271 Strong Argumentative Research Paper Topics You Must Know

argumentative research paper topics

Writing good argumentative research paper topics can always place you in a rock and a hard place. Writing from scratch can be daunting, but writing to a deadline is worse. Creating a terrific academic argumentative research paper takes a few tweaks. Through them, you will eventually craft a standardized paper that would earn you all points and, if not all, perhaps better grades.

This article will discuss the various angles you could take flawlessly to finish an argumentative research paper. Consequently, do not let terror take over you when writing a research paper.

Instead, it will be your forte after reading through this article’s steps.

What Is An Argumentative Research Paper?

An argumentative research paper is a paper that is structured in a way that allows you to present and defend your ideas about the topic, and that’s what definitional argument paper topics involve. The main purpose of an argumentative research paper is to make it possible for you to demonstrate your arguments. They may be based on either scientific knowledge or personal experience.

College argumentative research paper topics can be a single paper or a collection of several papers that you have written. Alternatively, it can be a series of papers in which you have analyzed different aspects of the topic. It will take you a while of introspection to understand this.

An award-winning research paper or one that could earn you better grades must be deeply rooted in facts. Generally, you must employ extensive evidence to defend your opinion or point.

What Are The Different Types Of Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

The are many different types of argumentative research paper topics. Here we explore the classic classification of the topics and their characteristics

  1. Classical Western Argument
    These types of classical argument paper topics have always been footed on two bases: to convince the audience that they are right and give well-reasoned answers to questionsThey are easy argument paper topics. Topics for argumentative research paper tasks do not necessarily have to be complicated. An introduction is imperative for a classical western argument since it welcomes the audience and builds goodwill and a connection with the readers. It also announces the overall theme or thesis of the argument.It must have a narration that portrays necessary background facts. It is intended to inform the listener about the setting and occurrences that produced the argument.A classic western argument must have confirmation, refutation, and summation. Remember, the summary must be concrete, echoing the gravity of the argument and equally reflecting the best solution to the readers.
  2. Toulon Argument
    The primary goal of a Toulmin argument is frequently to gather the most compelling proof in favor of the presented statements. For example, if you take “Philosophy argument paper topics”, you have to work through this topic well and understand it.The goal of a Toulmin argument is precise, unlike the previous types. It is made up of six parts, namely: introduction, data, warrants, qualifiers, rebuttal, and backing. It has a conclusion intended to trigger evocative thought among the readers.
  3. Rogerian Argument
    The Rogerian argument seeks the greatest plausible solution based on the wants and preferences of everyone concerned, or, in other words, some form of unanimity. The essay structure of this type of argument does not bear innate disparities to the different types. It has a structure that aims at reaching a consensus amidst the contest.The Rogerian argument topics for a paper focus on expanding comprehension between conflicting viewpoints by noting that an issue can be viewed from various perspectives. Its building blocks are; an introduction, an acknowledgement of the opposition, a thesis statement, support for the thesis, and a conclusion.Notably, the summary has to highlight the imperatives of a classical argument paper topic, even if it cannot resolve the problem wholly. Also, it has to acknowledge that more work needs to be done in the future to find lasting remedies.

How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement outlines the topic of your assignments, that is, argumentative research essay topics, and provides a summary of the article’s content, particularly your position on the subject. It is helpful to pose a concern before making your assertion in a thesis, so that your thesis can provide a resolution.

This is a powerful strategy for getting the reader interested in your subject and the viewpoint you advocate. The basic custom of any argument should be briefly covered in a thesis. By accomplishing this-getting thesis writing help, you can assist the reader in becoming ready for the essay’s main body.

When writing a thesis statement, you must include:

  • A question
  • A provocative statement
  • A well-laid description
  • An anecdote that compels the readers to find out more about the essay

Whenever you start writing, make an effort to define your aim explicitly. This is what argumentative research paper topics college institutions demand. Constantly write on your subject if you cannot express your purpose effectively.

How To Select A Topic For An Argumentative Essay

You might occasionally find yourself debating points you do not particularly agree with. That is just good – making a convincing argument does not need you to believe what you are saying fervently.

However, picking a subject you are passionate about is a fantastic option when you have complete freedom over it. A strong perspective and various supporting arguments are the two essential elements of a high quality successful argumentative essay.

It will be simpler for a student to obtain proof to back up an argument if they are fascinated and enthusiastic about the issue that they chose. The evidence itself is what matters most.

Decide on a topic by considering issues that are important to you, irrespective of whether they are good or bad. Create a list of concepts, and then pick a couple to focus on. You will then elaborate upon such concepts by addressing a few compensatory picks.

Making these lists may lead you to discover that a few are more powerful than others. The greater the issue, the more proof you have and the more compelling you believe that proved to be.

Again, choosing a different argument research topic is acceptable if you think one issue would have more verifiable data, but you would prefer not to pen about it. If you are enthusiastic about our topic, it might be much simpler to uncover solid arguments and evidence to support your claims than if you are not.

Well, here is a list of sample argumentative research paper topics you could decide to choose from and develop a terrific essay.

Good Argument Paper Topics On Education

Here are some ingenious argumentative essay sample topics touching on matters of education:

  1. Can parents be able to alter their unborn children’s characteristics?
  2. Should pupils need to be immunized to attend a public school?
  3. Should global governments take action to combat climate change?
  4. Should physical education classes have an impact on a student’s grades?
  5. Is free college a good idea?
  6. Should Greek life be banned from academic institutions?
  7. Should comprehensive sex education be given to scholars?
  8. It should be possible for pupils to choose the high school curriculum.
  9. The importance of physical education in education.
  10. Schools should not permit the use of cell phones.
  11. Like scholars, teachers need to pass a professional exam.
  12. Less work should be assigned to pupils in schools.
  13. High schools should be required to include sex education.
  14. The Best Alternative to Regular School is Home Schooling
  15. Scholars should only spend three months studying and nine months vacationing.
  16. Sporting Activities Can Help You Change Your Life.
  17. Lies Are a Vital Component of a Healthy Relationship
  18. There Are Aliens
  19. Keeping a Journal Is a Fun Stress Reduction Technique
  20. Colleges need medical facilities to aid scholars in overcoming stress and depression.
  21. You Can Learn Important Life Skills from Video Games
  22. Having a pet is a way to improve your happiness.
  23. Better Off Renting Than Buying a Home
  24. Is the American educational system ideal for the modern world?

Interesting Argument Paper Topics On Ethics

When faced with an argumentative essay touching on ethics, here are samples to jog your mind:

  1. Do GMOs benefit or hurt humans?
  2. Should Facebook be permitted to gather user data?
  3. Should autonomous vehicles be made legal?
  4. Is it moral to use automation to replace human labor?
  5. Should use a cell phone while driving is prohibited by law?
  6. Has the Internet had a good or bad impact on society?
  7. Should college athletes receive compensation for playing on teams?
  8. Must fracking be permitted?
  9. Same-sex couples ought to be permitted to wed.
  10. Death Penalties: Are They Still Valid in the Twenty-First Century?
  11. Benefits of Medical Marijuana Legalization
  12. Without organized religion, the world might be a better place.
  13. More harm than good is caused by technology.
  14. What would life be like if animals ruled the world?
  15. What if scholars and teachers switched places?
  16. How will having flying automobiles affect our daily lives?
  17. The most prosperous people are school dropouts.
  18. Why drinking is advisable before a test
  19. What if humans were to view the world as dogs do?
  20. The causes behind Starbucks’ delicious flavor
  21. How defying your parents can help you succeed?
  22. Why passing the driving test is crucial
  23. The top pupils are those who do not attend class.
  24. The best visitors are those who arrived already stuffed.
  25. Why I enjoy junk mail
  26. Why setting your school on fire is not an option
  27. Clowns are not as terrifying as you would imagine.
  28. The reason why your washing won’t do itself
  29. Why you should continue to wear a mask even after COVID-19
  30. Which film has ever been the worst?
  31. How playing video games can benefit your career search
  32. Why I don’t like country music
  33. Why films are superior to books
  34. Is it wrong to show sex scenes on television?
  35. Should learning institutions condone cheating?
  36. Should young people have access to birth control?
  37. Is religion a valid justification for terrorism?
  38. Does bullying make one stronger?
  39. Do you think young kids should have access to cell phones and tablets?
  40. Should minors be allowed to obtain contraception without their parent’s permission?
  41. Is it time for single-payer healthcare in the US?
  42. Should assisted suicide be allowed to exist?
  43. Should nutritional supplements and products for weight loss, such as teas, be allowed to use influencer marketing?
  44. Should physicians be permitted to promote medications?
  45. Is the electoral college still a useful mechanism in contemporary America?
  46. Should Puerto Rico gain statehood?
  47. Is automatic voter registration a good idea?
  48. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  49. Should justices of the Supreme Court be voted into power?
  50. Children should not be served soda at restaurants.
  51. Should sexual labor be made legal?
  52. Should Indigenous Peoples’ Day take the place of Columbus Day?
  53. Should executions be permitted?
  54. Are uniforms for schools a good idea?
  55. Should using animals for clinical tests be permitted?
  56. Should the crime of drug possession be dropped?
  57. Must unpaid internships be permitted?
  58. Must abortion be outlawed?
  59. Do individuals misuse their freedom to carry weapons?
  60. Is there a racial component to police violence?
  61. It is time to raise the legal drinking age.
  62. A child’s sexual orientation is established when they are young.
  63. All around the world, same-sex unions should be permitted.
  64. Inmates should not be kept as illegal immigrants.
  65. Should all women have access to reproductive health care and birth control?
  66. Would anyone benefit equally from our tax system?
  67. Is vaping just as dangerous as cigarette smoking?
  68. Is global consumption a serious problem?
  69. Is social media a privacy infringement?
  70. Does everyone need to get vaccinated?
  71. Do food firms have a say in what we eat?
  72. Does our system of education fit our culture?
  73. Why should certain languages be recognized as official in the US?
  74. Is the death penalty ever justified?
  75. Victims of rape ought to abort their unborn children.
  76. Equal paternity leave should be granted to fathers.
  77. Do trouble-making behaviors among teenagers stem from boredom?
  78. Parents who have failed their children should be disciplined.
  79. Animal testing ought to be prohibited.
  80. Gaming that is violent needs to be prohibited.
  81. Adopting parents with mental impairments should not be permitted.
  82. Islamist nations should allow alcohol usage.
  83. Everyone should receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  84. School dress codes ought to be abolished
  85. Assignments should not be required
  86. Pets ought to be allowed in learning institutions
  87. Cellphone use should be permitted in class for scholars.
  88. The daily schooling hours ought to be cut shorter
  89. Why longer school breaks are necessary
  90. Every classroom needs a TV.
  91. We must extend our summer vacation.
  92. Schools ought to have recess in between class sessions.
  93. A pet belongs in every classroom.
  94. Is a College Education Still Required?
  95. Should High School Graduates Have a Gap Year?
  96. Cyberbullying in High School Is a Serious Problem
  97. Scholars ought to be permitted to dress however they like.
  98. The Existing Grading System Does Not Reflect Scholars’ Knowledge in the Contemporary World
  99. Is a Lower Voting Age Needed?
  100. The Benefits of Offering Free Condoms to Scholars
  101. Partners expecting a child ought to take parenting classes
  102. Sex education ought to be taught in schools.
  103. Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  104. Standardized Tests Need to Be Banned
  105. Scholar loans: Are They Favorable or Bad?
  106. Is drug use on campuses a test or a genuine issue?
  107. Do College Relationships Last a Long Time?
  108. Children should not be permitted to attend college classes by scholars.
  109. Fraternities’ detrimental effects on scholars’ behavior and performance
  110. When Is a Gap Year a Welcomed Idea?
  111. There should be more benefits for college athletes when schooling.
  112. Most college units are already obsolete and unfit for the contemporary world.
  113. The cost of lodging in universities ought to be zero.
  114. Celebs ought not to serve as teenage girls’ role models.
  115. Diet obsession can result in a variety of eating conditions and health complications.
  116. School uniforms ought to be required.
  117. Males and females can have friendships that are limited to just that.
  118. The vegetarian lifestyle is not practical
  119. Democracy is currently the sanest form of government.
  120. GMO diets aren’t as risky as we once thought
  121. Horror films may harm one’s mental health.
  122. Junk food ought not to be offered in school lunches.

Easy Argument Paper Topics On Sports

Sports argumentative essay topics can prove hard to formulate. Here are samples:

  1. Should there be a gender divide in sports?
  2. Should baseball’s designated hitter system be eliminated?
  3. Should American sports treat soccer with more respect?
  4. Should players and coaches receive the same compensation?
  5. Girls should be urged to participate in sports and put just as much effort into their studies as boys do.
  6. College Sports Players Must Be Paid
  7. Sports should allow women to compete against men.
  8. Countries benefit economically and socially by hosting the Olympic Games.
  9. Media coverage of female athletes is still sexist.
  10. Certain sports can encourage violent behavior.
  11. Injury Has a Significant Impact on an Athlete’s Mental Health
  12. Among Athletes, Eating Disorders Are a Common Issue
  13. Schools and Colleges should emphasize physical education more
  14. Taking part in sports can have calming, resonant effects on the body and mind.
  15. Motivating girls to participate in sports is important.

Argument Paper Topics On Religion

Argumentative essay topics on religion could prove contentious. Below are samples:

  1. Should religious institutions be subject to taxation?
  2. Should schools allow religious clubs?
  3. Should the pledge of allegiance include “one nation under God”?
  4. Should religion be covered in the classroom?
  5. Should clerics be permitted to wed?

Professional Argument  Paper Topics On Economics

Argumentative topics in economics essays are easy. Here are some examples:

  1. Is raising the minimum wage necessary?
  2. Do monopolies deserve to exist?
  3. Is the concept of universal basic income wisely?
  4. Should the tax rate on companies be higher or cheap?

Argument Paper Topics On Society And Culture

Formulating argumentative essay topics on culture and society, in general, should not bother you that much. Here are samples. But if you have problems with your writing you can order a dissertation online.

  1. Is graffiti considered destruction or art?
  2. Should books with offensive language be prohibited?
  3. Should YouTube content be more strictly regulated?
  4. Is the study of art important?
  5. Should people be able to share their art and music online?
  6. Current assessments do not match the scholar’s ability.
  7. Breastfeeding in public should be permitted for women.
  8. To bring about change, the Internet was developed.
  9. When it comes to giving their kids a nutritious diet, parents should be accountable.
  10. Churches ought to be taxed as well.
  11. The Contribution of Art to the Evolution of Our World
  12. Using Art Therapy to Treat Mental Illness
  13. Scholars that participate in the arts excel academically.
  14. Unlike traditional art, digital art lacks soul.
  15. Everybody ought to enrol in art classes in school
  16. Is Art Actually Required?
  17. What Inner Fears Do Children Express in Their Art?
  18. What Is Art For?
  19. How Has the Representation of Women in Art Changed Over the Centuries?
  20. Most art forms were created in ancient Greece, which is where they originated.
  21. A potent treatment for psychological issues is music.
  22. Hard Rock Harmfully influences teenage Behavior
  23. If You Pay Attention, You Can Hear Music in the Natural World
  24. Billie Eilish Is Not Your Average Teen Pop Star-Star
  25. The Human Brain is Positively affected by Music
  26. The Calming Power of Celtic Music
  27. Modern music is largely commercial rather than artistic.
  28. Rap music encourages aggression.
  29. A better pregnancy can be ensured by classical music.
  30. College scholars’ academic performance is improved through music

Technology Argument Paper Topics

Many learners avoid technology-related argumentative topics due to their technicality. Below are samples:

  1. Owners of social media platforms should keep an eye on and delete comments that use offensive language.
  2. Does technology contribute to individuals feeling more alone?
  3. Will there ever be a moment when no new technological developments take place?
  4. Vlogging is not a legitimate career.
  5. Is LinkedIn useful in terms of job search?
  6. The number of business opportunities has significantly increased thanks to social media.
  7. Is Java going out of style?
  8. Are social media profiles of candidates something employers should look through?
  9. Social media cause teenage despair.

Science Argument Paper Topics

Below are argumentative topics touching on the science field:

  1. The Morality of Cloning the Benefits of Genetic Engineering and How They Can Change the World the Potential Benefits of Investing in Space Exploration
  2. Universities should spend more money on scientific programs.
  3. How Do New Scientific Discoveries Affect Our Everyday Lives?
  4. Do New Technologies Pose Health Risks?
  5. The use of animals in scientific research should be prohibited
  6. The Science of Medical Marijuana’s Healing Effect
  7. Food that has been genetically modified: Is it healthy for us or not?
  8. Why Science Should Be Taught to Everyone.

Argument Paper Topics On The Environment

Argumentative topics on the environment tend to be broad. Here are useful samples:

  1. Existing environmental statutes do not avert human encroachment and habitat obliteration
  2. Human encroachment endangers the lives of plants and animals
  3. Climate change is real
  4. Developed nations primarily cause global warming
  5. A change in farming practices is required to cease environmental obliteration.
  6. Environment-friendly effects of vegetarianism
  7. The worst polluters of air and water are industrial by-products and farming additives
  8. Overpopulation is the root cause of city pollution
  9. We must protect the world’s resources.
  10. Hunting is a sinful activity.
  11. Is using animals in a circus acceptable?
  12. Evil dogs ought to be put to sleep.
  13. Recycling ought to be required.
  14. Should recycling be made required?
  15. Is competition advantageous?
  16. Does blogging as a profession have a future?
  17. Is it possible for people to ever exist without the Internet?
  18. Should everyone volunteer and donate to charities?
  19. Does the media infringe on famous people’s privacy?

Argument Paper Topics On Government

Politics is not everyone. Below are argumentative topics on governance you could exploit:

  1. In wealthy nations, unlawful immigration is a serious problem.
  2. Citizenship should always be granted to persons sired within a particular country’s borders. Stricter immigration laws should be enforced against illegal immigration
  3. Border restrictions should be tightened to stop illegal immigration.
  4. The main driver of unlawful immigration is poverty.
  5. Deporting illegal immigrants to their nations of origin is usually pointless.
  6. High Illegal Immigration Rates May Encourage Prostitution
  7. High levels of unlawful immigration are one of the main causes of terrorism.
  8. Lowering immigration costs may help avert illegal immigration
  9. Refugee applicants ought not to be viewed as unauthorized immigrants.
  10. Is Racial Profiling Still Appropriate in Today’s World?
  11. Euthanasia for terminally ill patients should be made legal.
  12. All should have access to free higher education.
  13. Is Donald Trump’s presidency detrimental to the US and the rest of the world, or beneficial?
  14. In colleges and schools, energy drinks have to be prohibited.
  15. In the US, gambling ought to be outlawed.
  16. Should abortion be outlawed globally?
  17. Should the death penalty be carried out universally?
  18. Certain kinds of animal experimentation and other forms of study ought to be prohibited.
  19. Should the government take additional steps to provide accessibility for the physically challenged?
  20. Are people born with the skill to be a politician, or do they learn it?

High Quality Argument Paper Topics On Health

There are numerous argumentative topics on health to choose from. Below are samples:

  1. Everyone should have access to free health care.
  2. It is possible to discover a working cure for AIDs
  3. Art therapy can be effective for a wide range of health issues
  4. Healthy alternatives: benefits and drawbacks
  5. The negative consequences of a head injury
  6. Does the media accurately represent the risk of coronavirus?
  7. Are electronic cigarettes more harmless than smoke?
  8. Could 3D printing help the medical field?
  9. Nanotechnology can aid in cancer treatment
  10. How would stem cells reduce cardiac arrest patients’ mortality rates?
  11. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice views on abortion
  12. Alcoholism harms all aspects of life, not just health
  13. The production and sale of tobacco should be prohibited
  14. Vaping is safer than cigarette smoking.
  15. The risks of the COVID-19 vaccine outweigh the benefits.

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