot your question, and we will respond with expert writing help.

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