Top 55 Educational Research Topics To Help You Out

Educational Research Topics

The education system is an essential part of our civilization. This is where any innovation stems from. Therefore, educational research is also gaining a lot of momentum among college students. If you are looking for the perfect educational research topics for your paper, here are some ideas that can help you start. However, what is important here is to remember that the topic you pick must have ample scope for original research and must allow you the freedom to showcase your hard work as well. Selecting a suitable topic, therefore, is crucial to the overall score you get as well.

Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

Several interesting educational psychology research topics focus on learning and skill development. However, it is vital to pick a topic that interests you as well so that you can do justice to it. Take a look at some exciting choices to choose from:

  1. Academic models of assessment in different schools and their impact on learning.
  2. Impact of bullying and peer aggression on the performance of students in school
  3. A review of minimal school punishment and harsh parenting on secondary level performance in students.
  4. A qualitative survey of absenteeism in professional training and skill development workshops.
  5. A systematic review of the various learning capacities of students in the same class or academic level
  6. The relationship between memorization and concept building
  7. Tertiary level education learning outcomes and their relationship with bullying.
  8. A study on the impact of parental insistence on career choice in students
  9. The impact of interpersonal relationships within the family on the academic performance of children.
  10. Impact of various discipline models on the extra-curricular performance of children in primary school
  11. A qualitative survey of challenges of staff development and the maintenance of a good school environment.
  12. The role of educational psychology in preparing students for a professional set up.
  13. Special teachers and special needs children- a study on the equation.
  14. Anxiety management in professionals through formal training workshops in school and college.
  15. Culture and gender and the relationship between student goals.
  16. Does homework impact student achievement?
  17. Examination of anxiety among students based on gender.
  18. Impact of parental involvement on the performance of students.

Educational Leadership Research Topics

These are important educational research topics for a thesis as they study the impact of authority figures in determining the success of students and therefore, must be handled with utmost care:

  1. The impact of educational leadership on our society
  2. How does educational leadership focus on pedagogy, human development and epistemology impact research and literature?
  3. How teachers can pass their excellence on to students?
  4. The role of women in educational leadership
  5. The impact of teachers fighting for leadership positions on the school and the students.
  6. Evaluation of negative traits in teachers affecting student performance
  7. How thinking outside the box helps a school provide exceptional leadership
  8. The effect of strategic teaching methods on the efficiency of a school.
  9. How poor leadership is related to poor performance.

Educational Sociology Research Topics

These research topics for college students explore the cultural and social effects on education:

  1. The impact of different cultures on the functioning of an educational institution.
  2. How social media impacts leadership in education
  3. Social inequality and its effects on the overall education system
  4. Is it more important for students to be successful or popular in school?
  5. Can sex education start at an earlier age?
  6. Should parents who wish to home school their children get better incentives?
  7. The effect of positive and negative reinforcement on the behavior of students in a classroom.
  8. Does home-schooling negatively impact young adults’ ability to build inter-personal relationships with their peers?
  9. A review of education in war-torn countries
  10. The role of genders in educational outcomes
  11. The effect of low-income groups on education standards
  12. The importance of relationships and sex education in schools
  13. Is there a correlation between ethnicity and education levels?

Educational Technology Research Topics

With the growing implementation of modern technology in education, these are the most researchable topics in education:

  1. Skills that are needed for teachers to teach over the internet
  2. Is augmented reality the future of education
  3. How to combine technology and classroom education
  4. A study of the relationship between age of teachers and ease of implementing technology in a classroom.
  5. Teaching children with tablets and laptops: Does it make it easier?
  6. How effective is technology in teaching foreign languages to students?
  7. The effect of 360 technology in modern classrooms.
  8. Emerging educational technology and the impact on research direction.
  9. Effect of technological innovation on teaching methods
  10. Will technology make education more accessible to students from low-income groups
  11. Impact of technology in preparing students for a professional setup
  12. The effect of technology on interpersonal skills in students.
  13. The effect of technology on communication skills in students.
  14. Assessment methods and their relationship with technological advancement
  15. Relationship between cognitive skills in students and the implantation of technology in the classroom.

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