170 AP Research Topics For Your Paper

170 AP Research Topics

As you may already know, AP Seminar is across multiple disciplines of study. It primarily explores how students can achieve critical thinking abilities through collaboration and thorough academic research. AP Seminar also helps the student understand real-world issues from different lenses.

This way, you get to understand how the world works through multiple perspectives. AP Seminar usually covers team projects, individual papers, oral presentations, and the exam at the end of the course. How do you prepare for your project, paper, or oral presentation without essential AP research paper topics?

It would help if you have AP research topics ideas and perhaps, AP research questions. You need AP seminar topics that help you develop your analytical and creative research and writing skills. You will find them in this content. However, before that, what must be found in a good AP research paper?

Characteristics of a Good AP Research Paper

Writing a good research paper requires analyzing previous academic papers and improving your knowledge about what you want to write. While writing your research paper, take notes of these:

  1. A Good Papers Must be Relevant in the Long Term
    This means you should not write on something that will no longer be relevant in two years. In other words, think about Shakespeare. Or better still, think about writing something that many other writers and researchers will reference. Your logic must have no noticeable unclear gap.
    Your research must also pass through a thorough assessment process to ascertain that everything in your paper is relevant to the present and the future. If you are writing something about history, you should apply logic and thought to the sources you pick and write about them.
  2. Backup Your Research with Valid Sources
    Every research paper without an external source is poor. Especially when you quote facts, your good sources make your paper appealing and worthy of application or study by different generations. Your paper must include all the facts it needs to pass each point. This is also important because having solid references means that you consulted excellent sources and adopted their information while writing your paper.
  3. Have Great Research Questions
    Research questions sometimes turn your paper around. This is because your AP research questions must be well thought of and dynamic to the issues you’re writing about. When you choose from AP seminar themes available to you or the AP research topic ideas of your choice, asking yourself questions your research will answer makes it easy to focus. Your research questions influence your research, and they make writing easy too.
  4. Your Research Must be Specific
    You can only master how to stay relevant by writing on specific issues. For example, if you want to write about coronavirus, you should not make the mistake of treating a general topic. Instead, narrow it down to your environment or a controversial issue.
    The Atlantic recently published a long-form essay about a hospital overwhelmed with patients. They eventually had to use their ambulances for some operations. That is an example of a research that treats a specific issue, not a generic one.
  5. Your Research Must be Well Structured and Concise
    This is perhaps the most critical part of your work. If you have an excellent paper, it will only reflect when you have a great structure. As you know, your paper must have an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.
  • The introduction is where you discuss the general concepts and the target of your paper. You can also discuss why it is essential to examine the topic; this could be your problem statement.
  • Your main body is where you disassemble and reassemble your facts, make your arguments, and pass your message. Note that you will answer all your research questions in this section, which is why the section is most important while writing a paper. It will help if you back every fact up with solid references.
  • Your conclusion is where you sum everything you’ve raised and discussed. You may attach a quick call to action to the necessary authorities, depending on what you’ve written. However, if you have just sensitized your readers with your project, your conclusion should end with a perfect sentence or paragraphs that stays with your readers.

Now that you know all these, consider these AP seminar research paper topics for your project, paper, or oral presentation. On the other hand, remember you can buy thesis online from our professional helpers team and never worry about your grades.

AP Seminar Themes

AP Seminar themes are the usual subject of discourse that often appear in any AP Seminar. These themes unite all the courses you study during your one year long course. You can consider these AP research topics:

  1. The ethics of algorithms on social media
  2. Controversial supreme court ruling based on public opinion
  3. Environmental injustice and consequences on real estate
  4. The challenges of typo errors
  5. Overview of genetics
  6. The cause of food waste
  7. Universal adult suffrage and the fault in the system
  8. #MeToo movement and the challenges
  9. The issues on wealth inequality
  10. Agree or disagree with Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History.”
  11. Social class exists in communist societies
  12. Communism is the feasible system of the future
  13. Art and education
  14. Music and education
  15. The significance of entertainment in the workplace.

AP Seminar Topics

These are direct AP seminar research topics that you can use for your paper. The best topics are often intriguing enough to impress your teachers for your dissertation or thesis. You can use these to create the perfect paper:

  1. Food waste management in Ukraine
  2. How the naval power of China is not enough over Taiwan and its allies
  3. Low lying islands and global warming
  4. The differences in Chinese GDP between 1978 and 2020
  5. How global warming affects countries that contribute less to it
  6. The rise in the creation of energy-efficient cars
  7. Genetically modified plants ruin nature: discuss
  8. Pesticides cause more harm than good: discuss
  9. Saving money in college is underrated
  10. Significance of electric cars to the future
  11. A study on three robots and the prospects for the future workplace
  12. Gun control is impossible: discuss
  13. Intensive farming may not end hunger: discuss
  14. Examine the output of three countries and their wealth
  15. How much has the world achieved gender equality?
  16. Discuss why the demand for tech is a challenging issue
  17. Compare and contrast the labor market in the US and Germany
  18. Would you say China is the superpower of sustainable batteries
  19. Study the rising sectors in the world and their consequences
  20. Will petroleum, not batteries, be vital in 2030?
  21. Homework is overrated
  22. What are the controversies around the statement “I am self-taught.”
  23. Significance of noise pollution
  24. Quantum entanglement: discuss
  25. China and its tech products
  26. UK and software growth
  27. Is Africa forgotten?
  28. Challenges between black Americans and African Americans
  29. Aside from COVID-19 and omicron, what are globally threatening issues?
  30. Abortion is unethical: discuss.

AP Research Topic Ideas

As a research student, you may also want to consider good ideas to develop for your paper. Your AP research topic ideas must aid your analytical skills. It should also help you create interesting perspectives about issues. You can consider:

  1. How the ozone layer protects the planet
  2. The best way to address global warming
  3. A study of Elon Musk’s education system
  4. A study of the Swiss educational system
  5. Challenges of education in the UK
  6. Challenges on education in the US
  7. Study how prison changes people
  8. Discuss recent aquatic discoveries
  9. How to answer to Brazil’s deforestation
  10. The effects of deforestation on global health
  11. The rise and evolution of taxes
  12. Is the US the world police?
  13. Trace world religions: is there a peaceful religion?
  14. Discuss how Jews weaponized the Holocaust narrative in Palestine
  15. Discuss why some courses are compulsory
  16. Examine the problem with obesity
  17. Discuss what it means to be in denial
  18. Analyze US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan
  19. Human right over national security: discuss
  20. Is the EU sustainable?
  21. Discuss the activities of CNN’s Jeff Zucker
  22. Why is history important?
  23. Is philosophy a foundational discipline for all disciplines?
  24. Examine measures to prevent a WWIII
  25. Lessons from the failure of Right 2 Respond in Syria
  26. Discuss the challenges of mandatory service
  27. Was the Cold War indeed a cold war?
  28. What does the world know about Antarctica?
  29. Debt diplomacy: discuss
  30. An overview of terrorism.

AP World History Research Paper Topics

World history can be broad yet interesting. World history is interesting when you apply rational thought and philosophy into the aspects of the past that matter and those that don’t. These are some good AP world history research paper topics:

  1. Effects of the industrial revolution
  2. The evolution of German industries
  3. The Crusaders are the same as the Jihads: discuss
  4. The struggle for democracy
  5. French revolution and consequences on Europe
  6. The US independence and consequences on Europe
  7. The decolonization of Europe led to the colonization of Africa
  8. British imperialism and challenges
  9. Mongols and relevance in history
  10. What are the similarities and differences in the civilizations of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
  11. Discuss the hegemony of the Ottoman Empire
  12. Discuss the evolution of contemporary politics
  13. Examine history and religion
  14. How Hitler could have won WWII
  15. How Asia changed post-WWI
  16. The symbols in Ancient Egypt
  17. The symbols in Mesopotamia civilization
  18. How agricultural revolution affect the world
  19. The rise of industries in Japan
  20. The growth of armament and present challenges
  21. Water challenges in the Middle East
  22. The Middle East is a vital region to the globe: discuss
  23. Would you say Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was a great leader?
  24. Examine the disunity in the Arab League
  25. Mortification in Ancient Egypt
  26. The Jews and the world
  27. The cyclical nature of history
  28. Sexual revolution and trends
  29. Nudity and its politics
  30. Child trafficking in India.

AP US History Research Paper Topics

To engage in more direct research, you may want to integrate your thoughts into interesting AP research topics. These are topics about current and past events in US history:

  1. Differences between presidents Trump and Clinton
  2. The US and the Great Depression
  3. US interference in the Suez Canal crisis
  4. US foreign policy to Libya under Gaddafi
  5. The US before and after 9/11
  6. Religions of the Native Americans
  7. The fiction in Salem Witch Trials
  8. Women’s role in America’s independence
  9. Women’s role in the Renaissance Europe
  10. Sexual revolution as feminism
  11. Industrial revolution in America
  12. The causes of slavery in the Americas
  13. America will always fight wars: discuss
  14. The reasons why America built up its armies
  15. The evolution of labor unions in America
  16. An overview of the Cuban Missile Crisis
  17. The US and social media policy
  18. US and gender inequality
  19. Corruption in the US
  20. Gangsterism in the US
  21. George Floyd and the consequences of his death
  22. The effects of the Mississippi River Flood
  23. CIA and the murder of Congolese Patrice Lumumba: justifiable?
  24. Ideological challenges in US history
  25. Indigenous technology in the American Civil War
  26. The effect of Hurricane Katrina
  27. An overview of a mass shooting in any location of your choice
  28. Environmental crisis in the US
  29. Was the Cold War necessary?
  30. Criticize the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

AP Capstone Research Topics

AP Capstone involves the assessment and overview of all the courses during your AP Seminar. It examines your knowledge of different theories and how you can apply them. You can choose these topics for your paper:

  1. The US and its ethnicities
  2. US and religious duplicity
  3. Vaccines and their benefits in the US
  4. How does the US control the UN
  5. Bullying and its impacts
  6. How social media affects students
  7. Food insecurity and challenges of the contemporary world
  8. The future of the automobile
  9. The future of automation
  10. Does Elon Musk do something similar to Mark Zuckerberg?
  11. Extreme sports: what’s the thrill?
  12. The history of vaccines
  13. Is America truly democratic
  14. Discuss the overaction of lawmakers on the Janet Jackson Superbowl performance saga
  15. Is the UN a toothless bulldog?

AP Biology Research Topics

Biology is an integral part of the world and a relevant course in your AP Seminar. You can choose to discuss any of the following interesting topics:

  1. Critically analyze how the human body works.
  2. Discuss the correlation between the way Ancient Egyptians preserved their dead and the way it is done today
  3. How has the research and writings of the Romantic Era achieved some changes in the biology of contemporary society?
  4. What is the most common thing that weakens the human immune system?
  5. The HIV/AIDS epidemic and the vulnerability of the human society
  6. The scientists’ struggle in preventing the spread of the virus before, during, and after COVID-19
  7. Assess the importance of genetics, if any, in the creation of robots with emotional abilities like humans
  8. Assess how stress affects the immune system and how a strenuous activity as sex helps ease stress
  9. Speak with any five persons and evaluate why some people have refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine
  10. Discuss how bacteria affect the body and its consequences
  11. Evaluate how animals communicate
  12. Trace the evolution and trends in the discovery that the heart controls human life, not the brain
  13. A study of how white blood cells work and fight diseases
  14. Should DNA tests be made accessible for the public?
  15. Cell division and how to teach how it works to pupils
  16. Examine the process of photosynthesis on plants
  17. The trends and discoveries of cancer treatments
  18. Read five pieces of literature on different perspectives on genetics and appraise them.
  19. Analyze how the red blood cells convey oxygen
  20. Appraise the structure of the human body.

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