233 Great Humanities Topics For 2023

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Picking a great paper topic is the first step you need to put together a great assignment. In humanities classes, this is very important because you need to consider topics that will explore new areas in the subject but also be topics that can be thoroughly researched given the limitations of an assignment. If you ask, “what are humanities topics I can use to write a great research paper?” you can refer to the list of free humanities paper topics below:

Humanities and Arts Research Topics

These humanities research paper topics are great for students interested in art history and other related fields that take a close look at the impact art has had on society:

  1. Impact of Middle Eastern art on Western civilization.
  2. American art influences democracy.
  3. The Romantic period and modern art techniques.
  4. Depictions of war in 20th-century art.
  5. Defining the European distress in modern art forms.
  6. Racist depictions in early global maps and the impact on societies.
  7. The ways that medicine has impacted how we view cultural expression.
  8. Human flourishing and different perspectives in modern art.
  9. Religious influence in 19th-century European art.
  10. The African American experience during the Harlem Renaissance.
  11. The influence of music on modern culture and society.
  12. Political propaganda in 20th century American and European art.
  13. The Beat Generation and its influence on modern art.
  14. Ancient art and its influence on current artistic trends.
  15. Mayan and Aztec artistic influence on current Latino cultures.
  16. The Reformation Period and its impact on the art of the 20th century.
  17. Social media’s impact on digital art and the spread of ideas.
  18. The impact of the printing press on the widescale spread of art.
  19. The impact that modern warfare has had on artistic expression.
  20. The stolen art of WWII and how it relates to cultures.
  21. Early cave paintings and the understanding of human culture.
  22. Racism and negative ethnic depictions in 20th-century art.
  23. Explain the ways Japanese art influenced the country’s clothing.
  24. Popular music is an artistic form of expression among youth.
  25. The censorship of specific artforms and the impact on culture.
  26. The most famous architectural works from around the world.
  27. How architecture was influenced by foreign cultures.
  28. Ancient Greek and Roman motifs in modern architectural works.
  29. The influence of 20th-century art on 21st-century culture.
  30. How music influences youth culture in the 21st century.

Topics in Digital Humanities

This is a relatively new field that offers a lot of opportunities for exploration. Just be sure you consider your topic carefully, as you may have some trouble finding information in your research:

  1. Social media’s impact on third world countries.
  2. The impact social media has had on international relations.
  3. The ways digital humanities is changing the educators teach children.
  4. Explain how digital access to information affects culture.
  5. Metadata and scholarship processing in the 21st century.
  6. Language processing with the use of digital tools.
  7. Linguistics and the role digital humanities has on the future.
  8. The study of migration using technology.
  9. Digital tools and their role in mapping underground structures.
  10. Digital communication creates a bigger gap between generations.
  11. The study of ancient texts through digital technologies.
  12. Digital humanities and the mapping of our ancestral histories.
  13. Linked open data and the challenges it faces in gathering data.
  14. The ways digital archiving has helped people embrace ancestral cultures.
  15. Researching art using digital technologies.
  16. The impact digital humanities will have on higher education.
  17. The media’s use of digital communication can affect the way we identify culturally.
  18. Digital humanities in the developing world.
  19. Machine learning and its impact on the discipline of humanities.
  20. Implementing digital tools and resources into education.
  21. Forensic study in the search for hidden meaning in texts.
  22. Encoding U.S. documents to improve the legal process.
  23. Digital communication and how we view military conflicts.
  24. Access to digital information helps people learn more efficiently.
  25. Removing discrepancies in translations of ancient works.
  26. Recognizing patterns in historical literature.
  27. Digital archives and analysis of the written word.
  28. The ways data visualization tools are changing people’s opinions.
  29. Digital humanities change the way we view our cultural past.
  30. The ways digital humanities have helped us visually recreate ancient cities.

Medical Humanities Research Topics

These ideas are great to write about because many discussions are occurring on the internet. Writing about medical issues is a great way to get the reader’s attention. Here are some great topics to consider for a humanities research paper:

  1. Humanities studies impact doctor-assisted suicide cases.
  2. The history of abortion throughout the 20th century.
  3. Cultural influences and prenatal genetic testing in developed countries.
  4. The evolution of medical costs in the United States.
  5. The ways that medical theories have been represented in art.
  6. Informing families of patients’ illnesses throughout literature.
  7. Wearing a mask after Covid-19 and its effects on culture.
  8. Social distancing and the connections made through social media.
  9. Creating a culture of social distancing to avoid future pandemics.
  10. Giving doctors the right to work extra hours without pay.
  11. How literature influences the use of marijuana for medical regions.
  12. Robotics replacing the roles of nurses and doctors in the medical field.
  13. Medical depictions in art versus religious depictions in art.
  14. How are medical addictions portrayed in literature?
  15. The practice of medicine across different cultures.
  16. Medical ethics is involved in deciding who lives and dies.
  17. Medical practices in the field of battle.
  18. Medical care for people from low-income areas.
  19. The impact art has had on growing the medical community.
  20. Medical records and the development of treatments.
  21. How humanities influence the use of alternative medicines.
  22. How religion impacts the way patients agree to treatments.
  23. Criminal charges for medical malpractice throughout the 21st century.
  24. Representation of the medical profession through the 20th century.
  25. The rise of confidentiality agreements in the medical field.
  26. Questions and concerns regarding abortion in the modern age.
  27. The decision to vaccinate or not for the safety of the greater population.
  28. Religious impact on the medical community.
  29. The rights of patients when religion prevents certain procedures.
  30. Medical depictions in the art are against religious principles.

Good Research Topics for Humanities

If you don’t have a lot of time to conduct in-depth research, you may want to write about any of these topics in humanities. You will have no trouble finding information on the web, just be sure you use trustworthy sources when making your argument:

  1. The impact television has had on modern culture.
  2. Political commentary in modern music.
  3. The role humanities will play on future generations.
  4. The ways humans flourish through different shared perspectives.
  5. The need to promote the study of humanities in schools.
  6. The application of philosophy in western democracy.
  7. Artistic influence during the times of war.
  8. The ways the Depression of the 1930s influenced culture.
  9. Broadening the mind through international travel.
  10. Literature and the increasing rate of illiteracy in adults.
  11. The impact music has on political propaganda.
  12. Fair treatment of immigrants in the U.S.
  13. Western humanities in the 21st century.
  14. The ways culture is shaped by modern photography.
  15. Eastern philosophy and its influence on western cultures.
  16. Cults and modern religious movements in American society.
  17. Eastern religion and its influence on western beliefs.
  18. The importance of studying philosophy in humanities.
  19. International trade routes and the spread of cultures.
  20. The impact of social media in modern culture.
  21. Social media and the dissemination of international news.
  22. The impact that media has on modern culture.
  23. The Ottoman Empire and its role in shaping the Middle East.
  24. The impact the 20th migration movement had on international policy.
  25. The lost Native-American languages and the country’s culture.
  26. The influence that African music has had on American culture.
  27. The impact Joe Hill had on the country’s early labor struggles.
  28. The influence of the Beat Generation on modern culture.
  29. The unification of Germany and its impact on international policy.
  30. Gender expectations in American modern fiction.

Humanities Project Ideas for High School

When writing any assignment, you always want to make sure you choose a good topic. These humanities topics ideas are great for students that are still learning skills in researching and writing. Students should have no trouble finding information:

  1. Sacrificial traditions in ancient religions and their impact on today’s society.
  2. The impact the printing press had on spreading religion.
  3. Theatre of the absurd and its impact on modern culture.
  4. The protection of traditions when they are considered unethical.
  5. Questions that arise from space exploration efforts.
  6. The impact the IRA has had on international relations.
  7. Interpreting Sigmund Freud’s theories in the 21st century.
  8. Cultural differences between Latin American countries.
  9. The Chinese Communist Revolution and its influence on global culture.
  10. Fairy tales and the influence they have had on modern cinema.
  11. Symbolism in television sci-fi shows.
  12. How the gothic genre has captured new readers.
  13. The history of nationalism in the United States vs. European countries.
  14. Speakeasies in the 1920s and the role they had in shaping culture.
  15. The Sit-down strike of the mid-1930s and its impact on the 21st century.
  16. The impact graphic novels have had on literacy.
  17. The United States’ Woman’s Suffrage Movement and its influence around the world.
  18. The war protests of the 1960s and 1970s and modern American politics.
  19. How African culture has influenced modern American culture.
  20. The decisions that are made by public policy committees.
  21. The Dust Bowl and how the U.S. was shaped into different regions.
  22. How eco poetry has changed our understanding of the environment.
  23. Folklore’s influence on how we interact with others.
  24. How science fiction has entered the mainstream culture around the world.
  25. Community volunteer programs and their impact on youth.
  26. How oral history has influenced modern culture.
  27. The impact television has had on America’s youth.
  28. Explain the history of human violence in the U.S.
  29. The human family unit and its role in racism.
  30. Human interaction over social media outlets.

Humanities Essay Topics for College

The humanities research topics listed below don’t require a lot of in-depth academic research and can be dealt with by doing some easy background research on the web and then some research at the library:

  1. Animal rights and their impact on American culture.
  2. The effect that Third Wave Feminism has had on Europe.
  3. The influence the Islamic religion has had on American culture.
  4. The meaning of moral philosophy in the United States.
  5. Similarities between religions around the world.
  6. Political obligation at the federal level versus the state level.
  7. How humans think about the future of the world.
  8. The definition of the human condition is described in the Bible.
  9. Events that led to the study of humanity at a scholarly level.
  10. The negative effects of the temperance movement in the U.S.
  11. The quest for happiness in modern society.
  12. The ways theology contradicts our knowledge of medicine.
  13. The industrial revolution’s impact on human identity.
  14. The impact modern photography has on European and American culture.
  15. Color and the impact it has had on the human experience.
  16. Different definitions of freedom from around the world.
  17. The major religious ideologies in humans and their impact on societies.
  18. The role gender definitions play in the educational experience.
  19. Development of new languages in today’s society.
  20. Diverse human behaviors and cultural characteristics.
  21. The Bible’s representation of humanities and cultures.
  22. Humans and the root of modern society.
  23. Possessions humans have learned to live without.
  24. Global warming and its impact on different cultures around the world.
  25. The evolution of violence among humans.
  26. The reason why humans will become extinct.
  27. The ways subcultures have developed over the decades.
  28. Science and its influence on humanities over the centuries.
  29. The way Roman and Greek civilizations educated themselves.
  30. The evolution of social interactions among humans.
  31. The way Western Civilizations developed over the centuries.
  32. The negative impact humans have on the earth’s environment.
  33. Music and its impact on human psychology.
  34. The ways our environmental surroundings affect our cultures.
  35. Present a detailed overview and analysis of global humanities.
  36. The characteristics that separate humans from all other animals.
  37. The importance of mistakes to improve a person’s development.
  38. The impact war has on children in devastated areas.
  39. How humans became the dominant species on earth.
  40. The reasons humans have decided to procreate less.

Topics for Humanities Research Paper

Many young students find this area of study interesting. So, we have gathered several humanities research project topics that will inspire them to explore the field further without being too overwhelming:

  1. The ways different world cultures perceive and handle death.
  2. The role of holidays in bringing people together and strengthening the family unit.
  3. Relationships with domesticated pets and inclusion into family life.
  4. The cultural meaning behind family names and how they bring people together.
  5. The role a nation’s economy has had on human development.
  6. The evolution of socialist movements throughout the world.
  7. The tension between religion and science throughout the centuries.
  8. The ways humanity will change in the next century because of our current state.
  9. An exploration of the way humanity was represented in the art of the Renaissance.
  10. The Enlightenment Period and its impact on human development.
  11. The Harlem Renaissance and its influence on African American culture.
  12. Humanities in the computer age and mass information.
  13. Human identity and the role of the Industrial Revolution in our development.
  14. The relationship between the environment and human beings.
  15. The impact WWI and WWII had on our understanding of humanity.
  16. Holidays and the different ways we celebrate them.
  17. Cultural diets from around the world and our relationship with food.
  18. The ways different cultures define democratic freedom.
  19. Education in liberal arts and its current role in education.
  20. The course of American politics over the last century.

Interesting Humanities Topics for Grad School

As students become more familiar with this type of assignment and as they advance to higher academic levels, they will need to choose a topic that meets or surpass the standards of their instructors’ expectations. Here is a list targeted toward graduate-level students:

  1. The impact that genocides have had on groups of people.
  2. Comic books and graphic novels and their influence on America’s youth.
  3. Super-hero movies in the 21st century and how they are affecting culture.
  4. The influence the media has on our understanding of society.
  5. The most fascinating aspects of European and American culture.
  6. Different cultures and our beliefs about the human soul.
  7. The ways Asian literature has entered American culture.
  8. Slavery across the centuries and the ways we still discriminate.
  9. Early civilizations and the evolution of human societies.
  10. Human interactions with nature and wild species.
  11. The political divide is caused by different parties and ideologies.
  12. World Travel and its ability to broaden our thinking of other cultures.
  13. The influence villains in movies have on human behavior.
  14. The ways people mistreat natural environments.
  15. Violence in television and the ways it affects young adults.
  16. The impact racism has had in American society.
  17. The ways society is influenced by the media.
  18. Diversity and inclusion among different ethnic groups.
  19. Professional sports and their ability to bring people together.
  20. Cultural identification and the way it affects the way we look at history.
  21. The definition of social Darwinism in modern society.
  22. The portrayal of women in 20th-century European literature.

If you need more humanities research papers, we can put you in contact with one of our academic experts trained in the subject. He or she can provide you with a custom list you can apply to any kind of assignment. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Send us an email or call us by phone, we are always glad to help.

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