117 Awesome Fashion Research Topics: Inspirational Ideas List

fashion research topics

Finding some decent fashion research topics that you can use for your next papers is not easy nowadays. You want something new, something original. Your classmates are probably scouring the Internet as we speak, so why are you still wasting time? Take a look at our long list of 117 exceptional fashion research topics and choose the best one right now.

What makes our topics different, you ask? Our experts are constantly updating the list and adding new ideas. This means you will always be able to find an original idea here on this page. We will soon be adding new topics for 2023, so stay tuned!

What Is The Fashion Research Paper?

Keep in mind that finding some great fashion topics to write about is not enough. You need to be able to create a well-organized, concise research paper. To help you do just that, we will show you the 8 main parts of a research paper:

  1. Title page (or cover page)
  2. Start with a hook to catch the attention of your readers, then talk a bit about the background of the problem and present your thesis.
  3. Literature review. Here, you will need to demonstrate that you have analyzed the literature related to the topic and that there is a gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed.
  4. Research In this section, you will explain in great detail all the methods you have used to gather the data. Be as specific as possible.
  5. Data analysis. This is the section where you present and analyze the data. Be objective and avoid discussing the results.
  6. This is the section where you can discuss your findings and prove how your research results back your thesis. Don’t forget to acknowledge the limitations of your research.
  7. Restate your thesis and summarize your research and findings. Show your readers how your findings answer the research questions.
  8. References page. This is where you list all the resources you have used to write your research Make sure you don’t miss any.

Now that you know the overall structure of a research paper, it’s time to give you some excellent topics to write about:

Brand New Fashion Research Paper Topics

We will start our list with the brand new fashion research paper topics. These have been added to the list recently, so you can pick one right now knowing that it’s original:

  1. Fashion in Ancient Rome
  2. The impact of Jane Austen on the world of fashion
  3. Swimwear in the 1980s
  4. Using bizarre colors in fashion
  5. The rise and fall of the jeans
  6. Peer pressure related to fashion trends
  7. Social networking and fashion
  8. The life and work of Giorgio Armani
  9. Talk about hippie fashion
  10. Fashion in Islamic religions

Interesting Fashion Topics To Write About

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, we have a long list of interesting fashion topics to write about. Take a look at the following ideas:

  1. The rise of the Chanel brand
  2. Does price reflect quality?
  3. Fashion in Ancient Egypt
  4. The sense of fashion in women
  5. The link between art and fashion
  6. Discuss ethics in fashion
  7. The relationship between style and money
  8. The role of clothes in your culture
  9. Interesting fashion hacks

Fashion Research Topics 2023

In the fashion research topics 2023, you can find topics that were greatly appreciated in 2023. These may or may not be as appreciated in 2024 though:

  1. Fashion in developing countries
  2. Research smart casual fashion
  3. Compare Asian fashion with American fashion
  4. Fashion and aesthetics
  5. Marketing a new brand of clothes
  6. Fashion in vlogging
  7. What are cycles in fashion?
  8. The rise of the Versace empire
  9. Fashion in Paris

Advanced Fashion Topics To Discuss

We also have a list of more advanced fashion topics to discuss. Just keep in mind that the following topics are not easy to write about. But as an option, you can buy a dissertation on any topic.

  1. Negative effects of fashion on the environment
  2. Forecasting new trends in 2023
  3. Celebrities and fashion
  4. Negative effects of fashion on the human psychology
  5. Influencer marketing of fashion products
  6. Fashion from a religious standpoint
  7. The place of leather in fashion in 2023
  8. Largest fashion shows in the world
  9. The importance of Fashion Weeks in Eastern Europe

Fun Research Topics On Fashion

Who said a research paper can’t be fun? Choose one of these fun research topics on fashion and start writing the perfect paper today:

  1. Fashion in 1990s media
  2. Funny fashion mishaps
  3. Men in fashion advertisements/commercials
  4. Fashion in medieval times
  5. Crossover fashion in 2023
  6. Can you start a fashion business?
  7. Fashion in the royal family (the UK)
  8. Fashion and school uniforms

Important People In Fashion

One of the easiest ways to write a research paper in the field of fashion is to research an icon. Here are some important people in a fashion that you can talk about:

  1. Karl Lagerfeld
  2. Cher
  3. Stella McCartney
  4. Audrey Hepburn
  5. David Bowie
  6. Princess Diana
  7. Charles Frederick Worth
  8. Harry Styles
  9. Kim Taehyung
  10. Coco Chanel
  11. Vera Wang
  12. Designer Paul Poiret

Fashion Research Paper Topics For High School

If you are a high school student, you need some easier topics to write on. Check out these fashion research paper topics for high school and pick the one you like:

  1. Fashion in Ancient Egyptian times
  2. Michael Jackson’s fashion
  3. Fashion in Western Europe
  4. Fashion at the workplace
  5. Fashion in schools in the UK
  6. Discuss fashion in North Korea
  7. Luxury products and the human brain
  8. Fashion trends and the science that explains them

Captivating Fashion Design Research Paper Topics

In case you want to discuss fashion design, we have a nice list of captivating fashion design research paper topics right here. All these topics are, of course, 100% free to use:

  1. Fashion in the LGBTQ community
  2. Fashion in Nazi Germany
  3. Fun facts about beachwear
  4. The role of Versace in fashion
  5. New York as a fashion center
  6. Effects of Tik-Tok on fashion
  7. The origins of ethnic clothing
  8. Mixing 3 styles the right way
  9. Fashion and sexism in 2023

Fast Fashion Research Paper Topics

Don’t want to spend a lot of time working on that research paper? No problem! Simply choose one of these fast fashion research paper topics:

  1. The role of politics in fashion in the United States
  2. Talk about wedding ceremony fashion
  3. Talk about trends in baby clothing in the United Kingdom
  4. The role celebrities play in fashion marketing
  5. Talk about 3 iconic fashion characters
  6. An in-depth look at fashion in the punk world

Fashion Topics To Research In 2023

It’s time to think about the topics that should work great in 2023. In fact, our experts have already compiled a list of fashion topics to research in 2023:

  1. Talk about the notion of “invisible branding” in fashion
  2. Research women’s fashion in the 1980s
  3. The role played by art in fashion trends
  4. Research 3 major fashion companies
  5. Talk about the low rise fashion trend
  6. Discuss the women’s oversized bomber jackets trend

Fashion And Marketing Research Topics

As you probably know, fashion and marketing go hand in hand. Take a look at our latest and most interesting fashion and marketing research topics right here:

  1. Fashion marketing on social media
  2. Fashion marketing in the 1960s
  3. Effective marketing strategies for luxury products
  4. Style vs. functionality in marketing
  5. Marketing and fashion cycles
  6. The role of fashion in TV commercials

Fashion Ideas For College Students

College students should research topics that are more complex in nature. Don’t worry though; we have more than enough fashion ideas for college students:

  1. Research the hoodies under blazers fashion trend
  2. Compare Asian and European fashion
  3. Research Jane Austen’s style
  4. A closer look at minimalist fashion
  5. The beginning of the Haute Couture
  6. Fashion and the Internet

Unique Ideas Related To Fashion

This list of topics has been revised recently to make sure all ideas are unique. So, if you’re looking for unique ideas related to fashion, you have definitely arrived at the right place:

  1. Analyze the cropped cardigans trend
  2. Research the plus-size fashion industry in Indonesia
  3. The impact of feminism on fashion
  4. Social issues caused by fashion
  5. Fashion and cheap labor
  6. Effects of religion on fashion

Easy Fashion Essay Topics

If you want to make sure you ace that research paper, you should find an easy topic to talk about. Take a look at these easy fashion essay topics and pick one today:

  1. Discuss the notion of “color blocking”
  2. Fashion trends during World War II
  3. The evolution of men’s suits over the last 100 years
  4. Fashion and child labor
  5. What is organic clothing?
  6. Talk about the rise of wig fashion

Creative Fashion Research Questions

Professors really appreciate creativity, so you should definitely go through this list of creative fashion research questions:

  1. A closer look at the puff sleeves trend
  2. The Kardashian family’s impact on fashion
  3. How did Chanel rise to fame?
  4. Sustainability in the fashion industry
  5. Fashion and body types
  6. Interesting fashion trends in Dubai
  7. Talk about fashion in the armed forces

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