100 Psychology Thesis Topics for 2023

psychology thesis topics

Students know the importance of developing great psychology dissertation topics for a graduate assignment. However, many don’t have the time to brainstorm ideas that meet the requirements their professors expect. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and have put together a list of 100 psychology thesis topics suitable for several situations. Feel free to pick a topic and start writing your thesis proposal.

General Psychology Topics for High School

  • Give five top reasons why you would want to become a psychologist.
  • What kind of influence has psychology research had in other sciences?
  • Why are teenagers at higher risk of developing an eating disorder?
  • How are phobias developed in children under the age of twelve?
  • In what ways did Pavlov’s conditioning experiment contribute to our understanding of addiction therapy?

Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • What are the major differences between psychiatry and psychology?
  • Discuss mental tools that can be used to determine when children are lying to adults.
  • What were the ethical complications involve 12d in the Little Albert Experiment?
  • What does research suggest is the origin of intelligence in children?
  • How does emotional intelligence in children affect their learning abilities?

Cognitive Psychology Topics

  • How did Alan Turing’s suggestion that the brain is an organized machine lead to computers?
  • Do the “seven chunks of information” still hold through in research?
  • Can we develop working memory to retain greater long-term memory?
  • Can a person that has been convicted of a felony charge change into a law-abiding citizen?
  • How can cognitive therapy be used to help patients suffering from emotional disorders?

Developmental Psychology Topics

  • How do our perceptions of our experiences affect development in teenagers?
  • What are the four levels of development and which is most important in children?
  • Can a moral judgment be taught to toddlers who have latent reasoning skills?
  • How are our personalities developed through the influence of others?
  • Are children naturally beholden to one parent or the other?

Social Psychology Topics for College Students

  • How are a person’s original opinions influenced by the opinions of larger groups?
  • What psychological effects does spending too much time on social media have?
  • How do social psychologists deal with aggression and violence in young adults?
  • What impact has social psychology had on our understanding of online bullying?
  • How do family dynamics change when a member of the immediate family dies?

Sports Psychology Research Topics

  • Does aging have a bigger impact on retired athletes’ mental health than head trauma?
  • How is mental health affected by long recovery schedules for serious body injuries?
  • How does neuro-linguistic programming in professional athletes affect performance?
  • How do professional athletes mentally prepare for competitions?
  • How have approaches to sports training and preparation been affected by developments in psychology?

Controversial Topics in Psychology

  • How did the Milgram Obedience Experiments of the 1960s help us understand how we view authority figures?
  • How did the Stanford Experiment help further our knowledge of situational variables on human behavior?
  • How did Harlow’s experiments of affection (especially the lack of affection) lead to advancements in child development theories?
  • Does the implementation of capital punishment on sex offenders prevent them from committing a crime?
  • What is the link between criminal acts and teenagers that were bullied?

Health Psychology Topics for College Students

  • What impact do regular exercise and healthy eating have on mental health in young adults?
  • How have the media’s depictions of body ideals have negatively impacted how young adults see themselves?
  • What are the most effective strategies for getting people to develop healthy eating habits?
  • What can local governments do to help people maintain mental health after a disaster?
  • How do stress management techniques help people cope with difficult situations in the workplace?

More Controversial Psychology Topics

  • What did the “lost in a mall” study lead to a better understanding of how memories are formed and stored?
  • Why was were the Voodoo Correlation studies of the 1960s so controversial and what did they reveal about human behavior?
  • What did showing a lack of affection in infants reveal about the need to nurture one’s young?
  • What did the Kirsch Anti-Depressant reveal about the impact that harmless placebos have on humans?
  • What are the potential risks of taking part in multiple health studies throughout a given year?

Great Educational Psychology Topics

  • How can different technologies help students perform better at school?
  • Does working in a small group help students retain more information?
  • How does physical activity help students perform better on standardized tests?
  • What psychological factors should teachers consider as they develop each year’s curriculum?
  • In what ways do psychologists help develop confidence in students with learning disabilities?

Excellent Cultural Psychology Topics

  • What are some of the most difficult cultural situations young people face?
  • In what ways does developing culture roots with one’s family positively impact social behavior?
  • What stresses do young people feel when they return to their native countries?
  • What impact does cultural learning have on students in elementary school?
  • How does family support help young people cope with difficult decisions?

Psychology Topics to Write About

  • Why are adolescents more at risk of developing some type of eating disorder?
  • What are the negative effects of insomnia in patients being treated in a medical facility?
  • In what ways does group therapy positively impact a patient’s ability to overcome addiction?
  • Why should therapists refrain from prescribing ADHD medications to children?
  • What are the most effective ways of treating PTSD without using prescription medication?

Abnormal Psychology Topics

  • What are the psychological effects of telling either a truth or a lie among young adults?
  • What are the major causes of borderline personality disorder in teenagers?
  • In what ways does the level of insanity change in patients under specific treatment?
  • Why are some people more prone to suffer from personality disorders?
  • Can the Oedipus complex first introduced by Freud be used in treatment today?

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

  • What role does television media play in promoting violence in adults?
  • What are the major psychological characteristics in a child prone to aggression?
  • What are the major factors in sociopathic behavior among youth?
  • What are some traditional ways of parenting that have been proven ineffective?
  • What environmental factors increase the chances of child abuse by a parent?

Biological Psychology Topics

  • How are cognitive diseases related to the development of certain disorders?
  • How are our perceptions of the world around us affecting the way we behave?
  • Can alcohol addiction and other drug-related dependencies be tied to genetics?
  • Does biology prevent humans from experiencing a pure sense of free will?
  • In what ways does functionalism play into biological psychology?

More Sports Psychology Topics

  • What are the negative effects on the mind of exercising to lose weight?
  • How is having a network of supporters important for athletic performance?
  • How does the attention of PHDs affect the way people feel about sports?
  • What impact do sports role models have on a youth’s development?
  • Is the NCAA giving an adequate education to its student-athletes?

Developmental Psychology Topics

  • What are the most effective ways of dealing with school bullying?
  • What are the major causes of psychopathic tendencies in teenagers?
  • How does our modern society deal with gender roles?
  • What are the key characteristics that improve the abilities to learn a new language?
  • Do children require a good foundation to excel academically?

Forensic Psychology Topics

  • How can psychology be used to identify and put suspects on trial for certain crimes?
  • How has forensic psychology assisted in the way we look at death penalty cases?
  • Can psychotic disorders be reevaluated as a result of better psych understanding?
  • Should mental diseases be considered in capital punishment cases?
  • How would you evaluate the mitigating effects of capital cases in people?

What did you think of our list of psychology thesis topics? Our professional dissertation writers keep our list of ideas up-to-date so that students are always pushing the envelope of research in every discipline. Check back for new general psychology topics or contact us to have a list custom-made for a specific research project.

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