131 Interesting LGBT Research Paper Topics

lgbt research paper topics

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There are many interesting topics that you can research about the LGBT community. Society, media, films, and other channels are slowly adopting this community. Laws and rights are also being enacted for the benefit of the community. We hope you will find a great topic that will help you get a deeper understanding of your course unit.

Latest LGBT Research Paper Topics

These are some of the latest LGBT research topics that you can use for your project. However, you will need to be fully dedicated to getting the best out of it.

  1. Sexual orientation among teenagers
  2. LGBT society recognition.
  3. LGBT stigmatization and bullying.
  4. Social rights enhanced on LGBT people.
  5. How to deal with LGBT discrimination.
  6. The best way to educate people on gay rights.
  7. The effects of stigmatization and discrimination of LGBT.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of coming out of the closet as a gay individual.
  9. How homosexuality is highlighted in the Bible.
  10. Effects of LGBT rights in different religions.

Interesting LGBT Thesis Topics

Are you looking for an interesting thesis topic that you can use in your academics? Well, look no further. We have highlighted the best that will make your field research easy.

  1. Traditional culture colliding with LGBT rights
  2. Recent techniques developed in reproduction among gay couples
  3. Churches opinion in LGBT
  4. Children raised by gay couples
  5. A day in the life of a gay person
  6. Same-gender marriage in the church
  7. Discovery of gay marriages
  8. The impact of society on the mental health of LGBT people.
  9. The depression rates of LGBT people.
  10. High risks facing the LGBT community in society.

LGBT Discussion Questions For University Students

Do you want to discuss this with some of your course-mates? These are some discussion topics that you can start with. They are easy, simple, and straight to the point.

  1. What makes a teenager/adolescent not come out of the closet?
  2. How can bullying of LGBT people be stopped?
  3. What initiates LGBT people being stigmatized?
  4. Has the third gender gained full recognition worldwide?
  5. What are the challenges faced by gay parents?
  6. Why most LGBT teenagers end up do depressed?
  7. Is having gay parents good for a child?
  8. Who is a third-gender individual?
  9. Why are some countries not supporting LGBT?
  10. How does one discover his or her sexual orientation?

Easy LGBT Essay Topics

LGBT essay topics aren’t hard. The way you view them can either give you a positive or negative attitude towards them. Try out any of these topics and get a different view.

  1. Views on the third gender.
  2. Importance of recognizing and appreciating the third gender.
  3. Gay parenting is being embraced globally.
  4. Employment discrimination among gay people.
  5. Legalization of gay marriages.
  6. Protecting the LGBT society.
  7. Social media influence on LGBT.
  8. Myths and misconceptions about LGBT.
  9. Social movements related to LGBT.
  10. Discuss whether the gay and lesbian perception is a mental disorder?

Transgender Research Paper Topics

There are many transgenders around the world. However, it is hard to come out in a society full of judgemental people. Here are some of the best transgender research paper topics.

  1. Discrimination against transgender people
  2. Appreciating the transgender individuals in the community
  3. Pronouns used for transgender individuals and their meanings
  4. Sexual harassment among transgender individuals
  5. Reasons why one may want to change gender
  6. Challenges faced by transgender individuals in the society
  7. Being transgender as a self-identity.
  8. Diversity acceptance of transgender individuals.
  9. The treatment of transgender children and teenagers.
  10. Stigma against transgender individuals.

Easy LGBT Topics for Research Papers

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  1. The gender non-conforming children in school.
  2. The basic legal rights for transgender people.
  3. How sexual orientation differs from gender identity.
  4. The impact of violence and bullying of the LGBTQIA people.
  5. The history of the LGBTQIA – was there a time it was morally accepted?
  6. At what time was bisexuality recognized as an identity?
  7. The new reproductive technologies for LGBTQIA people.
  8. The new modes of asexual visibility.
  9. The unique issues related to bisexuality in the modern world.
  10. The influence of cultural norms and attitudes on people hiding the same-sex attraction feelings.

LGBT Discussion Topics for Your Research Paper

Here are some of the best LGBT research topics. They are simple, easy, and straightforward. However, you need to discuss them thoroughly to get top grades.

  1. In lesbian and gay history, when was this sexual behavior seen as an identity?
  2. The impact LGBT parents have on their children.
  3. The injustices faced by LGBT youth in juvenile or prison.
  4. The best ways to reduce suicide cases in the LGBT community.
  5. The best forms to raise awareness for the LGBT community are in the various institutions.
  6. Discuss the LGBT community from a sociological perspective.
  7. The progress of LGBT awareness in mass media and communication channels.
  8. The importance of intersectionality when thinking about LGBT issues.
  9. The disparity in healthcare for the LGBT people.
  10. The legalization of gay marriages worldwide.

Interesting Gay Rights Research Paper Topics

Did you know that the LGBT community has designated rights, freedom, and laws? These LGBT project ideas can help you to get a deeper understanding of what gays can and cannot do.

  1. The gay marriage and the changing family unit.
  2. Television depictions of homosexuality.
  3. The gay and lesbian representation in Eastern Literature.
  4. The various laws that protect gays and lesbians.
  5. The history of the gay liberation front.
  6. The social problems faced by gay and lesbian homeless youth.
  7. The divorce statistics of same-sex marriages.
  8. How the law undermines the rights of gays and lesbians.
  9. The future of LGBT rights – will it be positive or negative?
  10. Adoption rights for LGBT couples.

Easy Transgender Research Questions

Do you want to write a quality paper, but don’t have enough time? You don’t need to look for professional research paper writers anymore. We will help you out. If these transgender research topics don’t favor you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Who is a transgender, non-conforming, genderqueer and non-binary person?
  2. Which is the best way to ask for someone’s gender identity?
  3. What are the hardships that Trans people face in society?
  4. Why does society give the LBGT community a hard time?
  5. Is being transgender a mental disorder?
  6. How does someone know that they are transgender?
  7. How prevalent are transgender people?
  8. What are the different types of transgender people?
  9. What are the major differences between sex and gender?
  10. How do transsexuals make a gender transition?

LGBT Writing Prompts for College Students

These are some of the best LGBT writing prompts that can help you do an interesting research paper. We have stated some of the best LGBT topics for research papers.

  1. Does a transgender woman retain the rights she had before transitioning?
  2. The barriers related to access to healthcare by transgender women.
  3. The effects of anti-homosexuality legislation in the community.
  4. Are children too young to know their gender?
  5. What does hormone therapy do?
  6. The LGBT community and urban change.
  7. How the church provides counseling for the LGBT community?
  8. How does the Church perceive gay rights?
  9. Sexual orientation and school discipline.
  10. Racial exclusion in the LGBT community.

Best Gay Topics for Your Course Work

These gay topics will ultimately make you get a better understanding of the LGBT community. They revolve around real-world situations and society’s perception of them.

  1. The domestic violence in the LGBT community
  2. The effect of poverty on the LGBT community.
  3. Discrimination against the LGBT community.
  4. Raising awareness of LGBT bullying.
  5. Exploring queer relationships
  6. The biological theories of homosexuality.
  7. Male perspectives on lesbians and gays.
  8. The LGBT themes as described in the Bible.
  9. The gender roles in the family and society
  10. How the LGBT community is being affected by sexual violence?

Controversial Human Sexuality Topics

Some issues are normally controversial and sensitive. These are some of the topics that fall under that category. Do enough research and you will get a deeper understanding of the phenomena.

  1. The race-gender subordination and education.
  2. The pressing issues for LGBTQ students.
  3. The various psychological dimensions of human sexuality
  4. The age children should be taught about sexuality.
  5. Elaborate on the consensual non-monogamy.
  6. The role of language in empowering the LGBT community
  7. Do you think homophobia exists within the LGBT community
  8. The association of the rainbow colors with the LGBT community.
  9. The best films are based on LGBT rights and activism.
  10. The challenges faced by the LGBT community.

LGBT Group Discussion Topics

If you want to pass in your academics, you need to write a professional paper. These are some of the best LGBT group discussion topics that you can start with.

  1. What is the impact of feminism on LGBT rights between the 1950s and 1970s?
  2. Should the LGBT community individuals hold a high position in various institutions?
  3. Should same-sex parents be allowed to adopt children?
  4. What do you think causes rampant drug addiction in the LGBT community?
  5. Should LGBT teachers be offered protection while working at school?
  6. The various special stories of commitment and love in the LGBT community.
  7. The changing psychological perspectives of homosexuality.
  8. Which are the social pressures of children of lesbians and gay parents?
  9. The perspective of homosexuality in the 21st century.
  10. Why do you think there is a need for LGBT centers in schools, colleges, and workplaces?
  11. How has the LGBT community contributed to TV and film production?

Don’t Want To Write Your Thesis?

Finding an ideal research topic can take your time. However, once you find one, ensure it aligns with your course, is approved by your professor, and has relevant resources. You may choose a topic then it ends up being so hard to work on. Hence, be careful about your choice of a research topic. If in doubt or lacking enough time to do your research paper. You may consult us and we will help you do your research project.

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