178 Communication Research Topics For Your Paper

178 Communication Research Topics

Imagine what the world would be without communication! How would we get along? I guess there would be no sense in existing after all. That is just a tiny snippet of how important communication is in everyday life. Exchanging information is a key component of coexistence as it creates order and a sense of satisfaction in the end.

However, communication as a discipline cuts across all other niches in the academic world. Students from an Engineering course would also take up communication as a unit of study. Students delve into the transmission, representation, reception, and decoding of information communicated to a greater extent.

Situations When You May Need To Write A Communication Paper

Various scenarios call for a communication paper either as an assignment or a research project in college. The communication papers needed for every situation vary in format and outline. Here are some of the cases when communication papers are necessary:

  • When writing a resume or cover letter
  • In presentations and reports
  • Internal or external communication in a company
  • Writing a thesis statement

When writing communication papers in these different scenarios, students can develop the following aspects:

  • Understand the various communication phenomena
  • Ability to direct communication messages towards accomplishing individual and organizational goals
  • Understand various types of communication such as rhetoric, interpersonal or organizational

Such an assignment is peculiar because it deals with students’ communication processes. Therefore, the student can easily relate a communication assignment to the real-world environment.

You will have to conduct extensive digging before writing your paper like any other research project. In writing a communication research paper, you will benefit from the importance of communication in general, such as building better relationships and finding the right solutions to various problems.

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Guidelines On Structure And Step By Step Tips On Writing

To have an award-winning communication paper, you need to understand that structure is always at the heart of it all. A great communication paper follows the structure below:

  • Solid intro: Begin by presenting a captivating introduction by highlighting the facts, questions, or problems that you will explore in the body. The reader should find more than a million reasons to proceed with your essay by reading the first two lines. A strong thesis statement is also necessary for the introduction.
  • An insightful literature review: It shows the theoretical basis of your research project, thus giving it validity. An in-depth literature review will give room for exploration and further research.
  • Main body: This is where we expect to find all your findings, methodological steps, concepts, analyses, and the outcome.
  • Discussion and conclusion: Depending on your professor’s instructions, you can divide this into two parts or put it as one. In either case, this section will consist of the strengths and weaknesses of your research and any future development or improvements. You could also compare the results found in your research with what other authors have discovered.

Provided you have all your facts at hand, a communication research paper will be the easiest you will ever handle in college. Nonetheless, you can order a custom paper from various online writing experts.

If you want to make an impression with your communication research paper, here are some tips to consider:

  • Select a thought-provoking and captivating research topic
  • Have a working outline with all the arguments and examples/evidence in place
  • Ensure that you exhaust reading all the possible research materials on your topic
  • Such papers are always in the first person except in unique cases

You can review some of the samples on our essay writer to familiarize yourself with the structure and outline of a communication research paper.

Let’s now explore 178 of the hottest communication research topics to ace your project:

Top Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

  1. Evaluate the different relational patterns of interaction theory
  2. How to achieve coordinated management of meaning
  3. Discuss the fundamentals of pedagogical communication
  4. How does technology relate to interpersonal communication?
  5. Key constructs of openness and closeness
  6. Establishing identities in the identity management theory
  7. Evaluate the contribution of interpersonal communication scholars
  8. How mental representations influence how people interpret information
  9. Conceptualizing the process of social interaction
  10. Discuss the various behavioral interaction patterns among siblings
  11. Why do individuals modify their communicative behavior?
  12. Describe why new environments present a challenge for most people to communicate effectively
  13. The role of eye contact and gestures in interpersonal communication
  14. Varying effects of nonverbal and verbal acts of interpersonal communication
  15. Effects of different cultures on interpersonal communication strategies

World-Class Communication Research Topics For College Students

  1. Understanding the historical research methods in communication
  2. Discuss the relationship between technology, media, and culture
  3. Evaluate the various revolutions in human communication
  4. Discuss the developments made in the invention of human speech and language
  5. The role of image-making, cinema, and media entertainment in communication
  6. How to overcome communication barriers among students
  7. Steps in encouraging participation in meetings
  8. How employees contribute to the information flow in organizations
  9. How to evaluate a report based on its findings
  10. Sources of error during nonverbal communication
  11. How the media can match the channels of communication to their audience
  12. Ensuring audience attention during a presentation
  13. The impact of graphics in communication strategies
  14. How to interpret non-verbal signals
  15. Developing communication methods that match a given purpose

Possible Topics For Communication Research

  1. How to develop realistic communication strategies
  2. Discuss the economics of finance in communication processes
  3. How exposure to radio and TV impacts communication
  4. How to manage controversial issues in communication
  5. Why speaking with confidence is still difficult for many people
  6. The effectiveness of communicating with words and body language
  7. Why defining your purpose is key in any communication process
  8. Why explanatory communication is more difficult than informative communication
  9. The place of communication in long-distance relationships
  10. Communication strategies that influence people
  11. How to use communication effectively for conflict resolution
  12. Developing your self-esteem for effective communication
  13. Effects of redundancy in communication processes
  14. The place of responsibility in developing communication messages
  15. How to acquire effective communication skills in college

Latest Communication Topic For Research

  1. The role of persuasive dialogue in negotiations
  2. Why everyone must learn proper expression strategies
  3. Effects of emoji and other characters in enhancing textual conversations
  4. The role of propaganda in shaping communication tones
  5. Evaluate the unique political language used in America versus Africa
  6. The continuing impact of the internet on interpersonal communication
  7. How images are enhancing communication
  8. Discuss the effects of gender victimization on communication
  9. Evaluate the development of modern digital communication
  10. How to effectively communicate during a war or crisis
  11. How hacking is transforming communication of encrypted messages
  12. Effects of stereotyping in developing communication messages
  13. Is virtual reality ruining effective communication?
  14. Evaluate language as a barrier in communicating messages
  15. The role of empathy in communicating to victims of a disaster

Top-Notch Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of diplomacy in fostering better relations among countries
  2. Why aided communication may not achieve the intended purpose
  3. Effects of using a translator in the communication of critical messages
  4. Evaluate the development of audio-visual devices for communication
  5. The dangers of failing to notice barriers to communication
  6. How stigma and prejudice impact effective communication
  7. Discuss the impact of having a common language in a country
  8. How social classes affect communication messages
  9. Factors that hinder communication between fighting political sides
  10. How to develop strong communication skills in a marketplace
  11. Why opinions may prevent one from seeing the true picture
  12. Discuss the role of fantasy and exaggeration in communication
  13. Differences between oral and verbal messages in conveying information
  14. The role of attitude and mood in enhancing effective message delivery
  15. How the media sets the communication pattern of a given society

Highly Rated Mass Communication Research Topics

  1. Discuss the essence of social media among PR practitioners
  2. The role of mass media in rebranding a nation
  3. Challenges to media freedom and their impact on proper communication
  4. Discuss the effects of news commercialization and their credibility
  5. How TV advertisements impact children and their development
  6. Compare and contrast between animation and real-people adverts in mass media
  7. How the internet affects professionalization in news media
  8. How mass media messages contribute to the development of religion in Africa
  9. Evaluate the radio listenership patterns between men and women
  10. How does mass media contribute to an emerging democracy
  11. Discuss how the media enlightens the public on issues of concern
  12. The role of mass media in communicating development messages
  13. Why mass media is critical before, during, and after elections
  14. Assess the influence of community radio in remote areas
  15. How mass media contributes to national integration

Good Communication Research Topics

  1. What determines consumer preference patterns in the 21st century?
  2. Effective communication strategies for creating awareness against drug abuse
  3. Prospects and challenges of local dialects in communication
  4. Evaluate the influence of television on public opinion
  5. Discuss the growing cyberactivism in the digital age
  6. How social media is contributing to misleading information
  7. Challenges facing teachers when communicating to pre-school students
  8. Discuss the impact of information overload on the credibility of information
  9. Evaluate communication patterns among the youth in the US
  10. Assess the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on communication patterns
  11. How public perception influences communication strategies
  12. Explain how mothers learn to communicate with and understand their babies at such a tender age
  13. The role of music in shaping communication models
  14. How to overcome the challenge of top-down communication in companies
  15. Management of information on online media for effective use

Business Communication Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the increasing role of influencers on brand marketing
  2. Why company blogs are essential in attracting new clients
  3. Evaluate the differences between face to face and virtual business meetings
  4. The growing popularity of social media in business marketing
  5. Why every company should have a partner relations department
  6. Dealing with complaints in a relaxed and useful manner
  7. Why online project management is the future of business
  8. Discuss why it is necessary to have company retreats
  9. Explore the role of digital document sharing in speeding up business communication
  10. Effects of relying on online communication at the expense of physical meetings
  11. The role of effective business management in the performance of an organization
  12. How staff motivation improve the overall working environment
  13. Discuss the place of corporate social responsibility in a company
  14. Effective ways of handling crisis in a large company
  15. Explain why trust is important in any business partnerships

Intercultural Communication Research Topics

  1. Discuss how Muslims interact with Christians at a social level
  2. Evaluate the reception of instructions from a man to a woman
  3. How Americans interact with Africans at the basic level
  4. Discuss how an American Democrat would associate with a Chinese politician
  5. Discuss the impact of marginalization in developing communication messages
  6. How migration and immigration affect communication patterns
  7. Effects of social stereotyping in communication
  8. How do Western communication models differ from those of Africa?
  9. Impact of discriminatory communication messages
  10. How to organize an effective intergroup come-together
  11. How the media represents various groups in its communication
  12. Effects of the growing intercultural norms
  13. The role of language attitudes in inhibiting effective communication
  14. Evaluate how ethnographic perspectives affect communication messages
  15. Why it is difficult to solve intercultural conflicts

Additional Interpersonal Communication Topics For Research Paper

  1. The role of interpersonal communication in team member satisfaction
  2. How collaboration and teamwork enhances business success
  3. Discuss how interpersonal communication enhances problem-solving skills
  4. The role of trust in interpersonal communication
  5. Effects of confusion, negativity, and conflicts on interpersonal communication
  6. How to deal with workplace miscommunication effectively
  7. The role of personalizing information
  8. How to improve internal communication channels in a company
  9. Discuss the role of interests in communication patterns
  10. Challenges when implementing modern communication solutions
  11. Evaluate how jargon and inattention make internal communication difficult
  12. The role of feedback in interpreting messages correctly
  13. Discuss the influence of environmental factors in communication
  14. Why miscommunication may result in a disconnect among a group of people
  15. Discuss the role of skills and knowledge in effective communication among leaders

Interesting Communication Research Topics

  1. How can effective interpersonal communication be a catalyst for action
  2. Why a focused and intentional approach is necessary for effective communication
  3. Discuss why online dating is not successful in most cases
  4. Evaluate the role of non-verbal communication and customer satisfaction
  5. Why is it important to have a list of communication networks?
  6. Effects of lack of personal contact when it comes to communication
  7. Discuss the various forms of human interactions and their influence on communication
  8. The role of clear communication during an organizational change process
  9. Why online communication is not as effective as physical meetings
  10. Evaluate the roles and issues involved in a nurse-patient communication
  11. The role of TV shows in determining how people relate to each other in the society
  12. Effects of the digital divide in communication paradigms
  13. The relationship between quality leadership and effective communication
  14. Why is email still not yet an effective communication medium?
  15. Effects of integrating marketing communication

General Communication Studies Research Topics

  1. Discuss the differences in body language between male and female
  2. The role of communication in familiarizing with someone
  3. How online gaming communication affects one’s interpersonal communication
  4. Why a leader without proper communication skills may not succeed
  5. The role of communication in achieving an organization’s vision
  6. How mobile phone conversations are turning around interpersonal communication
  7. Discuss the role of different personality types in communication
  8. Is there a difference between language and communication?
  9. Discuss how communication in the military is different from that in a normal setting
  10. Compare and contrast between written and spoken forms of communication
  11. Why family communication is critical for a peaceful coexistence
  12. Shortcomings to understanding foreign languages
  13. Discuss the effectiveness of web-based communication

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