175 Journalism Topics And Excellent Writing Ideas

journalism topics

As a student of mass communication or journalism, you may need journalism research paper topics to fulfill your undergraduate degree requirements. As you already know, journalism involves profound investigative reports centered on an issue affecting the public. It’s all about public life, and this is why you may need different journalism thesis topics and ideas.

If you’re also a college student who needs good journalism topics to write your assignment or essay, there are numerous topics and ideas across different journalism categories in this content. See the following topics for journalism class that can inform your paper or project.

Investigative Journalism Topics

Investive journalism is that category of journalism that embeds profound investigation into a particular subject of interest. This could be political corruption, bank fraud, murder, and other serious crimes in society. These are journalism research topics that could help you develop brilliant ideas:

  1. Investigate the role of the US government under Trump in the mismanagement and ignorance of the COVID-19 reality
  2. Investigate the part of the radio and newspapers in spreading fake news in the 2020 US election
  3. Investigate one of the biggest scams in the history of England
  4. Examine the role of the Peaky Blinders gangster in the making of contemporary gangs
  5. Account for the activities of the Yakuza gang in Japan within three decades
  6. Report for the struggle of the Taliban and Afghanistan in the two-decade war
  7. Examine the relativity of the Afghan War and the Vietnam War based on the U.S. involvement
  8. Examine the fraud of US officials in the Iraq War
  9. Investigate the complexities around US involvement in military and humanitarian aid in the Middle East
  10. Assess the role of communist leaders in the creation of personality cult taking clues from Chairman Mao of China and Stalin of the USSR
  11. The public believes that Afghan women will suffer in the Taliban government; however, some believe that it is peace and tranquility for the rural men and women who have been plagued by war. Investigate the bitter and sweet side of the war
  12. Account for any child abuse scandal involving a government official in recent time in any country of your choice
  13. Examine the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and relate it to the growth of the Ebola virus
  14. Assess how governments violently quell peaceful protests in any country of your choice
  15. Assess the cover-up of the Vatican in the sexual scandal of officials in the Holy Seal
  16. Account for the influence of drug use in Mexico and how it influence or affect youths
  17. Examine the shows with sexual appeal and how they affect the population
  18. Give an account for the influence of extremity in the spread of the gospel of hatred in America
  19. Study any corruption scandal of your choice and examine the fault of regulatory bodies
  20. Give a comparative analysis of the 2008 economic crisis and the OPEC Oil Price Shock of 1973
  21. Investigate the conspiracies in the government of Donald Trump
  22. Investigate the bloody situation in Libya before Gaddafi’s death
  23. Investigate the challenges facing India’s minority
  24. Investigate the crisis in Turkey
  25. Account for the political crisis between NATO-Ukraine and Russia

Journalism Topics for High School

You may have been asked to create journalism topics for your essay or contribute to your school’s magazine. There are different custom topics you could write about. You can consider these exciting and easy journalism topics:

  1. An assessment of societal Influence of corruption and unaccountability
  2. Assess the societal impact of the unaccountable judiciary in the US courts
  3. What do you think about the role of the big five countries in rural community development?
  4. What do you think the Biden Administration can do better about student loans and mortgages?
  5. Assess the impact of mass media in reducing corruption
  6. What do you know about drug abuse in the US, and how does it affect kids?
  7. Evaluate how drama can be used to promote sensitization of sexual differences
  8. Give an overview of how literature can be used to promote sexual orientation for high school kids
  9. Why do you think your school needs a radio broadcast channel
  10. What are your thoughts on unrestricted access to the internet for college students?
  11. Do you think that social media is a good or bad innovation for society?
  12. Assess how social media is responsible for depression and anxiety about beauty amongst youths
  13. What do you believe are the impact of America Got Talent shows on kids
  14. Because of social media, do you think mass media outlets like newspapers, televisions, and radios are no longer needed?
  15. What do you understand about climate change and why everyone is scared?
  16. What do you understand about Environmental changes and why everyone is scared?
  17. Do you think women should take up top leadership roles anywhere in the world?
  18. Do you think working from home is the best thing that could ever happen to working-class people?
  19. What do you think makes a government legitimate according to your knowledge of Political Science, History, and Philosophy?
  20. What do you think are the consequences of choosing entertainment above education and vice versa amongst youths
  21. How can your school’s staff improve their relationship with students?
  22. What are your ideas about humanitarian aid to Africa?
  23. What do you think is the role of science and technology in the contemporary world?
  24. Do you think high school students should have an intimate relationship too?
  25. What do you believe is the most significant influence on youths and why?
  26. What do you think about racism and Semitism in America?
  27. What do you think about bullying in schools and the consequences of bullying on academic performance?
  28. Do you think newspapers do an excellent job of promoting political sensitization?
  29. Do you believe America is the best country in the world, and why?
  30. Human and sex trafficking is the cruelest sin in the world: discuss
  31. Assess the challenges of pregnancy
  32. What do you think are the roles of women in Achieving gender equality in America?
  33. Why do people idolize celebrities?
  34. What do you think about the imprisonment of R Kelly?
  35. Give a review of three songs by Rihanna.

Journalism Research Topics

Your professor may have asked you to develop good journalism research paper topics for your university degree requirements. There are different topics here that could guide you into choosing the perfect subject. Consider:

  1. Analyze the failure of CNN in reporting unbiased news
  2. Examine the importance of the media in advertising the need for economic development in rural communities
  3. Assess the social media as the space to mobilize community support
  4. Examine the significance of social media over the mass media like television, radio, and newspapers
  5. Examine the campaign for sexual liberty in America
  6. Examine the movement for gender equality in any Arab country of your choice
  7. Examine the role of social media in the campaign for anti-racial sentiments
  8. Account for the sexualizing of women in adverts
  9. Account for president Trump’s innate desire to censor information in the media
  10. Account for the role of journalists as gatekeepers in any free society
  11. Account for the significance of international Journalist groups in protecting Journalists around the world
  12. Examine America during the civil wars
  13. Account for the sexual behaviors of porn addicts
  14. What are the challenges facing three television Companies in the US?
  15. Give an appraisal of Aljazeera and its news
  16. Rationalize the death of Reuters’ Journalist, Danish Siddiqui, while in Afghanistan
  17. Examine the consequences of the Trump administration on America’s domestic policies
  18. Account for the consequences of Trump’s Administration on America’s foreign policy
  19. Examine the effect of racial discrimination and employability in America
  20. What is the role of America in developing ISIS?
  21. Is America really the watchdog of the world?
  22. Assess China and its rise to global dominance
  23. Assess the significance of the Atlantic in world trade
  24. Assess the political differences affecting Germany’s Nord Dam construction
  25. Examine the need for entrepreneurs in America
  26. Has capitalism favored the world so far?
  27. Are Trump supporters patriotic or merely loyal to him?
  28. Examine how education has promoted liberty in Afghanistan before US withdrawal
  29. Assess for the role of journalist brands in reporting terrorism
  30. What is the impact of the George Bush administration?
  31. What are the impacts of the Obama administration on Libya politics
  32. Assess the Israeli alliance with Saudi Arabia and the evil or good involved
  33. Assess political or cultural propaganda of your choice
  34. Account for the activities of any fraternity in a US campus
  35. Consider Iraq’s needs for nuclear weapons as a balance of power or balance or threats

Literary Journalism Topics

As a form of nonfiction writing published in newspapers or magazines, it could cover interviews, research, or any other form of essay of your choice. If you’re required to choose controversial yet good journalism topics, you may want to consider:

  1. Thoughts about Chimamanda Adichie’s “Danger of a Single Story” and how it could shape the literary scene
  2. How fake news convince people about COVID-19 myths
  3. The ethical challenges of journalism in any media company of your choice
  4. The impact of photojournalists in the Afghan war
  5. The scam in humanitarian intervention in any conflict of your choice
  6. How French imperialism guides its role in French West African countries
  7. The murder of Patrice Lumumba: thoughts on why America wants him dead
  8. Philosophize on the brutality of King Leopold II.
  9. How contestants arouse public sympathy in getting votes on America’s Got Talent
  10. How pop culture ruin actual cultural developments
  11. How journalism has evolved into business for financial gains
  12. How journalism has evolved into a means of entertainment
  13. Why does Aljazeera only tell sad, sad stories
  14. Write a story about a mysterious heist of your choice
  15. Attempt a short biography of Danish Siddiqui
  16. Attempt a 7000 essay on everything about Vatican City and the politics
  17. Document the invention of Isaac Newton and its Influence on technology
  18. Lessons from the exploration of Amerigo Vespucci
  19. Key points and lessons from Richard Nixon’s scandal
  20. The mistakes of communism and capitalism in today’s world
  21. What could be considered the impacts of Toni Morrison on literature?
  22. Evaluate the works of Chinua Achebe in African literature
  23. Evaluate the outcomes of Garcia Marquez in fiction and journalism
  24. Opinions on the results of the Paris Review on literature
  25. Opinions on the role of Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic in the media
  26. Ideas on the death of democracy during Trump
  27. A comparative analysis of presidents Trump and Richard Nixon
  28. A comparative study of Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama
  29. An overview of Trump’s economic policies
  30. An overview of Trump’s businesses’ economic scandals

Research Topics in Mass Communication and Journalism Topics

As a journalism section that deals with exchanging information through the media, different topics can be developed to wow your professor. With interest in advertisement and dissemination of information, these are various journalism topics for you:

  1. Embark on a comparative analysis of two media companies in the US
  2. Account for the scandals of corruption in the practice of journalism
  3. Assess the role of the media in the proceedings of Donald Trump’s impeachment
  4. Report on the use of social media in triggering the White House protest on Trump’s behalf
  5. Report on the use of Twitter during Trump’s Administration
  6. What could be said to be good communication habits in Journalism?
  7. Local newspapers and their usefulness in American public life
  8. Has the use of radio negated modernity in America?
  9. What are the challenges and prospects of smartphones during environmental disasters?
  10. How has social media propagated the cancel culture?
  11. How can the mass media be used for effective social change?
  12. Drawing from the Watergate Scandal, what is the role of the mass media?
  13. How do music choices influence the promotion of morality in traditional media?
  14. Account for a radio show and its influence on the American public
  15. Assess the consequences of airing extreme conservative ideas on radio
  16. Social media and censorship: does it make sense?
  17. How does the mass media contribute to racial disintegration?
  18. Account for the radio show that promotes cultural diversity in America
  19. Assess the subject of television addiction amongst youths
  20. Evaluate the role of reporters and reporting highly sensitive cases
  21. Identify how social media is wielded to propagate fake news
  22. How Chairman Mao authored his propaganda with the media
  23. The part of information dissemination before the Bolshevik Revolution
  24. The role of the press in silencing threats in Russia
  25. The thin line between truth and conspiracy in journalism

Middle School Journalism Topics

You may have been told to contribute to your school’s magazine or submit an essay in school. It would be best if you had easy and enjoyable journalism essay topics for your level. You can ask intriguing questions in your articles or essay through these journalism topics:

  1. What are the powers you’ll execute if you have magical powers?
  2. Who would you say are the best characters you’ve ever enjoyed?
  3. What are your favorite movies, and why?
  4. If you were an actor, which role would you never take?
  5. Peer pressure and alcohol, do you think you can be influenced into social vices?
  6. What are the campus secrets you think everyone should know about?
  7. Review the last album of Beyonce
  8. Review three songs of Kendrick Lamar and their Influence on the Black community
  9. Review any book of your choice and its influence on people
  10. Review any movie of your choice
  11. Examine the need for active sport representations in school
  12. Account for the need for Political student activists
  13. Which of the school policies do you think must change?
  14. If you’ll do anything to bullies, what would it be?
  15. What are your thoughts about the foods in your cafeteria?
  16. Would you attend a protest against the school authorities, and why?
  17. Do you think everyone should like sports in school, and why?
  18. Do you think school elections should be as competitive as senatorial or gubernatorial elections?
  19. Do you think rivalries are suitable for school elections?
  20. Who is your favorite philosopher, and why should everyone read Philosophy?
  21. Which event of history should be told over and over again?
  22. What are the achievements of your school’s basketball team?
  23. What are the achievements of your school’s gymnastic team?
  24. What are your opinions on Biden’s academic loans?
  25. What are your opinions on racial diversity in classrooms?

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