100 Gender Research Topics For Academic Papers

gender research topics

Gender research topics are very popular across the world. Students in different academic disciplines are often asked to write papers and essays about these topics. Some of the disciplines that require learners to write about gender topics include:

When pursuing higher education in these disciplines, learners can choose what to write about from a wide range of gender issues topics. However, the wide range of issues that learners can research and write about when it comes to gender makes choosing what to write about difficult. Here is a list of the top 100 gender and sexuality topics that students can consider.

Controversial Gender Research Topics

Do you like the idea of writing about something controversial? If yes, this category has some of the best gender topics to write about. They touch on issues like gender stereotypes and issues that are generally associated with members of a specific gender. Here are some of the best controversial gender topics that you can write about.

  1. How human behavior is affected by gender misconceptions
  2. How are straight marriages influenced by gay marriages
  3. Explain the most common sex-role stereotypes
  4. What are the effects of workplace stereotypes?
  5. What issues affect modern feminism?
  6. How sexuality affects sex-role stereotyping
  7. How does the media break sex-role stereotypes
  8. Explain the dual approach to equality between women and men
  9. What are the most outdated sex-role stereotypes
  10. Are men better than women?
  11. How equal are men and women?
  12. How do politics and sexuality relate?
  13. How can films defy gender-based stereotypes
  14. What are the advantages of being a woman?
  15. What are the disadvantages of being a woman?
  16. What are the advantages of being a man?
  17. Discuss the disadvantages of being a woman
  18. Should governments legalize prostitution?
  19. Explain how sexual orientation came about?
  20. Women communicate better than men
  21. Women are the stronger sex
  22. Explain how the world can be made better for women
  23. Discuss the future gender norms
  24. How important are sex roles in society
  25. Discuss the transgender and feminism theory
  26. How does feminism help in the creation of alternative women’s culture?
  27. Gender stereotypes in education and science
  28. Discuss racial variations when it comes to gender-related attitudes
  29. Women are better leaders
  30. Men can’t survive without women

This category also has some of the best gender debate topics. However, learners should be keen to pick topics they are interested in. This will enable them to ensure that they enjoy the research and writing process.

Interesting Gender Inequality Topics

Gender-based inequality is witnessed almost every day. As such, most learners are conversant with gender inequality research paper topics. However, it’s crucial to pick topics that are devoid of discrimination of members of a specific gender. Here are examples of gender inequality essay topics.

  1. Sex discrimination aspects in schools
  2. How to identify inequality between sexes
  3. Sex discrimination causes
  4. The inferior role played by women in relationships
  5. Discuss sex differences in the education system
  6. How can gender discrimination be identified in sports?
  7. Can inequality issues between men and women be solved through education?
  8. Why are professional opportunities for women in sports limited?
  9. Why are there fewer women in leadership positions?
  10. Discuss gender inequality when it comes to work-family balance
  11. How does gender-based discrimination affect early childhood development?
  12. Can sex discrimination be reduced by technology?
  13. How can sex discrimination be identified in a marriage?
  14. Explain where sex discrimination originates from
  15. Discuss segregation and motherhood in labor markets
  16. Explain classroom sex discrimination
  17. How can inequality in American history be justified?
  18. Discuss different types of sex discrimination in modern society
  19. Discuss various factors that cause gender-based inequality
  20. Discuss inequality in human resource practices and processes
  21. Why is inequality between women and men so rampant in developing countries?
  22. How can governments bridge gender gaps between women and men?
  23. Work-home conflict is a sign of inequality between women and men
  24. Explain why women are less wealthy than men
  25. How can workplace gender-based inequality be addressed?

After choosing the gender inequality essay topics they like, students should research, brainstorm ideas, and come up with an outline before they start writing. This will ensure that their essays have engaging introductions and convincing bodies, as well as, strong conclusions.

Amazing Gender Roles Topics for Academic Papers and Essays

This category has ideas that slightly differ from gender equality topics. That’s because equality or lack of it can be measured by considering the representation of both genders in different roles. As such, some gender roles essay topics might not require tiresome and extensive research to write about. Nevertheless, learners should take time to gather the necessary information required to write about these topics. Here are some of the best gender topics for discussion when it comes to the roles played by men and women in society.

  1. Describe gender identity
  2. Describe how a women-dominated society would be
  3. Compare gender development theories
  4. How equally important are maternity and paternity levees for babies?
  5. How can gender-parity be achieved when it comes to parenting?
  6. Discuss the issues faced by modern feminism
  7. How do men differ from women emotionally?
  8. Discuss gender identity and sexual orientation
  9. Is investing in the education of girls beneficial?
  10. Explain the adoption of gender-role stereotyped behaviors
  11. Discuss games and toys for boys and girls
  12. Describe patriarchal attitudes in families
  13. Explain patriarchal stereotypes in family relationships
  14. What roles do women and men play in politics?
  15. Discuss sex equity and academic careers
  16. Compare military career opportunities for both genders
  17. Discuss the perception of women in the military
  18. Describe feminine traits
  19. Discus gender-related issues faced by women in gaming
  20. Men should play major roles in the welfare of their children
  21. Explain how the aging population affects the economic welfare of women?
  22. What has historically determined modern differences in gender roles?
  23. Does society need stereotyped gender roles?
  24. Does nature have a role to play in stereotyped gender roles?
  25. The development and adoption of gender roles

The list of gender essay topics that are based on the roles of each sex can be quite extensive. Nevertheless, students should be keen to pick interesting gender topics in this category.

Important Gender Issues Topics for Research Paper

If you want to write a paper or essay on an important gender issue, this category has the best ideas for you. Students can write about different issues that affect individuals of different genders. For instance, this category can include gender wage gap essay topics. Wage variation is a common issue that affects women in different countries. Some of the best gender research paper topics in this category include:

  1. Discuss gender mainstreaming purpose
  2. Discuss the issue of gender-based violence
  3. Why is the wage gap so common in most countries?
  4. How can society promote equality in opportunities for women and men in sports?
  5. Explain what it means to be transgender
  6. Discuss the best practices of gender-neutral management
  7. What is women’s empowerment?
  8. Discuss how human trafficking affects women
  9. How problematic is gender-blindness for women?
  10. What does the glass ceiling mean in management?
  11. Why are women at a higher risk of sexual exploitation and violence?
  12. Why is STEM uptake low among women?
  13. How does ideology affect the determination of relations between genders
  14. How are sporting women fighting for equality?
  15. Discuss sports, women, and media institutions
  16. How can cities be made safer for girls and women?
  17. Discuss international trends in the empowerment of women
  18. How do women contribute to the world economy?
  19. Explain how feminism on different social relations unites men and women as groups
  20. Explain how gender diversity influence scientific discovery and innovation

This category has some of the most interesting women’s and gender studies paper topics. However, most of them require extensive research to come up with hard facts and figures that will make academic papers or essays more interesting.

Students in high schools and colleges can pick what to write about from a wide range of gender studies research topics. However, some gender studies topics might not be ideal for some learners based on the given essay prompt. Therefore, make sure that you have understood what the educator wants you to write about before you pick a topic. Our experts can help you choose a good thesis topic. Choosing the right gender studies topics enables learners to answer the asked questions properly. This impresses educators to award them top grades.

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