177 Interesting Ethics Paper Topics For Your Thesis

ethics paper topics

Ethics is a branch of study in philosophy that studies the concept of morality—what is good or bad, what is acceptable or unacceptable. It’s a philosophical theory that looks into moral rules and codes, principles, value systems, and other related concepts.

In academia, an ethical theory is used as one of the analytical tools in drawing analysis on several socio-cultural topics. Ethics can be applied to any particular subject matter in human society. And, on this, so many compelling, controversial or interesting ethical topics for academic essays and research papers have continued to spring up.

For students writing either an essay or a research paper on ethics, there are some relevant things to note about a good essay/research topic and writing a dissertation. They include:

  • Brainstorm on different topics
  • Always go for a topic you are familiar with
  • Choose a topic that has enough “flesh”. This is important as interesting topics will help you develop your essay/research
  • Define your subject of interest. It makes the writing easier
  • Properly researching for topics that serve contemporary social relevance
  • Outlining is important for your research topic

What following some of these processes does for your essay/research/thesis is that it enriches your work and affords you the ability to communicate ideas clearly to readers. Here are some topics in ethics you can use for your essay/research.

Interesting Top Level Ethics Paper Topics for All Students

Writing a paper on ethics makes for an interesting writing experience because they usually require that the writer make a case for a particular subject based on whether the subject is right or wrong. There are so many ethical topics for papers. As a student, there are several ethical questions to debate, and you can choose to model your topic using some of these samples:

  1. Discuss what should be done concerning the rise in the ban on safe abortion
  2. Is the right to safe abortion practice unethical?
  3. Should abortion practice be promoted or championed for women in society?
  4. Are humans truly the root source for the issues of climate change and global warming the world is currently experiencing?
  5. Is it right to discriminate against the sexes?
  6. Is there a defining difference between sexes and gender?
  7. Is the practice of gender-based violence ethical?
  8. Should safe sexual practices be promoted?
  9. Sex: A Study of the growing practice of sexual relationships outside marriage
  10. Domestic Violence and how it can be combated
  11. Marijuana: The distinction to its health roles and health challenges it poses on individuals
  12. Is it unethical to promote capitalism and capitalist concepts?
  13. A Study of Racism and measures to ensure its decline
  14. Is it ethical to be a millionaire while there are so many less privileged people?
  15. A study of the ethical challenges that come with being in the academia
  16. Is war an ethical practice?
  17. Why LGBTQ+ people should not be discriminated against
  18. What are the ways workplace ethics can address issues of homophobia and internalized sexism?
  19. Is sexism in the workplace an ethical practice?
  20. The issue of microaggression and how it can be addressed
  21. A study of why workplaces need ethical conduct that monitors issues of workplace harassment
  22. Should salaries be uneven?
  23. How unethical are uneven salary payment structures?
  24. Should start-up tech companies hire more men for starters?
  25. How people can prioritize online privacy
  26. Is bridging online privacy unethical?
  27. Is the right to privacy unethical?

Engaging Ethical Dilemma Topics

As ethics deals with the debate on morals, one of the ways topics on ethics manifests is in the subject of dilemma. Topics like this focus on trying to find a suitable justification for one idea over another. There are several ethics topics to write about on this subject. Some of them include:

  1. Should students be allowed to bring their phones to school?
  2. Should parents police every social activity of their children?
  3. Should teachers use the cane on students as a disciplinary measure?
  4. Is flogging a good correctional practice?
  5. Should you leave your partner if they are of opposing political views?
  6. Should opposing religious beliefs be a deal-breaker in relationships?
  7. Should capitalism be abolished completely?
  8. Should a teacher maintain some level of friendship with their students?
  9. Is there any lingering importance of capitalism to society?
  10. Is revenge a viable option in a relationship if your partner cheats on you?
  11. Is sharing your experiences online the same as showing off a lifestyle?
  12. Should people from different religious beliefs and backgrounds partner?
  13. Is checking the DNA of your children important or necessary?
  14. Should parents enforce their children on behaviors to take up?
  15. Can discipline properly correct the attitudes of a child?
  16. Should eating junk foods be avoided completely?
  17. Should Halloween Trick or Treat and Costume be prioritized over Thanksgiving Dinners?
  18. Should children hold different religious beliefs from their parents while still young?
  19. Does strict parenting serve as the best way to raise a child?
  20. Is it important to reveal a secret to a friend or to keep one’s peace?
  21. Should cooking at home be prioritized over eating out?
  22. Is socialism a more suitable social practice than capitalism?
  23. Is accepting financial assistance from your parents acceptable after a certain age?
  24. Should school authorities seize phones brought to school?
  25. Is sending a child to a mixed school better than same-sex schools?
  26. Can afforestation alone save the world from global warming and the general climate change condition?
  27. Does being educated equate with being intelligent?

Ethical Issues to Write about in Your College Essay

One important thing to note about ethical topics is that they touch across so many different subjects. As a college student preparing to write an essay on ethics, rest assured as there are so many ethics ideas to write about. Here are some ethical topics to write about:

  1. Does Hiring female employees cover a company’s sexist motives?
  2. Should Actors be paid more than teachers?
  3. Taking medical decisions for a patient without their consent
  4. How ethical is the interference of the judiciary by the legislative arm of government?
  5. Is it ethical to fire someone due to their dress code?
  6. Is it unethical to wear colored hair to work?
  7. Is censorship ethical?
  8. Where does media censorship draw the line?
  9. Is it ethical for religious figureheads to meddle in state politics?
  10. Should gender be the reason why a person is restricted access to certain social privileges?
  11. Should sexuality be a discriminatory factor in society?
  12. Should companies and places of work provide counseling and therapy services for their employees?
  13. Can Children wear makeup on special occasions?
  14. Is it unethical to make medical decisions for a patient without any recognizable relatives?
  15. Does dress code need to affect how you are addressed?
  16. Should implementing ethics in sports be recommended?
  17. Is police brutality an ethical practice?
  18. The impacts of the excessive consumption of media content?
  19. Is the excessive use of social media healthy?
  20. How can companies ensure paid maternal and paternal leave?
  21. How can the inclusion of non-binary people in company policies promote growth?
  22. Is exclusion on the grounds of sexuality ethical?
  23. Is exclusion due to political beliefs unethical?
  24. How to promote ethical work culture?
  25. How can a company ensure that ethical practices are promoted in their companies?

Ethical Argument Topics to Write About

The best part about writing an ethical essay is that it is about anything that is of interest. An important aspect of the ethical argument topic is that it is supported with evidence. There are so many ethical topics to write about that fall within this category, and they include:

  1. Is the having of ethical codes and conducts important in an organization?
  2. Should people only implement progressive ideas to meet societal needs?
  3. Why LGBTQ+ should not be discriminated against
  4. Is it unethical to come to work late?
  5. Is government-sanctioned execution an ethical practice?
  6. Is the American incarceration system an effective corrective system?
  7. Is corrective rape an ethical practice?
  8. Should the issue of internalized homophobia be addressed?
  9. Internalized patriarchy and internalized homophobia, which one births one
  10. Should smoking weed be made legal?
  11. Why do the less privileged need free healthcare services
  12. A study of the effects of colonialism and internalized slavery
  13. Must aspiring journalists only focus on journalism courses?
  14. Addressing what it means to be of ethical behavior
  15. Should students be given a take-home assignment?
  16. Is there any academic relevance to assignments?
  17. Is access to free healthcare important?
  18. Does following the ethics code have abt social relevance?
  19. What role should developed countries play for developing countries?
  20. Is analysis writing an important aspect of literature?
  21. What role does ethics play in schools
  22. Should the address of global warming be continuous?
  23. Is there room for possible positive developments in global warming?
  24. Is the practice of ethics the same as moral teaching
  25. Should schools create sex education into their education curriculum

Comprehensive Ethics Debate Topics for Anyone

Just like the argumentative ethics topic, a debate topic on ethics centers majorly on choosing a part to argue for or against. This argument also is wrapped with evidence to support it. Your ethic topics can be on any subject. You can choose moral topics or any other topic with relevance. Here are some lists of ethical debate topics anyone can write on:

  1. Should the use of Contraceptives be promoted?
  2. Does legalizing weed make it any healthier?
  3. Should school children bring phones into school settings?
  4. The health impact of excessive engagement on social media
  5. Social relevance and importance of having ethical conducts
  6. Do companies with ethical conduct grow ahead
  7. Does ethics make a workplace safer?
  8. Are there importance on why sex education should be added to student’s
  9. Why safe abortion rights should be legalized
  10. Why the discrimination based on sexuality is harmful
  11. Why the practice of hedonism is important
  12. Sexual pleasure: Is it morally good?
  13. Is happiness dependent on an external factor?
  14. Why Institutionalized racism is the root cause of racism and racist beliefs
  15. Should the use of drugs be legalized?
  16. Is there any progressive importance to having a conservative view on things?
  17. Should social media apps allow explicit sexual content?
  18. Should social app builders have access to individual account
  19. Can homeschool match formal school training?
  20. Should the government ensure censorship measures?
  21. Is voting during elections the only form of patriotism?
  22. Is voting a patriotic display
  23. Are families allowed to have contradicting religious beliefs?
  24. Should state governments have any interference with the federal government?
  25. Should teenagers have access to contraceptives?

Good Ethical Research Papers for your Thesis or Dissertation

Writing either a thesis or a dissertation is a necessary part of academia. As a university student, you can’t graduate from only writing essays withiut writing your graduating thesis. There are so many areas your research paper about ethics can focus on. Here is a list of ethical topics:

  1. The contemporary relevance of applied ethics
  2. The psychological impacts of the proliferation of technology
  3. A Case Study of the legality of weed
  4. A multi-dimensional approach to the subject of marriage
  5. An ethical approach to the killing of animals
  6. A case study of the critical ethical debates on the use of contraception
  7. An analytical study of the relevance of ethical conduct in the workplace
  8. An investigation into the social relevance and importance of the beauty pageantry culture
  9. A critical study of normative ethics
  10. The role of applied ethics in the building of a healthy work culture
  11. An overview of the barriers associated with good leadership practice
  12. A Study of the importance of ethical practice in the healthcare system
  13. The study of ethics in business social responsibility
  14. An Overview on how Ethics promotes a saner working culture
  15. A look into how ethics promotes healthy social relationships
  16. The ethical relevance for Doctor and Patient Confidentiality
  17. Malpractice and Negligence an ethically challenging issue within the healthcare system
  18. The social and health relevance to access to free healthcare insurance
  19. A Study of the social relevance of ethics
  20. Violence: violence against animals is still abuse
  21. A look into strategic approaches to managing cyber crimes
  22. Ethic reasons for the separation of the church from politics
  23. Ethical Conduct: How Organizations with practicable ethics produces a toxic work environment
  24. A look into how Social media negatively impacts the IQ of a student
  25. The role of self-awareness and professional responsibility impacts social ethics in the workplace

Good Ethical Questions for Discussion

Primarily, ethics asks and answers the question of wrong or good. There are so many social issues that will make for good ethical questions for discussion. Here is a list of ethical questions for students to form insights from:

  1. How does ethics help to promote healthy workplace awareness?
  2. Does the practice of abortion negate morality?
  3. Is it right for a rape victim to be denied access to safe and free abortion?
  4. How do homophobia, racism, misogyny, and ableist practices hinder social growth?
  5. Should there be free access to condoms and contraceptive pills?
  6. Is free access to contraceptives better than the provision of menstrual materials
  7. How can racism be dismantled in an organization without consideration to institutionalized racism?
  8. How does the continuous promotion of capitalist concepts hinder societal progress?
  9. Does capitalism truly hinder social growth?
  10. Why should there be free access to contraceptive materials especially for women?
  11. What are the possible feasible solutions to the issue of climate change?
  12. Is it unethical not to share the wealth?
  13. Is engaging in warfare the right way to bring solutions?
  14. Does the use of makeup contradict the concept of beauty?
  15. Why are LGBTQ+ rights human rights?
  16. Is the legalization of cannabis ethical?
  17. Does the way you dress need to be the reason you are addressed a certain way?
  18. Are there moral problems that come with job automation?
  19. What can be done to combat the use of harmful substances
  20. Why should companies stop discriminating based on sex?
  21. What is the social relevance of providing workplace access?
  22. Why should parents and teachers stop flogging students?
  23. What is the distinction between discipline and strictness?
  24. Should religious beliefs be a dealbreaker in any relationship?

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