215 Religion Research Paper Topics for College Students

religion research paper topics

Studying religion at a college or a university may be a challenging course for any student. This isn’t because religion is always a sensitive issue in society, it is because the study of religion is broad, and crafting religious topics for research papers around them may be further complex for students. This is why sociology of religion research topics and many others are here, all for your use.

As students of a university or a college, it is essential to prepare religious topics for research papers in advance. There are many research paper topics on religion, and this is why the scope of religion remains consistently broad. They extend to the sociology of religion, research paper topics on society, argumentative essay topics, and lots more. All these will be examined in this article. Rather than comb through your books in search of inspiration for your next essay or research paper, you can easily choose a topic for your religious essay or paper from the following recommendations:

World Religion Research Paper Topics

If you want to broaden your scope as a university student to topics across religions of the world, there are religion discussion topics to consider. These topics are not just for discussion in classes, you can craft research around them. Consider:

  1. The role of myths in shaping the world: Greek myths and their influence on the evolution of European religions
  2. Modern History: The attitude of modern Europe on the history of their religion
  3. The connection between religion and science in the medieval and modern world
  4. The mystery in the books of Dan Brown is nothing but fiction: discuss how mystery shapes religious beliefs
  5. Theocracy: an examination of theocratic states in contemporary society
  6. The role of Christianity in the modern world
  7. The myth surrounding the writing of the Bible
  8. The concept of religion and patriarchy: examine two religions and how it oppresses women
  9. People and religion in everyday life: how lifestyle and culture is influenced by religion
  10. The modern society and the changes in the religious view from the medieval period
  11. The interdependence of laws and religion is a contemporary thing: what is the role of law in religion and what is the role of religion in law?
  12. What marked the shift from religion to humanism?
  13. What do totemism and animalism denote?
  14. Pre Colonial religion in Africa is savagery and barbaric: discuss
  15. Cite three religions and express their views on the human soul
  16. Hinduism influenced Indian culture in ways no religion has: discuss
  17. Africans are more religious than Europeans who introduced Christian religion to them: discuss
  18. Account for the evolution of Confucianism and how it shaped Chinese culture to date
  19. Account for the concept of the history of evolution according to Science and according to a religion and how it influences the ideas of the religious soul
  20. What is religious education and how can it promote diversity or unity?7
  21. Workplace and religion: how religion is extended to all facets of life
  22. The concept of fear in maintaining religious authorities: how authorities in religious places inspire fear for absolute devotion
  23. Afro-American religion: a study of African religion in America
  24. The Bible and its role in religions
  25. Religion is more of emotions than logic
  26. Choose five religions of the world and study the similarities in their ideas
  27. The role of religious leaders in combating global terrorism
  28. Terrorism: the place of religion in promoting violence in the Middle East
  29. The influence of religion in modern-day politics
  30. What will the world be like without religion or religious extremists?
  31. Religion in the growth of communist Russia: how cultural revolution is synonymous with religion
  32. Religion in the growth of communist China: how cultural revolution is synonymous with religion
  33. The study of religions and ethnic rivalries in India
  34. Terrorism in Islam is a comeback to the crusades
  35. The role of the Thirty Years of War in shaping world diplomacy
  36. The role of the Thirty Years of War in shaping plurality in Christianity
  37. The religion and the promotion of economics
  38. The place of world religions on homosexuality
  39. Why does a country, the Vatican City, belong to the Catholic Church?
  40. God and the concept of the supernatural: examine the idea that God is a supernatural being
  41. The influence of religion in contemporary Japan
  42. Religion and populism in the modern world
  43. The difference between mythical creatures and gods
  44. Polytheism and the possibility of world peace
  45. Religion and violence in secular societies?
  46. Warfare and subjugation in the spread of religion
  47. The policies against migrant in Poland is targeted against Islam
  48. The role of international organizations in maintaining religious peace
  49. International terrorist organizations and the decline of order

Research Paper Topics Religion and Society

As a student in a university or MBA student, you may be requested to write an informed paper on sociology and religion. There are many sociology religion research paper topics for these segments although they may be hard to develop. You can choose out of the following topics or rephrase them to suit your research interest:

  1. The influence of religion on the understanding of morality
  2. The role of religion in marginalizing the LGBTQ community
  3. The role of women in religion
  4. Faith crisis in Christianity and Islamic religions
  5. The role of colonialism in the spreading of religion: the spread of Christianity and Islam is a mortal sin
  6. How does religion shape our sexual lifestyle?
  7. The concept of childhood innocence in religion
  8. Religion as the object of hope for the poor: how religion is used as a tool for servitude by the elite
  9. The impact of traditional beliefs in today’s secular societies
  10. How religion promotes society and how it can destroy it
  11. The knowledge of religion from the eyes of a sociologist
  12. Religious pluralism in America: how diverse religions struggle to strive
  13. Social stratification and its role in shaping religious groups in America
  14. The concept of organized religion: why the belief in God is not enough to join a religious group
  15. The family has the biggest influence on religious choices: examine how childhood influences the adult’s religious interests
  16. Islamophobia in European societies and anti-Semitism in America
  17. The views of Christianity on interfaith marriage
  18. The views of Islam on interfaith marriage
  19. The difference between spirituality and religion
  20. The role of discipline in maintaining strict religious edicts
  21. How do people tell others about their religion?
  22. The features of religion in sociology
  23. What are the views of Karl Marx on religion?
  24. What are the views of Frederic Engels on religion?
  25. Modern Islam: the conflict of pluralism and secularism
  26. Choose two religions and explore their concepts of divorce
  27. Governance and religion: how religion is also a tool of control
  28. The changes in religious ideas with technological evolution
  29. Theology is the study of God for God, not humans
  30. The most feared religion: how Islamic extremists became identified as terrorist organizations
  31. The role of cults in the society: why religious people still have cults affiliations
  32. The concept of religious inequality in the US
  33. What does religion say about sexual violence?

Religion Essay Topics

As a college student, you may be required to write an essay on religion or morality. You may need to access a lot of religious essay topics to find inspiration for a topic of your choice. Rather than go through the stress of compiling, you can get more information for better performance from religion topics for research paper like:

  1. The origin of Jihad in Islam and how it has evolved
  2. Compare the similarities and differences between Christian and Judaism religions
  3. The Thirty Years War and the Catholic church
  4. The Holocaust: historic aggression or a religious war
  5. Religion is a tool of oppression from the political and economic perspectives
  6. The concept of patriarchy in religion
  7. Baptism and synonym to ritual sacrifice
  8. The life of Jesus Christ and the themes of theology
  9. The life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and the themes of theology
  10. How can religion be used to promote world peace?
  11. Analyze how Jesus died and the reason for his death
  12. Analyze the event of the birth of Christ
  13. The betrayal of Jesus is merely to fulfill a prophecy
  14. Does “prophecy” exist anywhere in religion?
  15. The role of war in promoting religion: how crusades and terrorist attacks shape the modern world
  16. The concept of Karma: is Karma real?
  17. Who are the major theorists in religion and what do they say?
  18. The connection of sociology with religion
  19. Why must everyone be born again according to Christians?
  20. What does religious tolerance mean?
  21. What is the benefit of religion in society?
  22. What do you understand about free speech and religious tolerance?
  23. Why did the Church separate from the state?
  24. The concept of guardian angels in religion
  25. What do Islam and Christianity say about the end of the world?
  26. Religion and the purpose of God for man
  27. The concept of conscience in morality is overrated
  28. Are there different sects in Christianity?
  29. What does Islam or Christianity say about suicide?
  30. What are the reasons for the Protestant Reformation?
  31. The role of missionaries in propagating Christianity in Africa
  32. The role of the Catholic church in shaping Christianity
  33. Do we need an international religious organization to maintain international religious peace?
  34. Why do people believe in miracles?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Creating argumentative essay topics on religion may be a daunting exercise regardless of your level. It is more difficult when you don’t know how to start. Your professor could be interested in your critical opinions about international issues bordering on religion, which is why you need to develop sensible topics. You can consider the following research paper topics religion and society for inspiration:

  1. Religion will dominate humanity: discuss
  2. All religions of the world dehumanize the woman
  3. All men are slaves to religion
  4. Karl Marx was right when he said religion is the return of the repressed, “the sigh of the oppressed creature”: discuss
  5. Christianity declined in Europe with the Thirty Years War and it separated brothers and sisters of the Christian faith?
  6. Islamic terrorism is a targeted attack on western culture
  7. The danger of teen marriage in Islam is more than its benefits
  8. The church should consider teen marriages for every interested teenager
  9. Is faith fiction or reality?
  10. The agape love is restricted to God and God’s love alone
  11. God: does he exist or is he a fiction dominating the world?
  12. Prayer works better without medicine: why some churches preach against the use of medicine
  13. People change religion because they are confused about God: discuss
  14. The church and the state should be together
  15. Polygamous marriage is evil and it should be condemned by every religion
  16. Cloning is abuse against God’s will
  17. Religious leaders should also be political leaders
  18. Abortion: a sin against God or control over your body
  19. Liberty of religious association affects you negatively: discuss
  20. Religious leaders only care about themselves, not the people
  21. Everyone should consider agnosticism
  22. Natural laws are the enemy of religion
  23. It is good to have more than two faiths in a family
  24. It is hard for the state to exist without religion
  25. Religion as a cause of the World War One
  26. Religion as a tool for capitalists
  27. Religion doesn’t promote morality, only extremisms
  28. Marriage: should the people or their religious leaders set the rules?
  29. Why the modern church should acknowledge the LGBTQ: the fight for true liberalism
  30. Mere coexistence is not religious tolerance
  31. The use of candles, incense, etc. in Catholic worship is idolatrous and the same as pagan worship: discuss
  32. The Christian religion is the same as Islam

Christianity Research Paper Topics on Religion

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or not as you need to develop a range of topics for your essay or project. To create narrow yet all-inclusive research about Christianity in the world today, you can consider research topics online. Rather than rack your head or go through different pages on the internet, consider these:

  1. Compare and contrast Christian and Islam religions
  2. Trace the origin of Christianity and the similarity of the beliefs in the contemporary world
  3. Account for the violent spread of Christianity during the crusades
  4. Account for the state of Christianity in secular societies
  5. The analysis of the knowledge of rapture in Christianity
  6. Choose three contemporary issues and write the response of Christianity on them
  7. The Catholic church and its role towards the continuance of sexual violence
  8. The Catholic church and the issues of sexual abuse and scandals
  9. The history of Christianity in America
  10. The history of Christianity in Europe
  11. The impact of Christianity on American slaves
  12. The belief of Christianity on death, dying, and rapture
  13. The study of Christianity in the medieval period
  14. How Christianity influenced the western world
  15. Christianity: the symbols and their meaning
  16. Why catholic priests practice celibacy
  17. Christianity in the Reformation Era
  18. Discuss the Gnostic Gospels and their distinct historic influence on Christianity
  19. The catholic church in the Third Reich of Germany
  20. The difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament
  21. What the ten commandments say from a theological perspective
  22. The unpredictable story of Moses
  23. The revival of Saul to Paul: miracle or what?
  24. Are there Christian cults in the contemporary world?
  25. Gender differences in the Christian church: why some churches don’t allow women pastors
  26. The politics of the Catholic church before the separation of the church and the state
  27. The controversies around Christian religion and atheism: why many people are leaving the church
  28. What is the Holy Trinity and what is its role in the church?
  29. The miracles of the New Testament and its difference from the Old Testament’s
  30. Why do people question the existence of God?
  31. God is a spirit: discuss

Islam Research Paper Topics

As a student of the Islamic religion or a Muslim, you may be interested in research on the religion. Numerous Islam research paper topics could be critical in shaping your research paper or essay. These are easy yet profound research paper topics on religion Islam for your essays or papers:

  1. Islam in the Middle East
  2. Trace the origin of Islam
  3. Who are the most important prophets in Islam?
  4. Discuss the Sunni and other groups of Muslims
  5. The Five Pillars of Islam are said to be important in Islam, why?
  6. Discuss the significance of the Holy Month
  7. Discuss the significance of the Holy Pilgrimage
  8. The distinctions of the Five Pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments?
  9. The controversies around the hijab and the veil
  10. Western states are denying Muslims: why?
  11. The role of religious leaders in their advocacy of sexual abuse and violence
  12. What the Quran says about rape and what does Hadiths say, too?
  13. Rape: men, not the women roaming the street should be blamed
  14. What is radicalism in Islam?
  15. The focus of Islam is to oppress women: discuss
  16. The political, social, and economic influence of modernity on Islam
  17. The notable wives of prophet Muhammad and their role in Islam: discuss
  18. Trace the evolution of Islam in China and the efforts of the government against them
  19. Religious conflict in Palestine and Israel: how a territorial conflict slowly became a religious war
  20. The study of social class and the Islamic religion
  21. Suicide bombers and their belief of honor in death: the beliefs of Islamic jihadists
  22. Account for the issues of marginalization of women in Muslim marriages
  23. The role of literature in promoting the fundamentals of Islam: how poetry was used to appeal to a wider audience
  24. The concept of feminism in Islam and why patriarchy seems to be on a steady rise
  25. The importance of Hadiths in the comprehension of the Islamic religion
  26. Does Islam approve of democracy?
  27. Islamic terrorism and the role of religious leaders
  28. The relationship of faith in Islam and Christianity: are there differences in the perspectives of faith?
  29. How the Quran can be used as a tool for religious tolerance and religious intolerance
  30. The study of Muslims in France: why is there religious isolation and abuse in such a society?
  31. Islam and western education: what are the issues that have become relevant in recent years?
  32. Is there a relationship between Islam and Science?
  33. Western culture: why there are stereotypes against Muslims abroad
  34. Mythology in Islam: what role does it play in shaping the religion?
  35. Islam and the belief in the afterlife: are there differences between its beliefs with other religions’?
  36. Why women are not allowed to take sermons in Islam

Can’t Figure Out Your Religion Paper?

With these religious research paper topics, you’re open to change the words or choose a topic of your choice for your research paper or essay. Writing an essay after finding a topic is relatively easy. Since you have helpful world religion research paper topics, research paper topics on religion and society, religion essay topics, argumentative essay topics on religion, Christianity research paper topics, and Islam research paper topics, you can go online to research different books that discuss the topic of your choice.

However, if you require the assistance of professional academic experts who offer custom academic help, you’ll find them online. There are a few writing help online groups that assist in writing your essays or research paper as fast as possible. You can opt for their service if you’re too busy or unmotivated to write your research paper or essay.

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