168 Dissertation Topics In Education To Check Out!

dissertation topics in education

Education considers different methods of teaching and learning to promote positive changes in human life and behaviors. The field instills a gradual process of learning, unlearning, and relearning to transfer values and mold human behaviors.

Generally, education is formal, informal, and non-formal. But education as a discipline cuts across several aspects. There is alternative education as well as self-directed education. Education can also be evidence-based, open learning, and electronic.

In this article, we cover all topics regarding education and how you can get on them for your dissertations. These topics are grouped for easy selection. If you’ve been looking for compelling education topics, this article is your answer.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Dissertation Paper?

A thesis is a long work of research that gets unreadable when poorly structured; likewise a dissertation. If you want to score excellently well in your research, then your dissertation on education should be fun and engaging. Here are features of a good dissertation paper:

  • Accuracy: Your dissertation paper must be accurate. By accuracy, we mean it should be factual and reflect real values. It should be devoid of misleading information.
  • Clarity: Writing a dissertation does not mean it has to be negligent of clarity. Ambiguous terms should be broken down to allow improved readability.
  • Conciseness: You can write in two or three short sentences rather than in blocks of paragraphs. Splitting sentences makes for more conciseness.
  • Validity: Your dissertation should be valid and produce the needed results. It should also be topically relevant.
  • Verifiability: If your research cannot be verified, it has failed in providing solutions. Your dissertation should be fact-checked before publication.
  • Organization: No professor will score a poorly organized dissertation. An engaging paper should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

While writing a good dissertation should follow the features above, it should also have a good topic. Below are possible dissertation topics in education you can explore.

Interesting Educational Topics

When your dissertation paper is interesting, it means it engages all senses of the readers and introduces them to new knowledge. Whether you’re writing your PhD thesis or an undergraduate dissertation about education, here are a few most interesting dissertation ideas in education you can choose from:

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sex education to youths.
  2. Examine the benefits and impacts of technology on education.
  3. Trace the evolution of educational approaches in history.
  4. What are the implications of virtual education on traditional students?
  5. What are your opinions on same-sex schools and their impact on sexuality?
  6. Theoretical education or practical education; which would you go for?
  7. Is apprenticeship necessary for developing educational systems?
  8. What are your perspectives on grade calculation using the Bell Curve?
  9. Virtual education: what are the ways to keep students engaged?
  10. Education and dress code: are some of the rules outdated?
  11. Principles and approach: what makes the modern teacher?
  12. How to help students navigate through the huge virtual library.
  13. The role of education in curtailing the classroom and cyberbullying.
  14. Detail the history of some of the greatest schools in the world.
  15. Explore the contributions of some of the greatest teachers in the world.
  16. What are the functions of education in dealing with school violence?
  17. Discuss character building as the primary role of education.
  18. Explain how the concept of basic education differs from one country to another.
  19. Racism and discrimination: how schools contribute to the crisis.
  20. Should there be a radical change to the modern curriculum?
  21. Review how homeschooling negatively impacts students.
  22. What do you think are factors responsible for school dropouts?
  23. Uniformity in schools and how it has overstayed its roles.
  24. Should schools move to offer courses that only meet the future?
  25. Bilingual education: meaning, roles, benefits, and effects.

Fascinating List of Dissertation Topics in Education

Education topics can be fascinating, but you’ll need to be intentional about them. We mean you can get topics on education that charm your readers and delight your professors. If this is what you want, here is a list of education dissertation topics we consider highly fascinating:

  1. What do you think about ability grouping enhancing academic performance?
  2. Blended learning: what are the effects of online education mixed with traditional education?
  3. Examine the impact of bringing students through the same buses on academic outcomes.
  4. How does a bigger class size influence academic performance?
  5. Digital literacy and how it affects students’ learning and capabilities.
  6. How essential is preschool to academic development?
  7. Do homeschoolers perform better than traditional students?
  8. How can schools and institutions devise learning styles that engage students?
  9. Should teachers receive standard salaries or be paid based on performance?
  10. The unfairness of standard testing in deciding academic potential.
  11. Is distance learning the future of education learning?
  12. Diversity in schools and how students can benefit from it.
  13. Should the use of smartphones in classrooms be banned?
  14. Why should the level of education inform employment?
  15. Why do people with degrees get paid less in the 21st century?
  16. What considerations make education a fundamental human right?
  17. How does the level of education influence social and economic status?
  18. What are the benefits and risks of learning a second language while in school?
  19. What is the usefulness of soft skills in the modern-day workplace?
  20. What are the impacts of globalization on the online education system?
  21. What is the role of the school towards ensuring the good mental wellbeing of students?
  22. Discuss the historical bias in western education systems against blacks.
  23. Probe the gender bias of school policies and explain the way forward.
  24. Factors responsible for the decline of ethics in schools.
  25. Why there should be a balance between extracurricular activities and students’ academics.

Controversial Dissertation Topics in Education

Sometimes, it gets controversial when issues become opinionated. But controversy can be fun, too, especially when the topics are about education. These dissertation topics below, themed on education, will give you the needed heat to enjoy the dynamism of education:

  1. Girls or boys: which gender does better at school?
  2. At what years should children start learning in school?
  3. Should young people leave school at an early age to join the workforce?
  4. Education should only be mandated for the selected few and not for all.
  5. Explain why teachers should be tested regardless of their qualifications.
  6. Women or men: who become better teachers and why?
  7. School bullies should be sent out of schools and homeschooled instead.
  8. School bullying: should we blame the parents, teachers, or society?
  9. Reasons school uniforms should be scrapped from schools.
  10. Excluding religious studies from schools is the right decision against terrorism.
  11. All western schools should prohibit any forms of religious wear.
  12. Inclusiveness in schools should not consider religious beliefs.
  13. Should the school take up guns to protect the students?
  14. Would you rather be homeschooled or follow the traditional education system?
  15. Education system: online education vs. traditional education.
  16. Analyze how students in mixed schools perform better than those in same-sex schools.
  17. Which is more important: practical education or theoretical education?
  18. Should the government spend more on education than other sectors?
  19. Is it necessary for teachers to have parenting skills?
  20. Why should the world drive towards a global education system?
  21. Should grades be retained or scrapped?
  22. Should students learn how to type rather than how to write?
  23. Probe why foreign languages should be allowed at schools.
  24. What are your opinions on sex education classes?
  25. Should students be mandated to learn how to code?

Childhood Education Dissertations Topics

We all have childhood memories without which a lot of things wouldn’t have been. But what better way to improve them if not to research them? Childhood education talks about the cognitive and behavioral growth of children. Here are thesis topics in education that boldly reflect that:

  1. Academic performance of children with disabilities through the use of technology.
  2. Perception of parents towards play-based learning in schools.
  3. Relationship between children’s grades and the race for excellence.
  4. A comparative analysis of children’s phonics and whole language learning.
  5. Effect of technology on children’s academic behaviors.
  6. How should teachers teach children gender norms and identity?
  7. Explore Piaget’s theory and contributions to childhood education.
  8. Should schools adopt authoritarian strategies towards children’s behavior management?
  9. Challenges confronting the integration of autistic children into mainstream classrooms.
  10. What are the impacts of seating arrangements on children’s academic performance?
  11. What are the barriers responsible for effective classroom inclusion?
  12. Should children be taught the essence of diversity?
  13. Impacts of homework on low-income black children’s grades?
  14. A critical review of teachers’ and parents’ roles on children’s moral upbringing.
  15. Problems faced by children of immigrant parents in schools.
  16. At what age should the school allow parents to introduce children to technology?
  17. How are male teachers different from female teachers in considering children’s education?
  18. Discuss how schools should attend to drug use tendencies among poor children.
  19. What are the impacts of a negative community on poor children?
  20. Challenges faced by teachers in teaching an inclusive class in lower schools.
  21. The emergence of coding and the need to teach children as early as possible.
  22. Explain the theory and practice of video games in improving children’s academic performance.
  23. Creating an efficient school environment in developing early childhood education.
  24. Combining outdoor learning with a basic curriculum to develop children’s cognitive brilliance.
  25. Should children rather be taught in schools, homeschooled, or enrolled in virtual education?

Special Education Dissertation Ideas

Special education suggests the instructional needs of students with disabilities. It cuts across the classroom, hospital, learning institutions, and other educational settings. This form of education fosters learning inclusion. Below are topics that capture special education dissertation ideas:

  1. Detail the history of special education in the United States.
  2. What role do parents play in the education of children with special needs?
  3. The social networking of children with behavioral and emotional disabilities.
  4. Technological growth and the support of children with special education.
  5. How can Artificial Intelligence improve the educational development of children with special needs?
  6. The challenges of integrating children with disorders and functioning children.
  7. How students with mental disabilities can improve academic performance.
  8. Impacts of classroom bullying on disabled students.
  9. What are the problems to reducing Assistive Technology for children with autism?
  10. Is disability a threat to teaching and classroom inclusion?
  11. Including children with learning differences and the promotion of learning experiences.
  12. Videogames as a learning tool for children with disabilities.
  13. Deaf students and their exclusion from learning in lower schools.
  14. Threats to inclusive education and the way forward.
  15. Why teachers should be trained to be more inclusive in perspective transformation.
  16. An analysis of teacher support programs in guiding children with an emotional disorder.
  17. The significant relationship between urban areas and children’s emotional disturbance.
  18. A critical study of emotional issues faced by marginalized students.
  19. Sign languages and the drive for its global adoption in schools.
  20. Problems of speech-recognition software on students with exceptionalities.
  21. What are your opinions on expelling students identified as emotionally disturbed?
  22. Should students with special needs be provided with personal digital assistants?
  23. The need for personal care assistants in special education schools.
  24. What are the most effective therapies for students with emotional disturbance?
  25. Understanding special education support and impact on inclusive learning.

Physical Education Thesis Topics

Physical education teaches the development of students’ physical competence and mental well-being. For students to perform a wide range of activities, they need to be in the right physical and mental mindset. We have listed below engaging physical education thesis topics for an impressive dissertation:

  1. How essential is physical literacy to the academic performance of students?
  2. Integration of motor skill assessments into the academic curriculum.
  3. Explain how exercises improve self-confidence in students with special needs.
  4. Should augmented physical education be introduced to schools?
  5. Discuss how teachers’ involvement in physical activities improves academic welfare.
  6. Threats to planning a comprehensive physical activity program in schools.
  7. Impacts of physical education on the social skills of students.
  8. What is the correlation between teaching behaviors and physical activities?
  9. How can physical education promote peace and inclusion in schools?
  10. How exercises lead to effective rehabilitation of students with emotional disturbance.
  11. A critical study of how physical education improves general well-being is students.
  12. Impacts of sports on the development of educational infrastructure.
  13. The relationship between exercises and positive grade performance.
  14. Analyze the impacts of computerized sports on students’ fitness performance.
  15. What are the impacts of observational learning in sports on academic performance?
  16. Soft skills acquisition through active engagement in physical exercises.
  17. Role of physical activity and dietary supplements on the performance of students.
  18. Investigating the role of aerobic capacity and muscular exercises on undergraduate students.
  19. Prison education: understanding the need for policy changes in health and physical education.
  20. Role of inclusive physical education towards diversity tolerance.
  21. Impacts of physical education on the learning performance of elementary students.
  22. A critical evaluation of sporting facilities in the education sector.
  23. Teaching physical fitness improves self-perception in adolescents. Discuss.
  24. How methods conflict with the boundaries of physical education.
  25. What are your opinions on physical education as a tool to curtail crime rates?

Higher Education Dissertation Topics

Higher education is tertiary education that awards an academic degree. It is the next level of education after secondary education. Below is a list of higher education dissertation topics you can use for your research:

  1. What factors are responsible for the decline in the Humanities?
  2. Account for the discrepancy in students’ job preparation and skill development?
  3. What reasons cause the rising debt of students in higher education?
  4. The institutionalization of racism and discrimination in western universities.
  5. The prevalence of enrollment agreements in distance learning.
  6. Detail the need for a flexible, modular system in higher education.
  7. Why is the modern workplace no longer accepting college degrees?
  8. What factors are responsible for the divide between faculty and staff?
  9. What new models or instruments should measure academic efficacy?
  10. What are your opinions on the autonomy of students in language education?
  11. Account the prevalence of cheating in high schools and corrective measures.
  12. Is distance learning the university of the future?
  13. Evaluating the social and digital skills of teachers after the pandemic.
  14. How effective are course portfolios at improving higher education learning?
  15. The adoption of integrative learning approaches and interactive digital strategies.
  16. What are the challenges confronting modern colleges and what is the way forward?
  17. What is your perspective on the de-privatization of higher education?
  18. Reasons the workplace should no longer regard university grades as a criterion for jobs.
  19. What are the benefits and risks of alternative higher education?
  20. What do you understand by ‘meaningful’ learning and why does it matter?
  21. Would you argue against skill or degree?
  22. How does the consumer approach to higher education affect traditional universities?
  23. What does economics education mean and what factors predate it?
  24. What can students’ attitudes towards e-learning be measured?
  25. Do teachers need a degree before becoming professionals in the field?

Is Your Dissertation in Education Too Challenging?

Education is a wide discipline and it stretches into several areas of academics. But to write a very good dissertation, you’d need to follow some features and keep good notes on dissertation topics on education.

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