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We know you need the best media topics for your next papers. Otherwise, why would you be reading this blog post? The good news is that you have picked the best place to look for topics. Our experienced writers have put together a list of the best media topics for high school and college students. Furthermore, we work hard to keep the list fresh. This means that these ideas will be most likely original. They will work great in 2023 because the list of media essay topics is updated periodically.

The Importance of Great Media Topics

You are probably wondering why we are putting so much emphasis on getting you the best media topics to write about. There are several reasons for it, but we will only tell you about 3 of them:

  • Your professor will greatly appreciate your willingness to dedicate the time and effort to finding excellent topics. Trust us, professors know how to make the difference between students based solely on the topics they choose for their papers.
  • It is much easier to write essays if you choose good media essays topics. A topic you know something about is the best choice. Also, a good topic enables you to quickly find plenty of information on the Internet. Following this advice you’ll easily write your literature review and the following components of your paper.
  • By choosing a great topic, your essay will immediately stand out from all the rest. Your professor is surely bored of reading papers written about the same things over and over again. An interesting idea will entice him to award you at least some bonus points.

Mass Media Topics

Mass media is something of great importance in modern times, so why not write your papers on some mass media topics? Here are some great examples:

  1. The effect of mass media on psychological health
  2. Mass media and emotional health
  3. Mass media addiction in the US
  4. The role of mass media in politics
  5. The First Amendment in mass media
  6. Promoting sexuality in mass media

Media Research Topics

Did your professor ask of you to write a research paper? No problem, we have some excellent media research topics in our list. Check them out below:

  1. Discuss children media
  2. Violence in mass media in the US
  3. Video games in the media
  4. Controversial topics in the media in Europe
  5. Discuss post-truth in the media
  6. Media regulations in China

Media Analysis Essay Topics for Presentation

Would you like to write a media analysis paper for a presentation? It’s not difficult to do, if you pick the right media analysis essay topics for presentation. Here are some excellent ideas:

  1. Is the media creating events or reacting to them?
  2. Media and public relations links
  3. Discuss 3 major types of media
  4. The use of media in education (one of the most interesting mass media research paper topics)
  5. Influence of virtual reality on the media (one of the best media analysis essay topics)
  6. Discuss journalism ethics

Media Research Paper Topics for High School

Are you a high school student looking for some awesome topic for his next research paper on media? Here are some excellent examples of media research paper topics for high school:

  1. Major innovations in 21st century media
  2. Compare mainstream media in India and China
  3. What makes an outlet a reliable source?
  4. Advertisements in media
  5. Benefits of mass media for society
  6. Compare traditional media with mass media

Mass Media Research Topics

If you need to write a research paper and want to talk about something in mass media, we have some very nice ideas right here. Check out our mass media research topics:

  1. The right of expression in mass media
  2. Journalism in mass media
  3. Compare TV, film and radio
  4. Mass media in democracy
  5. The war against terror in mass media
  6. Discuss the rise of mobile media

Media Research Topics for College Students

College students who are looking to research topics about media should choose something that can bring them a top grade. Here are our best media research topics for college students:

  1. Influences of technology on media
  2. Latest innovations in media
  3. Discuss media censorship in China (a recommended media related topic)
  4. What is media propaganda?
  5. Mass media and its preemptive effects

Complex Media Related Research Topics

Do you want to try your hand at some difficult topics? If you want to impress your professor, we advise you to select one of these complex media related research topics:

  1. Mass media violating civil rights
  2. Does media benefit the economy of the US?
  3. Define media addition and discuss its effects
  4. Perform a qualitative analysis of 3 media outlets
  5. Media’s scare strategies: a case study
  6. Media influencing a rise in violence in the UK

Controversial Media Topics

Why should you be frightened by controversial topics? You are free to write about them, of course. Here are our best and most controversial media topics:

  1. Exercising the First Amendment in media in the US
  2. Promoting gun violence in mass media
  3. Mass media effects on terrorism
  4. Digital media is destroying traditional media
  5. Artificial intelligence in mass media
  6. Media effects on the death penalty in China

Digital Media Topics

Discussing digital media is a very good way to impress your professor. Let’s face it; the digital realm is extremely popular these days. Here are some brand new digital media topics:

  1. Define and discuss digital media
  2. Climate change in digital media
  3. What is mobile media?
  4. The fate of journalism in the 21st century (one of the best digital media research topics)
  5. Effects of digital media on politics

Media Analysis Topics

Writing a media analysis essay can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have much academic writing experience. Here are some media analysis topics that should make things easier:

  1. How Trump lost the media war
  2. Biden’s coverage in mass media in the United States
  3. Advertising revenue in media outlets
  4. Analyze screen time
  5. What are deepfakes and how to spot one?
  6. The crisis of journalism in the 21st century

Easy Media Related Topics

The perfect choice for times when you simply cannot afford to spend too much time writing your essay, our list easy media related topics is right here:

  1. Define mass media in the United Kingdom
  2. Should children watch the news?
  3. Promoting violence in mass media
  4. Spreading awareness via media
  5. Are newspapers still relevant today?
  6. The very first occurrence of mass media

Research Topics in Media and Communication

Would you like to talk about media and communication? It is not an easy subject to write about, but we can make things easier. Here are the easiest research topics in media and communication:

  1. Discuss body image in media
  2. Analyze children’s advertising tactics
  3. Freedom of speech in the media
  4. Copyright law in the media
  5. Define symmetrical dialogue in the media

Media Debate Topics

Are you interested in a media debate? Getting the best topics for 2023 should be your primary concern in this case. We have some very interesting media debate topics right here:

  1. The impact of public relations on communities
  2. Location-based advertising in modern media
  3. Analyze the concept of yellow journalism
  4. Good news vs bad news in the media
  5. Discuss the concept of proportionality in media

Brand New Media Topics

Just like you, our writers are interested in writing about the latest topics. Why don’t you pick one of our brand new media topics?

  1. Is radio still an important part of media?
  2. Newspapers going bankrupt in 2023
  3. Sexual content on TV shows
  4. Politicians’ love for the media
  5. Is the backing of the media important for a president?

Media Ethics Topics

Discussing ethics in relation to media is a very interesting choice. It can also get you an A+ on your next paper. Here are some exceptional media ethics topics:

  1. Including graphic images in media
  2. Depicting terrorism on TV
  3. Regulating newspapers in Europe
  4. Celebrity gossip in the media
  5. The influence of large media corporations

Media Law Topics

Yes, there is such a thing as media law. Would you like to write an essay about it? Here are some great ideas for media law topics:

  1. Discuss the First Amendment and media
  2. The responsibilities of journalists
  3. Journalists in war zones
  4. Fake news in the media
  5. Showing unsuitable content to children

Research Topics in Communication and Media Studies

Writing about communication and media studies has the potential to help you get a top grade. Here are our best research topics in communication and media studies:

  1. Analyze media bias in the United States
  2. Is digital media addictive?
  3. Influence of media on religion

Interesting Media Topics

We know, you want the most interesting media topics to write about. Pick one of these and write a paper that will impress your professor:

  1. State-controlled media in China
  2. Effects of media coverage on criminal trials
  3. The power of mass media in 2023

Trending Media Topics

You may not know which topics are trending when it comes to media, but our writers do. Here are the latest trending media topics:

  1. The war in Afghanistan
  2. Joe Biden’s rise to power
  3. The fall of Donald Trump
  4. Climate change problems
  5. Global warming in the media

But what if you need more topics or professional help with thesis? What if you didn’t find the media research topic you were looking for in the list above? While this is highly unlikely, we are prepared to help you. Would you like to talk about media literacy? In case you do, our ENL writers can create a list of the most interesting (and new) media literacy topics you can find. For anything you need, just get in touch with us.

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