241 Medical Research Topics: Original Ideas List

241 Medical Research Topics

As an applied science, attaining the level of becoming a professional requires getting a medical science certificate. To get this, you need to have studied in a university and fulfilled all professional academic requirements.

However, when it comes to writing your project or contributing a paper to a journal, it may be very difficult to wrap your head around good medical surgical research topics or controversial medical research topics to discuss.

This article shares custom medical topics for research papers for you. Before you see them, get to know a few things that must be seen in a good medical research paper.

Medicine is a field that deals with human health. It requires the activities of people like doctors, nurses, and many other specialists handling the different sections of the field.

Medicine as a profession encompasses the tests, treatment, and prevention of diseases through medical research and the actual application of such research. The goal is always to promote and maintain the collective health of everyone in the globe.

Characteristics of a Good Medical Research Paper

Every research has distinct things that make it exceptional. When these things are lacking in some field, it’s a failure. This is why your professors and teachers will be pleased if your paper have these.

  1. Research is Based on Great Research Questions
  2. Your research is developed on research questions that are relevant to the field. This is where you get to define the scope and the cases you want to base your research. To formulate your research question, you must assess its feasibility, newness, ethics, and relevance to the current discussions.

  3. Significant Research Methodology
  4. This is what determines the success of your paper. You must note that you need both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Adhering to these means that your paper examined patients’ experiences and behaviors as well as the observation of various data.

  5. Discuss Previous Knowledge on the Subject
  6. A good paper must show knowledge on the topic by discussing previous works done on the subject. Through this, you can shed light on the darker parts and evaluate your objectives.

  7. The Use of Relevant Data
  8. Your paper must not be based on what you believe. They must be reliable, which is why there is a need for unbiased evidence. For this, you must collect data, analyze them, and apply them while writing.

  9. It is Reproductive
  10. Your research must not be one without consistency or productivity. Your research must be available and transparent to specialists or researchers who are taking it up. Your paper must include how you examined the subject, the details of the research, and how you reached the conclusions of your discussion.

  11. Your Research Should Be Ethical
  12. Your research may have limits, but that’s what makes it ethical. You must research using standards of objectivity, accountability, honesty, and other medical values which ensures that you don’t violate anybody or objects in the course of research. Aside from this, your research must not be plagiarized, falsified, or fabricated.

Your research must also be appropriately structured into introduction, main body, discussion, and conclusions. Examine this structure:

  • Introduction
  • Your introduction is a short review of your title. It must include the shortcomings of existing research, the aim, and objectives of your study, the scope, as well as the methodology to attain a full understanding of your topic. Your introduction may be chapter one if you’re writing a project or it may take a few pages of your paper.

  • The Main Body
  • This is where you share the reasons for some of the tests you conducted and your analysis of such tests. If you’re also engaged in statistical analysis, you also need to discuss the results here. This is where you tender your data, correlate them, and draw your conclusions. In all these, you must emphasize your message and the reasons for it.

  • Conclusion
  • This is where you write the advantages and limitations of your study. You can also recommend other authors whose work clarifies some of the things your work hasn’t clarified. The conclusions is also where you give a summary of your paper.

Now that you know the characteristics of a good medical paper as well as the structure, you can choose any of these topics for your use. On the other side, you always have an opportunity to custom dissertation help from our expert team.

Medical Research Topics

As a necessity to fulfilling your academic or professional requirements, you need quality medical research paper topics to choose from. These are topics that encompass basic things about human health, even adult and teenage lifestyles.

  1. The effect of eating disorder on teen development
  2. Effects of systemic lupus on kids
  3. How birth Injury affects the mental health of a child
  4. How does a sickness become a stereotype?
  5. The process of managing acute otitis media
  6. Role of social workers in raising special children
  7. The role of social workers in protecting abused kids
  8. The importance of childhood cancer treatment
  9. Why does cancer happen to kids
  10. The dangers of continuous assault on kids
  11. How do the microbes in the body affect or influence the growth
  12. The role of immunity in disease prevention
  13. How to improve the probability of recovering from a stroke in adult women
  14. Describe the ways of attenuation in issues of bone tissue destruction
  15. Examine how stroke affects the brain
  16. What are the recent findings in the study of human microbial ecology?
  17. How to diagnose a poisoned patient
  18. What is the mechanism used in explaining seasonal affective disorder (SAD
  19. What are the dangers surgery helps patients avoid
  20. Is surgery the last resort for those who couldn’t achieve weight loss?
  21. What are the limitations of the human physical structures
  22. How has the human physical structure affected abilities in selected careers like athletics
  23. Examine the evolution of HIV AIDS in Africa
  24. Discuss the evolution of HIV AIDS in America
  25. Study three bipolar disorder patients and document your findings
  26. Study three cancer patients and discuss suggestions of treatment
  27. How does stroke lead to communication difficulty?
  28. The correlation of knee osteoarthritis to obesity
  29. How the central lateral thalamus helps with consciousness
  30. Risk of medically induced coma
  31. Risks of sickness during post-transplantation
  32. How sports promote mental health attitudes
  33. Discuss the challenges facing public hospitals.

Medical Research Papers Topics

If you want to contribute to a journal or you’re required to write a paper in school, how do you intend to go about it? Finding a topic can give you troubled moments, it could even ruin your mood. This is why there are professional medical topics for research papers, some of which are:

  1. Consequences of drug misuse drawing from 5 ADHD patients
  2. The encounter of type 1 diabetes in kids
  3. Differences in the challenge of movement disorders in adults and kids
  4. How clinical trials can be a change or a societal menace
  5. The concept of secondhand smoke and danger to kids
  6. Predictive testing: what does it mean?
  7. Genetic research and the ethics of integrating adults
  8. Thorough overview of the omicron virus
  9. Thoroughly examine the trends of pandemics
  10. Infant death syndrome and the symptoms that causes it
  11. Parkinson’s disease and its correlation to stroke
  12. Recent trends in the study of autism spectrum disorder
  13. How genetics helps in understanding hereditary diseases
  14. Discuss the problems facing W.H.O.
  15. What is social anxiety disorder (SAD)
  16. Cerebral palsy: an overview of existing genetic study
  17. Role of genetics in human wellness
  18. The importance of health in the workplace
  19. The limitations of insurance and how it affects healthcare
  20. The challenges that put kids at risks
  21. How meningitis’s risk increases in children
  22. The relationship between genetics and nutrition
  23. Relations between iron deficiency and obesity
  24. Study the pros and cons of breastfeeding
  25. Why do women’s breast sag while breastfeeding?
  26. Recent ways to diagnose asthma
  27. Healthcare challenges to understanding eye complications
  28. What has hindered the performance of health organizations in the world
  29. Discuss the medical approach to help in reducing suicide
  30. Causes of eating disorders.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Anthropology is a field that studies humans through its social lens. It does this through both cultural and sometimes societal and historical perspectives. Medical anthropology is enthralled by this, which is why this field is also important in medicine. Consider these current medical research topics:

  1. An examination of why people from a region are short
  2. The medical culture of China
  3. The medical culture in England
  4. Multigenerational addiction and how it affects kids
  5. The growth of subjective experience in healthcare
  6. What are the challenges caused by disability
  7. How caffeine endangers human health
  8. Sleep disorders and the role of drugs
  9. How medical pluralism came to be and its relevance in contemporary medicine
  10. Impact of incarceration on health
  11. Discuss how African history affect interest in western medicine
  12. Dangers of racial healthcare treatment
  13. Most critical cause of death in the US
  14. Consequences of environmental disorders on human health
  15. How much does the environment of India lead to its death rate
  16. How does culture affect medical exposure?
  17. The basis of chronic illness and premature death
  18. Comparative assessment of disability and chronic health on children
  19. An overview of cultural bias in anatomy studies
  20. How speech hearing and loss affect growth
  21. Contributions of Egypt to medicine
  22. The contribution of Greek medical systems to medicine.

Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

Different topics remain highly controversial in today’s healthcare. These are topics that are both essential to discuss and significant in the future of medicine. These current medical research topics are worthy of examination:

  1. Discuss any five contradictory arguments on the need for euthanasia
  2. Difference between euthanasia on animals and humans
  3. Ethical issues in stem cells
  4. The question of abortion and the choice of women
  5. How much is enough for a vaccine test?
  6. How had gender bias affected medical research
  7. Role of policies in regulating healthcare services
  8. Antidepressants and the challenge of human growth
  9. African supplements equate western drugs
  10. Discuss any three medical conspiracy theories
  11. How chronic fatigue affect human health
  12. To what extent can individuals claim ownership of life?
  13. To what extent can an owner claim ownership of the life of a pet?
  14. What are the controversies regarding plastic surgeries?
  15. Is the growth in medical know-how a threat to people?
  16. The network between mental health and abortion
  17. Sexual enhancement products and consequences
  18. Challenges smoking pose on the society
  19. Fast food and junk food: consequences
  20. Dangers of genetic engineering
  21. Dangers of genetic engineering in robots.

Medical Research Topics for College Students

As college students, you also need to discover topics that could help with your understanding of medicine better. These are topics that offer insights into the field itself; exploratory topics. You can consider these interesting medical research topics for your level:

  1. Significant changes in consumption patterns in America
  2. Relationship between obesity and food allergy
  3. The role of music therapy in pain management
  4. What are the roles of art in pain management?
  5. Changes in food consumption globally
  6. Side effects of obesity
  7. Dangers of low sugar intake
  8. Dangers of high sugar intake
  9. The hazards of low fruit and vegetable consumption
  10. Teenage pregnancy and challenges in Africa
  11. Abortion and superstitions in the Middle East
  12. Teenage pregnancy and challenges of healthcare in India
  13. Rape and health repercussions to victims
  14. The psychology of trauma
  15. Concept of hereditary trauma
  16. How to treat dementia in Africa
  17. Dangers of the rise in dementia globally
  18. Preventive strategy of social viruses like AIDS
  19. An overview of leading researches on breast cancer
  20. Challenge of lifestyle choices in middle-aged women
  21. How teenage lifestyle choices could affect adults
  22. Health challenges of boxing
  23. Recent approaches to seizure disorders
  24. Maintaining immune system in HIV patients
  25. Strategies to enhance affordable public healthcare
  26. Is digital health a threat to existing health systems
  27. An overview of nanotechnology in healthcare
  28. Importance of digital medical records
  29. The consequences of greenhouse gas emissions
  30. How ICT has influenced the healthcare sector
  31. How to prevent workplace healthcare challenges.

Interesting Medical Research Topics

Would you like some interesting research topics? You can discuss any of these medical topics for research papers. They are interesting research topics for medical students which are often intriguing, serious, yet exciting.

  1. What is autism?
  2. Discuss the challenges of post-transplantation of liver
  3. How does energy-dense food affect people?
  4. Consequences of social media addiction on health
  5. How to improve fresh food consumption
  6. How to improve the services of social workers
  7. How global warming affects global health
  8. How to enhance health literacy
  9. The Relationship between cultural awareness and literacy
  10. The challenges of alcohol misuse in teenagers
  11. Reasons for high blood pressure
  12. High blood pressure in low-income countries and high-income countries
  13. Factors leading to high mortality rates
  14. Factors leading to population growth
  15. Future predictions of healthcare
  16. Tobacco and public health: the problem
  17. Differences in health issues in low and high-income countries
  18. How to prevent STDs in teenagers
  19. How pregnancy could complicate hypertension
  20. Preventive measures to birth accident
  21. The consequences of the elderly population on global health
  22. Comment on the healthcare concerns in America, England, and Nigeria
  23. How has physical activity helped maintain health?
  24. Influence of physical activities on mental health
  25. The challenges of age-propelled illnesses
  26. How does growth affect human abilities
  27. Concerns of pharmaceutical companies in global health
  28. Concerns of health tech companies in global health
  29. Problems of healthcare with supplements
  30. How supplements have helped avoid complications in healthcare.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

As it is in many other professions, there are ethics to healthcare activities. These ethics are sometimes up for debate. If you’d like to discuss any of these, choose from these interesting research topics for medical students:

  1. Everyone does not need to put on masks outdoor
  2. How the coronavirus vaccine proved ineffective
  3. The gross differences in results of vaccines in western countries and Africa
  4. Replacement of nurses by robots: right step?
  5. Lack of doctors’ allowance for extra hours of work
  6. The challenges of assisted suicide in hospitals
  7. Human organs and ethics
  8. Ethics of saving a pregnant women
  9. Crisis of selective reproduction
  10. Crisis of healthcare services to low-income families
  11. The need for counseling for HIV/AIDS patients
  12. Confidentiality assurance of medical histories
  13. Is it a criminal offense to give poor medical results leading to a patient’s death?
  14. What are the possibilities of a disease-free globe
  15. Why morticians need special psychological counseling.

Medical Sociology Research Topics

You may need to attempt topics on social health in medicine. These are topics that are likewise related to public health. You can attempt the following:

  1. How malnutrition affects students
  2. How obesity affects African children
  3. High cholesterol and health consequences
  4. How expensive drugs often lead to the death of low-income earners
  5. Global efforts to reduce smoking
  6. Influence of pollutants on health
  7. An overview of the protective essence of alcohol on health
  8. How to prevent chronic backache
  9. How to avoid drunk driving
  10. The crisis of supplements in Africa
  11. Comment on the role of black magic in healthcare
  12. Discuss the harmful objects leading to lung cancer
  13. How to improve the quality of life
  14. How to improve the high mortality rate
  15. How video games can lead to illnesses
  16. Impact of flights on public health
  17. Significance of research in mental health
  18. How stigma affects patients of HIV/AIDS
  19. The devastating effects of tech innovations in public healthcare
  20. How to control cancer through research.

Medical Microbiology Research Topics

Microbiology is a branch that delves into microorganisms and their consequences on living organisms. This extends to man and animals. In medicine, it implies how medical healthcare services and systems combat the consequences of these organisms. You can consider the following topics:

  1. Reasons which lead to the exacerbation of sports Injuries leading to slow recovery
  2. The challenges of managing limb loss and the statistics of the people it is affecting
  3. How patient-based diagnosis remains underestimated in some cases of healthcare as well as the consequences
  4. Challenges of imaging in biomedical research
  5. Concept of bacterial meningitis and how to diagnose it
  6. The concept of thermal rehabilitation approach in the cases of Neurodegeneration
  7. The consequences of hemodialysis and how it affects victims of chronic kidney insufficiency
  8. Growth of lung cancer and the attempt of repute authorities in attacking it
  9. Leading research in the new variant of COVID-19, the omicron virus
  10. Comment on the statements made by South African officials about the mildness of the omicron virus
  11. Examine the virologic concepts of seasonal influenza and its effects
  12. Examine in detail the ethics and regulations placed on using animals during biomedical research and testing
  13. Discuss existing diagnoses and classifications of blood cells disorder and its role in healthcare
  14. How aging is influenced by external changes
  15. How to protect the laboratory during an earthquake
  16. Examine recent discoveries in Alzheimer’s disease
  17. How does the union of people help in avoiding stroke
  18. A step by step guide to enhancing visual sights
  19. Ways to approach viruses and their infestation in food
  20. Revolutionary discoveries in microbiology.

Research Topics in Medical Biochemistry

You may also want to consider a few topics in biochemistry. These are topics that deal with the basis of chemistry, biology, and their relationship with medicine. You can discuss:

  1. Investigate the height of potassium bromate in bread
  2. Examine the performance of laboratory assistants in any pharmaceutical company of your choice
  3. Discuss the number of chemicals in barber shops’ washing ingredients
  4. How does the human skin react to toxic chemicals?
  5. Discuss the different approaches to extracting or treating dental caries
  6. Analyze a chemical particle in the soap of any two brands of your choice
  7. Examine the pH value of water in any three brands of your choice
  8. Cost of building delay in human health
  9. The consequences of the swift resort to drugs at the perception of any illness
  10. Walk to any market of your choice and select three different types of tomatoes. Comment on the phytochemical constituents
  11. Evaluate the antioxidant constituents of the African nutmeg
  12. Examine the anti-inflammatory challenges in Crateva adenosine dichloromethane fraction
  13. The constituents of alcohol and the most dangerous properties
  14. Ethics guiding home-brewed alcohol in the US
  15. Content of Azadirachta Indica and its essence to human health
  16. Comment on the physicochemical features of potatoes and sorghum
  17. Disburse the chemical end mineral properties of hibiscus sabdariffa
  18. Dangers of unprotected watercourses
  19. The challenges of nuclear energy in a war triggered world.

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