195 Top Anthropology Topics For Great Thesis

anthropology research topics

Anthropology is one of the most interesting disciplines that you can pursue at the university level. The whole idea of exploring everything known about human beings, from their origins to evolution, is pretty exciting.

However, the study requires preparing multiple assignments, which can be pretty challenging because you need a deep understanding of biology, history, and culture. The first step, which is even more stressful when preparing an anthropology paper, is selecting the right topic. So, we are here to help.

In this post, we have a list of the best anthropology topics that you can use to get good grades. To help you increase the chances of scoring the best grade in your paper, we have also included a comprehensive guide on how to write your paper like a pro.

What Is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humanity, and it is concerned about human biology, behavior, societies, cultures and linguistics in the past and present. The discipline stretches back to the study of past human species. Because of its broad nature, it is broken down into a number of units, with each focusing on a specific area:

  • Social anthropology: Focuses on patterns of human behavior.
  • Cultural anthropology: This branch mainly focuses on culture, including values and norms in the society.
  • Linguistic anthropology: Unlike the other two, this branch of anthropology targets determining how language impacts people’s lives.
  • Biological anthropology: This branch focuses on studying the biological development of humans.
  • Archaeological anthropology: This branch of anthropology is concerned with investigating humans in the past. In some jurisdictions, such as Europe, it is considered a full discipline like geography or history.

How To Write Best Quality Anthropology Research Paper

When your professors issue anthropology research paper prompts, one of the questions that you might have is, “how do I write a high level paper?” Here are the main steps that you can use to write a great college paper.

Step One: Understand the Assignment

The biggest mistake that you can make is starting an assignment without understanding what it entails. So, read the prompt carefully and grasp what is needed. For example, does your teacher want a qualitative or quantitative research paper? For masters and graduate students, it might be a quantitative anthropology dissertation.

Step Two: Select the Preferred Research Paper Topic

The topic that you select is very important, and it is advisable to go for the title that is interesting to you. Furthermore, the topic should have ample resources to help you complete the paper smoothly. If there are no books, journals, and other important resources to prepare the paper, there is a risk of getting stuck midway.

Once you select the topic, carry preliminary research to gather key points that you will use to prepare the paper. However, these points are not final and will need to get updated along the way.

Step Three: Develop Your Research Paper Outline

An outline defines the structure of the paper. It makes further research and preparing the paper pretty straightforward. Also, it eliminates the risk of forgetting important bits of the research paper. To make the paper more informative, make sure to add supportive information progressively.

Step Four: Write the Thesis Statement of Your Paper

The thesis statement of a paper is your stand about the topic that you are writing about. The statement comes in the introduction but will further be restated in conclusion. The information you present on the research paper will approve or disapprove your thesis statement.

Step Five: Write the Draft Paper

After gathering the information about the topic, it is time to get down and prepare the first draft. So, strictly follow the prepared outline to craft a good paper, starting with the introduction to the conclusion. If you are writing a dissertation, it might be good to tell your supervisor about the progress. Remember that a dissertation is more comprehensive than a research paper. To write a dissertation, you should start with the introduction, followed by the literature review, research methods, results, discussion, and finally, conclusion.

Step Six: Write the Final Paper

After finishing the draft, it is time to refine it further and make the work exceptional. Therefore, you might want to go through more resources to establish if there is anything more helpful to add. Finally, edit your paper and proofread the paper. You might also want to ask a friend to help with proofreading to identify mistakes that might have skipped your eye.

Next, we will highlight the leading anthropology topics that you should consider. So, pick the preferred one or tweak it a little to suit your needs.

Top 20 Anthropology Paper Topics

  1. How does the environment impact the color of a person?
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of eugenics in the 21st century.
  3. A closer look at the aging process in the western culture.
  4. What are the implications of physical labor on the physique of a person?
  5. Define the relationship between Kyphosis to human senescence
  6. Does smoking impact the appearance of a human being?
  7. Death caused by drowning: How to determine it through examination of physical and anatomical evidence.
  8. Existence of Homo Habilis is supported by modern facts.
  9. Compare two theories that explain the origins of human beings.
  10. A review of key beliefs about human body preservation in ancient Egypt.
  11. The role played by storytelling in different cultures.
  12. Applying anthropology as forensic science.
  13. Heroes in society.
  14. Closed societies.
  15. Emergency of terrorism into a culture.
  16. Feminism application in different cultures.
  17. A review of the concept of wellness in different cultures.
  18. What role does literature play in human development?
  19. Analyzing conflicts in Latin American and Asian cultures.
  20. Genetic engineering and anthropology: How are they related?

Interesting Anthropology Topics

  1. Investigating how religious beliefs impact the Hispanic cultures.
  2. A review of the evolution of sexual discrimination.
  3. The impact of culture on same sex marriages: A case study of LGBT community in France.
  4. A closer look at racism in modern societies.
  5. Causes of homelessness among the Hispanic communities.
  6. Causes and effects of homelessness among the Indian people in Asia.
  7. Comparing the strategies adopted to deal with homelessness in the US and India.
  8. Cultural anthropology and political science: How are they related?
  9. Identify and review two most important organizations when it comes to advancing anthropology.
  10. Peru’s Quechua people.
  11. Contemporary policy and environmental anthropology.
  12. What influences human social patterns?
  13. A review of the impact of western culture on indigenous people in North America.
  14. Analyzing the caste systems and ranking in societies.
  15. A review of ancient Roman culture.
  16. The evolution of the human ear.
  17. Comparing the evolution of man to the evolution of birds.
  18. What is the origin of modern humans?
  19. A closer look at the main issues in female circumcision.

Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Exploring the meaning of biological anthropology and its application in different fields.
  2. Analyzing how primatologists use primates to understand human evolution.
  3. How paleontologists use fossil records for anthropological comparisons.
  4. Biological anthropology: How does it explain human behavior development?
  5. Identify and review top geographical locations where anthropologists do their work: Why are these locations so important?
  6. Define the connection between social sciences and biological anthropology.
  7. The evolution of the primate diet.
  8. Analyzing the evolution of tapetum lucidum.
  9. A closer look at the extinction of giant lemurs in Madagascar.
  10. Human resistance to drugs: Human pathogen coevolution.
  11. How to determine the age of an animal using its bones.
  12. How does syphilis impact bones?
  13. Poaching and habitat destruction.
  14. The application of natural selection in the animal kingdom.

Good Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Religious beliefs in the Asian cultures.
  2. Comparing religious beliefs in African and Aboriginal cultures.
  3. A review of the key cultural concepts in a culture of choice in Europe.
  4. Comparing the idea of worldview from the perspectives of two societies.
  5. Marriage in a traditional society of your choice.
  6. A review of early development of economic organizations.
  7. The role of women in Indian society.
  8. A closer look at the process of language acquisition in African culture.
  9. Missionary and anthropology: What is the relationship?
  10. What strategies would you propose to minimize ethnocentrism?
  11. How can society minimize the notion of cultural baggage?
  12. Culture shock: Insights on how to address it.
  13. Belief in magic in different societies.
  14. A review of the impacts of globalization on nutritional anthropology.

Anthropological Research Questions

  1. Should anthropology be merged fully with biology?
  2. Is DNA evidence accurate in criminology applications?
  3. How does the practice of anthropology application in China compare to that of the US?
  4. Use of radiological tools in anthropology: What is their level of effectiveness?
  5. What are the main hazards and risks of forensic anthropology?
  6. What effect do mythologies have in modern society?
  7. How does language acquisition impact the culture of a society?
  8. Body project change projects: What are the valued attributes?
  9. Halloween celebrations: How have they evolved over the years?
  10. What are the impacts of adaptive mutation?
  11. How did WWI and WWII impact human societies?
  12. What are the impacts of climate change on animal evolution?
  13. Location of crime: What can you learn about it?
  14. What are the impacts of long-term alcohol addiction on the human body?
  15. Magic and science: Are they related?

Easy Anthropological Ideas

  1. Development of anthropology in the 21st century.
  2. Important lessons about humans that can be drawn from anthropological studies.
  3. Anthropological issues in pre-capitalist societies.
  4. A closer look at folk roles and primitive society.
  5. Urban centers and modern man.
  6. How is automation impacting human behavior?
  7. How does biology impact human culture?
  8. Reviewing racial identity and stereotypes in society.
  9. Comparing ancient Aztec to Maya civilizations.
  10. Analyzing religious diversity in the United States.
  11. Comparing religious diversity in the UK and Italy.
  12. Why is studying anthropology important?
  13. Comparing different death rituals in different cultures on the globe.
  14. What is the relationship between literature and human development?
  15. Analyzing the influence of anthropology on modern art.
  16. How has social media impacted different cultures on the globe?

Linguistic Anthropology Research Topics

  1. What led to the emergence of linguistics anthropology?
  2. A review of the main theories in linguistic anthropology.
  3. Linguistics used by different communities in the same nation.
  4. Comparing sign and verbal communication.
  5. How did Dell Hymes contribute to linguistic anthropology?
  6. Language is the most important component among Bengal immigrants.
  7. Language endangerment: What is it?
  8. Comparing different categories of arts from an anthropological context for an Asian and Western country.
  9. The impact of colonization on the language of a specific society of your choice.
  10. Explore three different indigenous languages in America.

Controversial Anthropology Topics

  1. Social anthropology is not worth studying because it is very general.
  2. Human societies are cultural constructs.
  3. The past should be considered a foreign nation.
  4. What are your views of petro behavior in chimps?
  5. Man is natural killer
  6. Infant killing is an important evolutionary strategy.
  7. The war on infanticides: Which side do you support?
  8. Evaluating the concept of human morality.
  9. Should all the political leaders be required to undertake training in cultural anthropology?
  10. Human cleansing: Evaluating the driving factors in different societies.
  11. Analyzing the concept of political correctness in the 21st century.
  12. What are the earliest life forms to exist on the planet?

Medical Anthropology Research Topics List

  1. Comparing and contrasting physical and medical anthropology studies.
  2. Do we have evidence of evolution over the last 2000 years?
  3. Exploring the importance of anthropology in modern medicine.
  4. The health implications of adapting to ecology.
  5. Domestic health culture practices in two societies of choice.
  6. A review of clinical anthropology applications.
  7. Political ecology of infectious diseases.
  8. What is the relationship between violence, diseases and malnutrition?
  9. The economic aspect of political health in a country of choice.
  10. Perception of risk, vulnerability and illnesses: A case study of the United States.
  11. What are the main factors that drive good nutrition and health transition?
  12. The adoption of preventive health practices in society.
  13. Important cultural conditions that help shape medical practices.
  14. Comparing the medical practices during the colonial and post-colonial eras in a county of choice.
  15. Use of mitochondria in forensic and anthropology.
  16. Commercialization of health and medicine: What are the implications in society?
  17. Analyzing health disparity in a society of your choice.

Current Topics In Anthropology

  1. Using anthropology studies to determine the impact of political systems on different societies.
  2. Human rights of people who are convicted of crimes.
  3. What are the most important organizations when studying anthropology?
  4. A closer look at the dialect of a modern feminist.
  5. A study of current queer life in Germany.
  6. Implications of Barack Obama as the African American President.
  7. Reviewing the Pagan rituals and their impacts.
  8. Comparing aging in the west and growing old in the African setting.
  9. Cultural implications of deviant behavior in society.
  10. The new concept of childhood in the emerging economies.

Physical Anthropology Research Topics

  1. What does genetic hitchhiking mean?
  2. Analyzing the cephalization process.
  3. What is adaptive mutation?
  4. Altruism: Is it learnt or a natural trait?
  5. What is abiogenesis in human development?
  6. A study of Australian marsupial’s convergent evolution.
  7. Comparing stability of animals in stability and those in the wild.
  8. Evolution of different animals in different parts of the globe. What drives the differences?
  9. A review of physical anthropology trends.
  10. The future evolution of human beings.
  11. Physical anthropology: The human and digital culture.
  12. What really makes people human?

Special Anthropology Topics to Write About

  1. Enlightenment and Victorian Anthropological Theory.
  2. Race and ethnicity: The anthropologist’s viewpoint.
  3. A closer look at reciprocity in the native aboriginal communities in Australia.
  4. What is the relationship between Neanderthal and modern humans?
  5. Cultural anthropology versus sociology.
  6. Anthropology of Mormonism.
  7. What is the biggest change since WWI?
  8. What is reflexive anthropology?
  9. What is the main purpose of rituals in society?
  10. Comparing rituals around childbirth in Asia.
  11. Evaluating the connection between religion and myths in different societies.
  12. Comparing the 20th and 21st century’s method of collecting anthropological data.
  13. Why is medical anthropology so important today?
  14. The importance of Benin artifacts in the history of the world.
  15. The sociology theory: A review of its structure and shortcomings.
  16. Christian believes in anthropology.
  17. Comparing Anthropology of Europe to Anthropology of Africa.
  18. Evaluate the effectiveness of reflexivity use in ethnographic studies.

Forensic Anthropology Paper Topics

  1. What are the primary agents that cause biological changes in the human body?
  2. Are the biological change agents in a human being similar to those of other animals?
  3. Assessing the accuracy of carbon dating technology.
  4. Analyzing the latest improvements in crime detection technology.
  5. Analyzing evidence that supports evolution views of human beings.
  6. How does radioactivity impact different animals?
  7. The main signs of asphyxiation.
  8. A review of the latest archaeological dating methods: Are they effective?
  9. Mummification: How effective was the process as applied in Egypt?
  10. Importance of crime scenes in forensic anthropology.
  11. Analyzing the effectiveness of Buccal Swabs when profiling insides of cheeks.
  12. Criminal profiling: How effective is it in deterring a criminal’s traits?
  13. Footprint in the crime scene: What can they tell you?
  14. Soil comparison in forensic anthropology.
  15. Insect as important agents of body decomposition.
  16. How do you identify blunt force trauma?
  17. Comparing and contrasting penetrating and perforating trauma.
  18. Analyzing the Rigor Mortis method of establishing a person’s death.

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